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Bill Status - 2017 Regular Session

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154 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to open and publish election returns01/11/17
HCR 2 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/11/17
HCR 3 Providing for an adjournment of the Legislature until February 8, 201701/11/17
HCR 4 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor02/08/17
HCR 5 U. S. Navy Rear Admiral Frederick Burdett Warder Memorial Bridge04/06/17
HCR 8 Dr. Roy and Marian Eshenaur Bridge04/06/17
HCR 10 John Cameron Brown Bridge04/06/17
HCR 13 U.S. Army SSG Brian Curtis Rogers Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 15 Requesting Congress to fully support the National Park Service’s recommendations to extend the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail to include additional sites along the Expedition’s Eastern Legacy04/06/17
HCR 19 U.S. Army PFC Freeman Ray Meade Memorial Road04/07/17
HCR 20 US Army PVT James Earl Pelfrey Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 21 1SG Carl J. Crabtree Memorial Road04/08/17
HCR 22 U.S. Air Force MSgt Johnny Baxter Clark and U.S. Air Force MSgt Carl Richard (Dick) Clark Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 23 U.S. Army SSG Styish R. Morris Memorial Road04/07/17
HCR 24 SGT. Eugene E. Arbogast Memorial Bridge04/06/17
HCR 26 Naming the NASA IV & V Facility at Fairmont for West Virginia mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson04/03/17
HCR 27 U.S. Army 1LT Patricia Simon Bridge04/06/17
HCR 30 U.S. Army PFC Cornelious Wiley Memorial Bridge04/07/17
HCR 35 Arnold Miller Memorial Bridge04/08/17
HCR 36 U.S. Army PFC John Ira Pinkerman Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 41 Major Martin Robison Delany Memorial Bridge04/07/17
HCR 48 U.S. Army SPC David H. Stamper Memorial Bridge04/07/17
HCR 49 U.S. Army PFC Donald Ray Cochran Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 50 Lowe Mountain Memorial Highway04/07/17
HCR 51 Toby” Runyon Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 54 U.S. Army PVT Preston D. Vanscoy Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 58 William C. Campbell Memorial Highway04/08/17
HCR 60 William “Bill” R. VanGilder Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 62 Webster County Veterans Highway04/08/17
HCR 63 William B. Burgess Memorial Road04/08/17
HCR 65 Hobert G. ‘Hobie’ Underwood Memorial Bridge04/08/17
HCR 68 James Earl Gibson Memorial Road04/08/17
HCR 73 U S Army Air Corps PVT William James Irwin, Memorial Bridge04/08/17
HCR 78 Almond Brothers and Family Veterans Bridge04/08/17
HCR 82 U.S. Marine Sergeant David Paul McCord Memorial Bridge04/05/17
HCR 83 U.S. Army SPC John R. Tennant Memorial Bridge03/30/17
HCR 84 U.S. Army Air Force S/SGT Harold ‘Dean’ Baker Memorial Bridge04/08/17
HCR 87 Deputy Sheriff SGT. Justin Alan Thompson Memorial Highway04/08/17
HCR 92 U.S. Army SGT Eugene Dawson Memorial Highway04/07/17
HCR 94 Katherine Johnson Day 04/03/17
HCR 96 U. S. Marine Corps Cpl Mark Douglas Cool Memorial Bridge04/08/17
HCR 98 John H. Reed, Jr. Memorial Bridge04/08/17
HCR 109 Extending the Committee of Conference relating to consideration of Com Sub for HB 209903/30/17
HCR 110 Extending the Committee of Conference relating to consideration of Com Sub for HB 202803/30/17
HCR 118 Craddock Brothers Bridge04/08/17
HR 1 Adopting Rules of the House of Delegates01/11/17
HR 2 Authorizing the publication of a Legislative Manual and authorizing payment of travel and other expenses of the House01/11/17
HR 3 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/11/17
HR 4 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eighty-third Legislature, two thousand seventeen01/11/17
HR 5 Amending House Rules 63 and 84a, relating to the previous question and witnesses before committees02/08/17
HR 9 Memorializing the life and lamenting the death of Dr. Ken Hechler02/27/17
HR 11 Supporting and encouraging the enactment of the federal Hearing Protection Act of 201704/03/17
HR 13 America’s promise to our retired coal miners and widows and to pass the Miners Protection Act as soon as possible and provide the full measure of benefits these retirees were promised and have earned.04/07/17
