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  SB 1Modifying controlled substances schedules and prescriptive authorityPendingJudiciary SB 2Providing tax incentive to dental practitioners performing services to indigentsPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 3Creating Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death ActSigned SB 4Creating Revised Uniform Law on Notarial ActsPendingJudiciary SB 5Creating Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording ActPendingJudiciary SB 6Regulating sale of drug products used in manufacture of methamphetamineDSCH SB 7Relating to composition of Joint Committee on Government and FinancePending SB 8Prohibiting zone pricing of gasolinePending SB 9Creating Sexual Assault Forensic Examination CommissionPendingJudiciary SB 10Requiring Medicaid dental coverage for certain mothers of newbornsPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 11Relating to cellular telephone communications and wiretapping evidentiary provisions in family court proceedingsPendingJudiciary SB 12Relating to expedited partner therapy treatmentVetoed SB 13Modifying Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority funding assistancePendingJudiciary SB 14Establishing child support insurance match programPendingBanking and Insurance SB 15Removing certain billing limitations for HIV or STD testing by public health agencies PendingJudiciary SB 16Requiring health insurance coverage of hearing aids for certain individualsPendingBanking and Insurance SB 17Allowing possession of opioid antagonist by certain public safety personnel PendingHealth and Human Resources SB 18Redefining and renaming "obscene matter"PendingJudiciary SB 19Increasing compensation caps for certain family court staffPendingJudiciary SB 20Revising laws relating to regulation of fireworksPendingJudiciary SB 21Reducing student-to-teacher ratio in public schools and increasing certain aides' payPendingEducation SB 22Relating to State Auditor's compliance regarding limitation of PERS post-retirement earningsPending SB 23Relating to fetal death reportingPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 24Relating to liability immunity for ski patrol rendering certain emergency carePendingJudiciary SB 25Requiring Senate advise and consent for State Superintendent of Schools appointmentPendingEducation SB 26Creating emergency generator tax creditPending SB 27Relating to minors obtaining tattoosPendingJudiciary SB 28Prohibiting certain campaign contributions by lobbyists during legislative sessionPendingJudiciary SB 29Clarifying requirements for certain motor vehicle searchesPendingJudiciary SB 30Exempting autocycles from license examination and safety equipment requirementsPendingJudiciary SB 31Relating to appointment and removal of State Fire MarshalPending SB 32Authorizing Legislative Auditor to collect sunrise application review feesPendingGovernment Organization SB 33Increasing salaries of State Police forensic lab and civilian employeesPending SB 34Redistributing proceeds from excise tax on transfer of real property to counties for benefit of regional jailsPending SB 35Requiring filing fee for write-in candidates for public officePendingJudiciary SB 36Relating to posting of property to prohibit hunting or trespassingPendingNatural Resources SB 37Creating personal income tax checkoff for Jackson's Mill 4-H CampPendingFinance SB 38Reallocating certain oil and gas severance tax proceeds to counties of originPending SB 39Adding additional family court judgePendingJudiciary SB 40Providing judges appoint public defender attorneys for eligible clientsPendingJudiciary SB 41Providing resident tuition rates for children of WV institution graduatesPendingEducation SB 42Providing for construction of Lou Tabit FreewayPending SB 43Creating crossbow hunting licensePendingNatural Resources SB 44Expanding hotel occupancy tax to include commercial campsitesPending SB 45Specifying certain residency requirements for majority of state-chartered banking institution directorsPendingBanking and Insurance SB 46Creating informal dispute resolution process to certain behavioral health providersPendingFinance SB 47Increasing minimum proof of financial responsibility in motor vehicle insurance coveragePendingBanking and Insurance SB 48Authorizing rural resort community as limited gaming facilityPendingJudiciary SB 49Relating to review of adverse determinations by insurance companiesPendingBanking and Insurance SB 50Relating to organization of Physicians' Mutual Insurance CompanyPendingBanking and Insurance SB 51Requiring water-free urinals in public rest areas, institutions and schoolsPending SB 52Creating pilot program incorporating Khan method of teaching mathematicsPendingEducation SB 53Authorizing state, county and local road construction improvements by private investorsPending SB 54Improving state emergency preparednessPendingJudiciary SB 55Creating licensed