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Charles S. Trump IV (R - Morgan, 15)


Capitol Office:
Room 210W, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 357-7980

171 S. Washington Street
Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411
Home Phone: (304) 258-5133
Business Phone: (304) 258-1414


CHAIR: Judiciary
Health and Human Resources

CHAIR: Judiciary
CHAIR: Law Institute
NONVOTING: Natural Gas Development
Economic Development
Government and Finance
Health and Human Resources Accountability
Special Investigations


District Counties: Berkeley (part), Hampshire, Mineral (part), Morgan



Senator Trump was the Lead Sponsor of 86 bills
SB 1Establishing additional dedicated 911 feePending
SB 2Providing additional funding for exceptional children with high-cost/high-acuity special needsPendingEducation
SB 3Relating generally to truancy interventionPendingEducation
SB 5Disqualifying CDL for DUI conviction in certain casesSigned
SB 6Creating Tim Tebow ActPendingEducation
SB 7Requiring election by division in House of Delegates' districts with two or more delegatesPendingJudiciary
SB 8Disclosing contributions during legislative sessionPendingJudiciary
SB 9Regulating unmanned aircraft systemsPendingJudiciary
SB 10Relating generally to CDLsPending
SB 181Abolishing regional education service agenciesPendingEducation
SB 211Prohibiting county parks and recreation commissions from promulgating or enforcing rules prohibiting possession of firearmsPending
SB 212Relating generally to procedures for drivers' license suspensions and revocationsPendingJudiciary
SB 213Requiring WV State Police disciplinary records be retained in perpetuityPending
SB 214Adopting Uniform Electronic Legal Material ActSigned
SB 215Allowing county commissions authority to amend proposed rates, fees and charges proposed by public service districtsPendingPolitical Subdivisions
SB 216Permitting exclusion, modification or limitation of warranties in sale of used motor vehiclesPendingJudiciary
SB 217Relating to disclaimers of warranties regarding used manufactured homesPendingJudiciary
SB 218Providing operational requirements for unmanned aircraft systemsPendingJudiciary
SB 225Allowing magistrates to conduct proceeding for temporary emergency protective order dealing with temporary custody by family courtSigned
SB 226Relating to WV Contraband Forfeiture ActPendingJudiciary
SB 227Relating to carrying firearm for self-defense in certain state recreation areasPendingNatural Resources
SB 229Providing addition of mini-distillery does not change agricultural property for building codes and property tax classificationPendingAgriculture
SB 230Relating to certain WV officials carrying concealed firearm nationwideSigned
SB 233Excluding from protection oral communications uttered in child care center under Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance ActSigned
SB 234Authorizing county process servers and court security personnel to carry weapons while on dutyPendingJudiciary
SB 236Relating to damages for medical monitoringPendingJudiciary
SB 237Repealing obsolete rules of Department of RevenuePendingJudiciary
SB 241Creating WV Volunteer Fire and Rescue Act of 2017Pending
SB 247Authorizing prosecuting attorney designate and deliver grand jury records for investigative purposesSigned
SB 248Clarifying composition and chairmanship of Commission on Special InvestigationsVetoed
SB 249Relating to information required in abstract of judgmentPendingJudiciary
SB 256Relating to prohibiting aiding and abetting of sexual abuse by school personnelSigned
SB 259Requiring administrators of intestate estates to give bond and take oathPendingJudiciary
SB 261Relating to increasing salary or wages of judgment debtorSigned
SB 282Directing Office of Administrative Hearings to amend current legislative rule relating to appeal proceduresPendingJudiciary
SB 296Relating generally to human traffickingPendingJudiciary
SB 308Clarifying administrative and law-enforcement activities of DNR police officers are important to conservation and management of state's fish and wildlifePendingJudiciary
SB 320Creating Appropriation Supremacy Act of 2017Pending
SB 330Relating to WV Workplace Freedom ActPASS
SB 336Increasing number of limited video lottery machines retailer may havePendingJudiciary
SB 338Relating to medical professional liabilitySigned
SB 340Creating offer of settlementPendingJudiciary
SB 344Relating to application of payments on consumer credit sale and loansSigned
SB 348Relating to parking along state highwaysPending
SB 349Repealing outdated code related to Division of CorrectionsSigned
SB 358Relating generally to trustee sale of timeshare estatesSigned
SB 373Authorizing medical power of attorney sign binding arbitration agreement with nursing home or assisted living facilityPendingJudiciary
SB 408Relating to personnel management of public employeesPendingJudiciary
SB 426Repealing DNR legislative rule on litter control grant programPendingJudiciary
SB 433Permitting counties increase excise tax on privilege of transferring real propertySigned
SB 438Relating generally to Uniform Unclaimed Property ActPendingBanking and Insurance
SB 439Relating to venue for civil and criminal actions at Salem Correctional CenterPendingJudiciary
SB 440Relating to use of Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority fundsPending
SB 443Establishing Adult Drug Court Participation FundPendingFinance
SB 444Establishing Court Advanced Technology Subscription FundSigned
SB 445Amending definition of "abused child"Signed
SB 450Relating to class action safeguardsPendingJudiciary
SB 451Relating to venue in WV courts as applies to nonresidentsPendingJudiciary
SB 454Providing more efficient collection and submission of state moneys received from court transactions or court servicesSigned
SB 455Relating generally to commitment of persons to custody of Commissioner of CorrectionsSigned
SB 456Relating to standards for termination of parental rights in child abuse and neglect casesSigned
SB 491Relating to county litter control officersPendingJudiciary
SB 492Eliminating requirement every circuit court participate in drug court programPendingJudiciary
SB 500Relating to Medicaid fraud and abusePendingJudiciary
SB 515Relating to parole requirements for hearings and releaseSigned
SB 516Establishing DOC responsibility for costs of housing and maintaining inmatePendingFinance
SB 521Relating generally to Public Defender ServicesPendingFinance
SB 538Creating special conditions of parolePendingJudiciary
SB 556Relating to Consumer Credit and Protection ActPendingJudiciary
SB 563Relating to Consumer Credit and Protection ActSigned
SB 574Relating generally to trusts and administrationPendingJudiciary
SB 575Relating generally to shooting rangesSigned
SB 576Providing exception to waste for certain oil and gas developmentPending
SB 578Relating generally to copies of health care records furnished to patientsSigned
SB 580Limiting funds deducted from Unclaimed Property Fund during fiscal yearPendingFinance
SB 581Relating generally to administration of trustsSigned
SB 608Clarifying lawful business structures are unaffected by enactment of prohibitory legislationSigned
SB 637Relating to private club operations requirementsSigned
SB 639Expanding definition of deductions under Wage Payment and Collection ActPendingJudiciary
SB 653Relating to compensation of members of LegislaturePendingJudiciary
SB 684Relating generally to WV State PoliceSigned
SB 685Creating a one-day special license for charitable events sell nonintoxicating beerPending
SB 688Correcting technical error within Solid Waste Management ActPendingJudiciary
SB 689Relating to payment of small claims by DOHPendingJudiciary
SB 690Authorizing WV State Police impose and collect fees for agencies and entities using their facilitiesSigned
SB 693Creating WV Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets ActPendingJudiciary

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