HR 15 Supporting the passage of HR 1315 introduced in the United States House of Representatives to roll back ethanol fuel requirements04/06/17
HR 16 Honoring and memorializing the life of Gerald "Jerry" L. Crosier03/30/17
HR 17 Expressing support for Taiwan’s signing of a Free Trade Agreement03/31/17
HR 18 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Otis Anderson Leggett04/07/17
HR 19 Recognizing and honoring the heroic efforts of West Virginia first responders during the state’s unprecedented and historic flooding of June 201604/07/17
SCR 1 Adopting joint rules of Legislature01/11/17
SCR 2 Authorizing payment of supplies, services, printing and other expenses01/11/17
SCR 8 Donnie Adkins Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 11 USMC Lance Corporal Edwin Russell 'Snook' Danehart Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 13 US Army CPL James Russell Carter Memorial Road04/07/17
SCR 14 US Army PVT Oren J. "Junior" Johnson Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 15 US Army CPL Herbert "Herb" Linkous Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 18 US Marine CPL Walter Vincent Filipek Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 21 US Army CPL Daniel Frederick Mehringer Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 23 Johnny O'Dell Linville Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 24 US Army PFC Joe Messe, Sr., Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 26 US Marine Corps SSG Beecher J Rhoades Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 28 US Army SPC 4 Randall W. Arbogast Memorial Road04/07/17
SCR 31 US Navy BT2 Mark Edward Hutchison Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 33 US Army Ranger SGT Richard E. Arden Memorial Bridge04/08/17
SCR 39 US Army PFC Kelva H. Justice Memorial Road04/07/17
SCR 41 US Army PV2 Mandvial S. "Bunker" Bias Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 42 Five Champ Brothers Bridge04/08/17
SCR 43 Eugene Lee "Gene" Burner Memorial Bridge04/07/17
SCR 45 Home of Anna Lindquist, 1996 NHPA Hall of Fame Inductee highway sign04/07/17
SCR 49 Erecting signs in Kanawha County declaring Home of Ralph Maddox 1980 NHPA Hall of Fame 04/08/17
Roads to Prosperity Amendment of 201704/08/17
SR 1 Adopting rules of Senate01/11/17
SR 2 Raising committee to notify House Senate has assembled and organized01/11/17
SR 3 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has organized01/11/17
SR 4 Mailing of bills and journals01/11/17
SR 5 Authorizing appointment of employees01/11/17
SR 6 Creating Select Committee on Tax Reform01/11/17
SR 7 Authorizing Senate Confirmations Committee to meet and be paid during interims01/11/17
SR 8 Recognizing contributions and dedicated service of Gary K. Wilson to Mineral County02/08/17
SR 9 Congratulating St. Mary's High School boys' cross country team for 2016 Class AA/A state championship02/09/17
SR 10 Congratulating St. Mary's High School for winning 2016 Class A state football championship02/09/17
SR 11 Designating February 10, 2017 as Dental Hygienists Day02/10/17
SR 12 Designating February 13, 2017, as Morgan County Day at Legislature02/13/17
SR 13 Recognizing National Go Red for Women Day02/14/17
SR 14 Designating February 16, 2017, as WV Homeschool Day02/16/17
SR 15 Recognizing centennial year of City of Nitro02/20/17
SR 16 Designating June West Virginia Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Month and June 27 West Virginia Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Day02/20/17
SR 17 Designating February 21, 2017, as Celebrating Children and Families day02/21/17
SR 18 Designating week of March 5-11, 2017, as MS Awareness Week02/22/17
SR 19 Expressing support for confirmation of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to US Supreme Court02/24/17
SR 20 Recognizing WV School of Osteopathic Medicine02/23/17
SR 21 Designating February 23, 2017, as WV Local Foods Day02/23/17
SR 22 Congratulating Cabell Midland golf team on winning 2016 Class AAA golf tournament02/27/17
SR 23 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley02/27/17