school psychologist-pupil ratioPendingEducation SB 56Creating pilot program for TANF recipients of academically achieving childrenPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 57Implementing Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths outcome evaluation systemPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 58Relating to basis for voidable marriages and annulmentsSigned SB 59Relating to claims against counties, school districts or municipalitiesPendingJudiciary SB 60Providing only notice of county board of education financial statement availability be publishedPendingEducation SB 61Increasing legal education credits required of court-appointed attorneys in juvenile casesPendingJudiciary SB 62Relating to referral of drug court participants having co-occurring addiction and mental health issuesPendingFinance SB 63Increasing salaries of State Police forensic lab and civilian employeesPending SB 64Providing automatic revocation of will upon legal separationPendingJudiciary SB 65Prohibiting consideration of certain income-producing asset for purposes of spousal supportPendingJudiciary SB 66Terminating state's jurisdiction over certain reclaimed sites of bond-forfeited surface mining operationsPending SB 67Authorizing use of excess campaign contributions for repayment of previous campaign loans or debtsPendingJudiciary SB 68Limiting liability of participants in certain water pollution abatement projectsPending SB 69Clarifying period for determining property assessments for local share calculationPendingJudiciary SB 70Conforming code to federal requirements for certain registered voters in presidential electionsPendingJudiciary SB 71Limiting landowner's civil liability for injuries occurring while huntingPendingNatural Resources SB 72Creating Intrastate Coal and Use ActPending SB 73Exempting veterinary medications from sales taxPendingAgriculture SB 74Redefining "low income" for senior citizens' homestead tax creditPendingJudiciary SB 75Requiring equal membership from magisterial districts on county planning commissionPending SB 76Creating Firearms Freedom ActPendingJudiciary SB 77Permitting escrow deposit by bond for mechanics' lienPendingJudiciary SB 78Designating English as official state languagePending SB 79Changing number and method of jury strikes in felony cases PendingJudiciary SB 80Permitting concealed weapons licensees to carry weapon on Capitol Complex with certain exceptionPending SB 81Excluding veterans' disability income in determining spousal support and marital property divisionPending SB 82Exempting homeowners' association dues, fees and assessments from consumers sales and service taxPending SB 83Providing personal income tax deduction for spaying or neutering petsPendingFinance SB 84Relating to process of selecting state agency hearing examiners PendingJudiciary SB 85Establishing driver's license restoration programPending SB 86Expanding grandparents' rightsPendingJudiciary SB 87Providing salary increase for natural resources police officersPendingNatural Resources SB 88Relating to claims for total loss and debris removal proceeds under farmers' mutual fire insurance companiesSigned SB 89Creating amnesty program for certain drivers with suspended licensesPending SB 90Creating criminal offense for interfering or preventing call for assistance of emergency service personnelSigned SB 91Requiring state uniforms be manufactured in USPending SB 92Establishing Animal Abuse RegistryPendingAgriculture SB 93Amending public school support computation of local sharePendingEducation SB 94Requiring county commission be notified prior to employee dischargePending SB 95Creating felony offense for DUI causing serious bodily injuryPendingJudiciary SB 96Creating Creative Communities Development ActPendingFinance SB 97Relating to funding of civil legal services to low-income personsPendingJudiciary SB 98Relating to student-school nurse staffing ratioPendingEducation SB 99Relating to compensation and expenses for attorneys appointed in child abuse and neglect proceedingsPendingJudiciary SB 100Authorizing operation of low-speed vehicles on certain municipal roadsPendingJudiciary SB 101Authorizing Board of Chiropractic Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to regulation of chiropractic practicePendingJudiciary SB 102Authorizing Board of Chiropractic Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to fees pertaining to practice of chiropracticPendingJudiciary SB 103Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to boardPendingJudiciary SB 104Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to formation and approval of professional limited liability companiesPendingJudiciary SB 105Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to fees established by boardPendingJudiciary SB 106Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to formation and approval of dental corporations; dental practice ownershipPendingJudiciary SB 107Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to dental advertisingPendingJudiciary SB 108Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to practitioner requirements for accessing Controlled Substances Monitoring Program databasePendingJudiciary SB 109Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to continuing education requirementsPendingJudiciary SB 110Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to administration of anesthesia by dentistsPendingJudiciary SB 111Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to expanded duties of dental hygienists and dental assistantsPendingJudiciary SB 112Authorizing Board of Dental Examiners promulgate legislative rule relating to mobile dental facilities and portable dental unitsPendingJudiciary SB 113Authorizing Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses promulgate legislative rule relating to policies regulating licensure of licensed practical nursePendingJudiciary SB 114Authorizing Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses promulgate legislative rule relating to fees for services rendered by board and supplemental renewal fee for Center for NursingPendingJudiciary SB 115Authorizing Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses promulgate legislative rule relating to continuing competencePendingJudiciary SB 116Authorizing Board of Pharmacy promulgate legislative rule relating to continuing education for licensure of pharmacistsPendingJudiciary SB 117Authorizing Board of Pharmacy promulgate legislative rule relating to controlled substances monitoringPendingJudiciary SB 118Authorizing Board of Sanitarians promulgate legislative rule relating to practice of public health sanitationPendingJudiciary SB 119Authorizing Board of Professional Surveyors promulgate legislative rule relating to examination and licensing of professional surveyors PendingJudiciary SB 120Authorizing Board of Veterinary Medicine promulgate legislative rule relating to registration of veterinary techniciansPendingJudiciary SB 121Authorizing Board of Veterinary Medicine promulgate legislative rule relating to certified animal euthanasia techniciansPendingJudiciary SB 122Authorizing Board of Veterinary Medicine promulgate legislative rule relating to schedule of feesPendingJudiciary SB 123Authorizing Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology promulgate legislative rule relating to licensure of speech-language pathology and audiologyPendingJudiciary SB 124Authorizing Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology promulgate legislative rule relating to speech-language pathology and audiology assistantsPendingJudiciary SB 125Authorizing Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology promulgate legislative rule relating to disciplinary and complaint procedures for speech-language pathology and audiologyPendingJudiciary SB 126Authorizing Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology promulgate legislative rule relating to code of ethicsPendingJudiciary SB 127Authorizing Division of Labor promulgate legislative rule relating to Wage Payment and Collection ActPendingJudiciary SB 128Authorizing Division of Labor promulgate legislative rule relating to employer wage bondsPendingJudiciary SB 129Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to ambient air quality standardsPendingJudiciary SB 130Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to permits for construction and major modification of major stationary sources for prevention of significant deterioration of air qualityPendingJudiciary SB 131Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sourcesPendingJudiciary SB 132Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to control of air pollution from combustion of solid wastePendingJudiciary SB 133Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rulesSigned SB 134Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilitiesPendingJudiciary SB 135Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to emission standards for hazardous air pollutantsPendingJudiciary SB 136Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to requirements governing water quality standardsPendingJudiciary SB 137Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to state certification of activities requiring federal licenses and permitsPendingJudiciary SB 138Authorizing Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training promulgate legislative rule relating to assessing health and safety violation penaltiesPendingJudiciary SB 139Authorizing Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training promulgate legislative rule relating to program for sharing of information between employeesPendingJudiciary SB 140Authorizing Department of Commerce promulgate legislative rulesSigned SB 141Authorizing DNR promulgate legislative rule relating to special motorboatingPendingJudiciary SB 142Authorizing DNR