SR 24 Congratulating Chapmanville Lady Tigers Softball team for winning 2016 Class AA state championship02/28/17
SR 25 Congratulating Jeffrey Stutler as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer for 201702/28/17
SR 26 Recognizing Holly Boggs on winning 2016 Earle S. Dillard Insurance Agent of the Year03/01/17
SR 27 Designating March 1, 2017, as Cancer Survivorship Day in WV03/01/17
SR 28 Designating March 2, 2017, as All Kinds Are Welcome Here Day03/02/17
SR 29 Recognizing WV Association of Retired School Employees for dedicated public service03/02/17
SR 30 Designating month of March as American Red Cross Month03/06/17
SR 31 Recognizing contributions of southern WV to entire state03/06/17
SR 32 Designating March 7, 2017, as WV Alzheimer's Association Day03/07/17
SR 33 Designating March 8, 2017, as Disability Advocacy Day03/08/17
SR 34 Memorializing Frank Cuomo, Jr.03/09/17
SR 35 Congratulating Wirt High School wrestling team for 2017 Class A state championship03/14/17
SR 36 Designating March 14, 2017, as WV State University Day03/14/17
SR 37 Designating March 15, 2017, as Higher Education Day03/15/17
SR 38 Recognizing Karen Donathan for winning Award for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science03/16/17
SR 39 Designating March 16, 2017, as Innovation and Entrepreneurship day03/16/17
SR 40 Designating March 17, 2017, as Corrections Day03/17/17
SR 41 Recognizing Pineville Middle School's Pineville Giving Tree project03/17/17
SR 42 Designating March 20, 2017, as International Pageant Day03/20/17
SR 43 Recognizing Homer Hickam03/20/17
SR 44 Designating March 21, 2017, as Down Syndrome Awareness Day03/21/17
SR 45 Designating March 21, 2017, as Preston County Day03/21/17
SR 46 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson03/21/17
SR 47 Celebrating achievements and contributions of Monongalia County03/21/17
SR 48 Congratulating Charleston Catholic golf team for winning 2016 Class A State Championship03/22/17
SR 49 Designating March 22, 2017, as Civil Air Patrol Day in WV03/22/17
SR 50 Commemorating 25th anniversary for national and state ChalleNGe Program03/23/17
SR 51 Designating March 24, 2017, as Jefferson County Day03/24/17
SR 52 Designating March 24, 2017, as Firefighters Day03/24/17
SR 53 Designating March 27, 2017, as WV Industrial Hemp Day03/27/17
SR 54 Designating March 27, 2017, as Women's and Girls' Day03/27/17
SR 55 Designating March 28, 2017, as WVU and WVU Extension Service Day03/28/17
SR 56 Congratulating WVU rifle team for winning 2017 National Championship03/28/17
SR 57 Recognizing 200th anniversary of Sistersville Ferry03/28/17
SR 58 Recognizing centennial year of main structure at Parkersburg High School03/28/17
SR 59 Designating March 29, 2017, as Tucker County Day03/29/17
SR 60 Recognizing Cabell Midland High School band for exceptional accomplishments03/29/17
SR 61 Declaring WV Marching Band Invitational to be state's official marching band championship event03/29/17
SR 62 Designating March 30, 2017, as Marshall University Day03/30/17
SR 63 Congratulating Wyoming East High School golf team for winning 2016 Class AA state championship03/30/17
SR 64 Congratulating Herbert Hoover High School boys' basketball team for outstanding athletic achievement03/30/17
SR 65 Reaffirming sister-state ties between Taiwan and State of WV03/31/17
SR 66 Honoring Katherine Johnson, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient04/03/17
SR 67 Declaring January 26 of each year Danny Heater Day04/04/17
SR 68 Designating April 5, 2017, as Nurses Unity Day04/05/17
SR 69 Congratulating Mingo Central Miners high school football team for winning 2016 Class AA football championship04/05/17
SR 70 Designating April as Autism Awareness Month04/05/17
SR 71 Congratulating St. Joseph's Central High School girls' basketball team for winning 2017 Class A basketball championship04/06/17
SR 72 Congratulating Huntington High School girls' basketball team for winning 2017 Class AAA basketball championship04/06/17
SR 73 Congratulating Huntington High School boys' basketball team for winning 2017 Class AAA basketball championship04/06/17
SR 74 Notifying Governor Senate is ready to adjourn sine die04/09/17
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