promulgate legislative rule relating to electronic registration of wildlifePendingJudiciary SB 143Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rule relating to voluntary remediation and redevelopmentPendingJudiciary SB 144Authorizing Commissioner of Agriculture promulgate legislative rule relating to commercial feedPendingAgriculture SB 145Authorizing Commissioner of Agriculture promulgate legislative rule relating to schedule of charges for inspection services: fruitPendingJudiciary SB 146Authorizing Commissioner of Agriculture promulgate legislative rule relating to auctioneersPendingJudiciary SB 147Authorizing Commissioner of Agriculture promulgate legislative rule relating to inspection of meat and poultryPendingJudiciary SB 148Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rule relating to clinical laboratory technician and technologist licensure and certificationPendingJudiciary SB 149Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rule relating to medication administration by unlicensed personnelPendingJudiciary SB 150Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rule relating to AIDS-related medical testing and confidentialityPendingJudiciary SB 151Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rule relating to Cancer RegistryPendingJudiciary SB 152Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rule relating to Medical Examiner's rule for post-mortem inquiriesPendingJudiciary SB 153Authorizing Health Care Authority promulgate legislative rule relating to Health Information NetworkPendingJudiciary SB 154Authorizing Bureau of Senior Services promulgate legislative rule relating to In-Home Care Worker RegistryPendingJudiciary SB 155Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rulesSigned SB 156Authorizing Fire Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to State Fire CodePendingJudiciary SB 157Authorizing Fire Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to certification of home inspectorsPendingJudiciary SB 158Authorizing Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority promulgate legislative rule relating to determination of projected cost per day for inmatesPendingJudiciary SB 159Authorizing Bureau for Child Support Enforcement promulgate legislative rule relating to bureauPendingJudiciary SB 160Authorizing Bureau for Child Support Enforcement promulgate legislative rule relating to obtaining support from federal and state tax refundsPendingJudiciary SB 161Authorizing Bureau for Child Support Enforcement promulgate legislative rule relating to interstate income withholdingPendingJudiciary SB 162Authorizing Bureau for Child Support Enforcement promulgate legislative rule relating to support enforcement activities undertaken by bureauPendingJudiciary SB 163Authorizing Bureau for Child Support Enforcement promulgate legislative rule relating to distribution of support paymentsPendingJudiciary SB 164Authorizing State Fire Marshal promulgate legislative rule relating to certification of electrical inspectorsPendingJudiciary SB 165Authorizing Department of Transportation promulgate legislative rulesSigned SB 166Authorizing Tax Department promulgate legislative rule relating to municipal sales and service and use tax administrationPendingJudiciary SB 167Authorizing Department of Revenue promulgate legislative rulesSigned SB 168Authorizing Tax Department promulgate legislative rule relating to withholding or denial of personal income tax refunds from taxpayers who owe municipal or magistrate court costsPendingJudiciary SB 169Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to procedure for deposit of funds in Treasurer's Office by state agenciesPendingJudiciary SB 170Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to procedure for deposit of moneys with office by state agenciesPendingJudiciary SB 171Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to selection of state depositories for disbursement accounts through competitive biddingPendingJudiciary SB 172Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to selection of state depositories for receipt accountsPendingJudiciary SB 173Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to reporting of debt capacityPendingJudiciary SB 174Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to reporting debtPendingJudiciary SB 175Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to procedures for fees in collections by charge, credit or debit card or by electronic paymentPendingJudiciary SB 176Authorizing Treasurer's Office promulgate legislative rule relating to providing services to political subdivisionsPendingJudiciary SB 177Authorizing Insurance Commissioner promulgate legislative rule relating to utilization review and benefit determinationPendingJudiciary SB 178Authorizing Insurance Commissioner promulgate legislative rule relating to health plan insurer internal grievance procedurePendingJudiciary SB 179Authorizing Insurance Commissioner promulgate legislative rule relating to external review of adverse health insurance determinationsPendingJudiciary SB 180Authorizing Election Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to Supreme Court of Appeals Public Campaign Financing Pilot ProgramPendingJudiciary SB 181Authorizing Department of Administration promulgate legislative rulesSigned SB 182Authorizing Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction promulgate legislative rule relating to law-enforcement training and certification standardsPendingJudiciary SB 183Authorizing Commissioner of Highways promulgate legislative rule relating to transportation of hazardous wastes upon roads and highwaysPendingJudiciary SB 184Authorizing Consolidated Public Retirement Board promulgate legislative rule relating to Public Employees Retirement SystemPendingJudiciary SB 185Authorizing Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council promulgate legislative rule relating to councilPendingJudiciary SB 186Authorizing Real Estate Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to requirements in licensing real estate brokers, associate brokers and salespersons and the conduct of brokerage businessPendingJudiciary SB 187Authorizing Real Estate Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to schedule of feesPendingJudiciary SB 188Authorizing Alcohol Beverage Control Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to private club licensingPendingJudiciary SB 189Authorizing Alcohol Beverage Control Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to farm wineriesPendingJudiciary SB 190Authorizing Alcohol Beverage Control Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to sale of winePendingJudiciary SB 191Authorizing Alcohol Beverage Control Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to nonintoxicating beer licensing and operations proceduresPendingJudiciary SB 192Authorizing Racing Commission promulgate legislative rule relating to thoroughbred racingPendingJudiciary SB 193Authorizing Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board promulgate legislative rule relating to requirements for licensure and certificationPendingJudiciary SB 194Authorizing Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board promulgate legislative rule relating to renewal of licensure or certificationPendingJudiciary SB 195Authorizing Massage Therapy Licensure Board promulgate legislative rule relating to schedule of feesPendingJudiciary SB 196Authorizing Division of Rehabilitation Services promulgate legislative rule relating to Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services BoardSigned SB 197Authorizing Municipal Pensions Oversight Board promulgate legislative rule relating to policemen's and firemen's pensions disability calculationPendingJudiciary SB 198Protecting confidentiality of applications, permits and renewal application for deadly weapons permitsPendingJudiciary SB 199Allowing private property owner prohibit carrying firearms or deadly weapons on propertyPendingJudiciary SB 200Authorizing circuit and magistrate courts collect bail bond surcharges to offset regional jail costsPendingJudiciary SB 201Requiring minimum number of state troopers; providing certain salary increasesPending SB 202Creating Benefit Corporation ActSigned SB 203Requiring State Police be compensated when on standby; housing stipendPending SB 204Relating to crime victims compensation awardsSigned SB 205Granting county commissions advice and consent authority in discharge of county employeesPending SB 206Redistributing certain net terminal income from racetrack video lotteryPending SB 207Transferring Division of Early Care and Education and Head Start State Collaborative to Department of Education and ArtsPendingEducation SB 208Relating to Rural Health Initiative ActPendingFinance SB 209Allowing special needs students to participate in graduation ceremoniesSigned SB 210Increasing membership of Board of Examiners for Registered Professional NursesPending SB 211Relating to alternative nicotine productsPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 212Expanding prescriptive authority of advanced nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwivesPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 213Relating to residential solar energy tax creditPending SB 214Creating Citizens Elected County Officials Compensation CommissionPendingJudiciary SB 215Creating Intermediate Court of AppealsPendingJudiciary SB 216Providing exemption allowing removal or burning of certain litter by county and municipal governmentsPendingNatural Resources SB 217Prohibiting public officials and employees from using public funds for self promotionPending SB 218Requiring bartenders have alcohol server permitsPendingJudiciary SB 219Establishing public competitive learning academiesPendingEducation SB 220Allowing local option election permitting Sunday hunting on private propertyPendingNatural Resources SB 221Absolving landowner from civil liability for hunting injuriesPendingNatural Resources SB 222Exempting certain motor vehicles from personal property tax; requiring antique licensesPending SB 223Requiring all available fetal medical care following abortionPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 224Relating to service credit transfers from PERS to EMS Retirement SystemPending SB 225Relating to certain civil action filing feesPendingJudiciary SB 226Providing elected county officials receive raise based on Consumer Price IndexPending SB 227Creating Higher Education Community School LawPendingEducation SB 228Exempting all military retirement income from state income taxPending SB 229Providing tax credit for fees paid for recycling residential household wastePendingNatural Resources SB 230Permitting Boards of Medicine, Dentistry and Osteopathy initiate disciplinary proceedings in certain circumstancesPending SB 231Mandating additional punishment for using minor in commission of crimePending SB 232Providing for nonpartisan election of Supreme Court justicesPending SB 233Extending civil liability immunity to operators of parks and recreation districtsPendingNatural Resources SB 234Requiring court conduct hearing at sentencing to determine defendant's ability to pay incarceration costsPendingJudiciary SB 235Expending counties covered by Rt. 2 and I-68 AuthorityPending SB 236Exempting all military, National Guard and reserve income from state income taxesPending SB 237Increasing personal income tax exemption on military, National Guard and reserve retirement incomePending SB 238Lowering threshold requiring low-bid government construction contractors submit subcontractor listPending SB 239Requiring workers painting state bridges complete SSPC Coating Application Specialist ProgramPending SB 240Relating to meeting and conference rights for members of municipal police or fire departmentsPending SB 241Creating Keep Jobs in West Virginia ActPending SB 242Creating State Labor Relations ActPending SB 243Relating to Class C courtesy statewide hunting and fishing licenses for certain military personnelPendingNatural Resources SB 244Facilitating compilation and availability of birth parents' social and medical histories prior to adoptionPendingJudiciary SB 245Relating to Class C courtesy statewide hunting and fishing licenses for certain military personnelPendingNatural Resources SB 246Allowing real property co-owner become sole owner under certain circumstancesPendingJudiciary SB 247Removing statutory salary provision of Executive Director of Women's CommissionPending SB 248Creating Equal Pay Coordinator within Division of PersonnelPending SB 249Providing state park campground discounts for National Guard and reservePendingNatural Resources SB 250Adopting several liability in tortious conduct actionsPendingJudiciary SB 251Implementing terms of Uniform Arbitration ActPendingJudiciary SB 252Allowing certain expelled students to return to school through Juvenile Drug CourtSigned SB 253Clarifying code for Community-Based Pilot Demonstration Project to Improve Outcomes for At-Risk YouthSigned SB 254Regulating equine boarding facilitiesPending SB 255Increasing fire and casualty insurance policies surcharge to benefit fire departmentsPendingFinance SB 256Providing expiration date on lien instrument securing obligation payable on demandPendingJudiciary SB 257Relating to real property possessor's liability for harm to trespassersPendingJudiciary SB 258Prohibiting juveniles from manufacturing, possessing and distributing nude images of minorsPendingJudiciary SB 259Imposing telecommunications business tax benefitting outdoor activity promotion and maintenancePending SB 260Relating to residential community waivers for salvage yard establishmentsPendingJudiciary SB 261Transferring portion of Parkways Authority revenues to Turnpike countiesPending SB 262Prohibiting certain purchases by SNAP recipients PendingHealth and Human Resources SB 263Clarifying continuous inactivity of demand, savings or time deposits under Uniform Unclaimed Property ActPending SB 264Authorizing issuance of ten-year Bronze Star Medal license platesPending SB 265Creating misdemeanor offense of possession of burglar's toolsPendingJudiciary SB 266Criminalizing graffiti on real and personal propertyPendingJudiciary SB 267Ensuring state courts' jurisdiction of fraudulent or unauthorized purchasing card useSigned SB 268Providing appraisal method for affordable multifamily rental housing propertyPendingJudiciary SB 269Authorizing issuance of special license platesPending SB 270Creating Jobs Impact Statement ActPending SB 271Allowing CPRB set employer contribution rate for PERS and SPRS without legislative approvalPending SB 272Limiting health insurance coverage for elective abortions to supplemental policiesPendingBanking and Insurance SB 273Prohibiting increases in certain real property assessmentsPending SB 274Providing for college graduate tax creditPendingEducation SB 275Expanding qualified military service credit for PERS benefit purposesPending SB 276Providing salary increases for certain public school teachers and reading specialistsPendingEducation SB 277Relating to temporary reassignment of injured or ill school service personnelPendingEducation SB 278Redefining "scrap metal"Pending SB 279Relating to abortions performed on unemancipated minorsPendingJudiciary SB 280Expanding Military Incentive Program to all economically disadvantaged veteransPendingFinance SB 281Creating felony offense of DUI causing injury or deathPending SB 282Decreasing number of jurors in municipal criminal mattersPendingJudiciary SB 283Prohibiting certain noncompetition clauses in broadcast industry employee contractsPending SB 284Relating to county board of education employee personal leave accrual PendingEducation SB 285Providing campsite rental discount to youth groups undertaking certain community service projectsPendingNatural Resources SB 286Relating to used motor vehicle warrantiesPending SB 287Relating to requirement of professional engineer serving on sanitary boardPending SB 288Clarifying individual is disqualified from unemployment benefits while on strikePending SB 289Establishing comparative fault standardPendingJudiciary SB 290Relating to Municipal Home Rule Pilot ProgramPending SB 291Increasing threshold of defendant's liability in tort action involving multiple defendantsPendingJudiciary SB 292Requiring prevailing hourly rates in public improvements construction Pending SB 293Limiting punitive damages awarded in personal injury or wrongful death casesPendingJudiciary SB 294Relating to reduction in compensatory damages for collateral source paymentsPendingJudiciary SB 295Extending time period for wage payments after terminationPending SB 296Relating to health insurance; benefits and servicesPendingBanking and Insurance SB 297Permitting certain state employees receive higher salary as appointive state officerPendingFinance SB 298Clarifying distinction between hunters and shooters in the fieldPendingJudiciary SB 299Creating loser-pays civil justice systemPendingJudiciary SB 300Creating Intermediate Court of AppealsPendingJudiciary SB 301Relating to drug testing of legislators and public assistance recipientsPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 302Creating Tax Revenue Act PendingFinance SB 303Providing salary increase for teachersPendingEducation SB 304Limiting annual property reappraisal increase; exceptionPendingJudiciary SB 305Requiring certain post-mining land use reclamation utilize Clements State Tree NurseryPendingNatural Resources SB 306Budget BillSigned SB 307Relating to pretrial management of persons charged with committing crimesSigned SB 308Creating Shale Research, Education, Policy and Economic Development Center at WVUPendingEducation SB 309Redefining "eligible institutions" to receive PROMISE scholarship fundsPendingEducation SB 310Adjusting penalties for willful failure to pay child supportPendingJudiciary SB 311Transferring portion of Parkways Authority revenues to Turnpike countiesPending SB 312Creating Project Launchpad ActPendingFinance SB 313Requiring gubernatorial appointment of PSC Consumer Advocate Director to mirror Governor's term of officePendingJudiciary SB 314Appropriating hotel occupancy tax proceeds to counties with no more than one hospitalSigned SB 315Clarifying use of certain funds under Military Authority ActSigned SB 316Relating to tolling with regard to civil actionsPendingEnergy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business SB 317Relating to municipal firearm lawsSigned SB 318Setting fees for manufacture, distribution, dispensing and research of controlled substancesPendingFinance SB 319Increasing membership of State Fire CommissionPending SB 320Relating to "state of preparedness"Pending SB 321Allowing Board of Public Works be represented by designees; proxy votingPending SB 322Providing state compensate officials, officers and employees every two weeks with certain exceptionsSigned SB 323Relating to professional board licensure requirements for military and spousesPending SB 324Requiring underground facilities operators participate in one-call systemPending SB 325Providing State Fire Marshal serve at will and pleasure of Fire CommissionSigned SB 326Fixing technical error relating to motor fuel excise taxPendingFinance SB 327Updating terms in Corporation Net Income Tax ActSigned SB 328Terminating Strategic Research and Development Tax CreditSigned SB 329Extending cessation period for deposits into Special Railroad and Intermodal Enhancement Fund Pending SB 330Creating Safe and Efficient Parkways ActPending SB 331Requiring certain accelerated payment of consumers sales and service and use tax and employee withholding taxesSigned SB 332Reducing certain allowances in computation of local sharePendingEducation SB 333Updating terms in Personal Income Tax ActPendingFinance SB 334Suspending certain refundable consumer sales and service tax exemptions to State Road FundPending SB 335Requiring certain items purchased by state be manufactured in United StatesPending SB 336Relating to possession and administration of opioid antagonistPendingJudiciary SB 337Authorizing DOH increase gross weight limitations on certain Brooke County roadsPending SB 338Relating to Tourism Development ActPending SB 339Adding tramadol and related salts and isomers to Schedule IV controlled substancesPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 340Creating EMT-industrial certificationPending SB 341Making supplementary appropriation from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to Division of Human ServicesSigned SB 342Making supplementary appropriation of unappropriated moneys to DHHR, MAPS and Department of Veterans' AssistancePendingFinance SB 343Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to Department of Commerce, Workforce Investment ActPendingFinance SB 344Expiring funds from State Fund, General Revenue, and making supplemental appropriations to various agenciesPending SB 345Expiring funds from State Fund, General Revenue, and making supplementary appropriations to MAPSPending SB 346Making supplementary appropriation from Lottery Net Profits to DNR and Bureau of Senior ServicesSigned SB 347Making supplementary appropriation of unappropriated moneys to various accountsPendingFinance SB 348Supplementing, amending, decreasing and increasing appropriations from State Road Fund to DOHPendingFinance SB 349Prohibiting nonrenewal or cancellation of certain property insurance coverage policiesPendingJudiciary SB 350Relating to Rural Rehabilitation Loan ProgramSigned SB 351Requiring thoroughbred licensees pay portion of purse to Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective AssociationPendingJudiciary SB 352Promoting development of corporate sponsorships for state parks and recreation areasPendingNatural Resources SB 353Relating to timber theft from state forestsSigned SB 354Requiring Workforce Investment Council provide local boards information about certain male-dominated jobsPending SB 355Amending Water Resources Protection and Management ActPendingNatural Resources SB 356Relating to purchasing reformSigned SB 357Relating to Logging Sediment Control Act civil and criminal penalties Signed SB 358Requiring Purchasing Director approve certain change ordersPending SB 359Reducing number of precincts for manual count in post-election canvassSigned SB 360Repealing article relating to wages for construction of public improvementsPending SB 361Relating to Office of Emergency Medical ServicesPending SB 362Relating to time restaurants, private clubs and wineries can sell alcoholic beverages on SundaysPendingJudiciary SB 363Repealing article allowing placement of roadside memorial markersPending SB 364Permitting candidate signs on road or highway rights-of-wayPending SB 365Relating to administration of Conservation Agency programsSigned SB 366Transferring CHIP from Department of Administration to DHHRPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 367Correcting internal code reference regarding judges and prosecutors carrying firearms PendingJudiciary SB 368Repealing article relating to unfair trade practicesPendingJudiciary SB 369Requiring state procurement by competitive biddingPending SB 370Relating to sentencing and parole of juveniles treated as adultsPendingJudiciary SB 371Prohibiting possession of wild and exotic animalsPendingNatural Resources SB 372Permitting certain auxiliary lighting on motorcyclesPendingJudiciary SB 373Relating to water resources protectionSigned SB 374Prohibiting special election by local levying body 180 days prior to scheduled electionPending SB 375Excluding certain real and personal property from TIF assessmentSigned SB 376Requiring certain construction workers complete OSHA safety programSigned SB 377Creating Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication and Listing ActPending SB 378Relating to special speed limitations as to waste service vehiclesSigned SB 379Reclassifying countiesPending SB 380Redefining "all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles"Signed SB 381Requiring CPR and care for conscious choking instruction in public schoolsPendingEducation SB 382Exempting certain veterans' and active duty military organizations from indoor smoking regulationsPending SB 383Permitting certain residential real estate owners limited exemptions from licensing requirements for self-financed mortgagesSigned SB 384Prohibiting certain insurers require policyholders use mail-order pharmacyPendingBanking and Insurance SB 385Reducing and redirecting lottery revenue distributionsPendingJudiciary SB 386Revising laws relating to DHHR and Bureau of Medical ServicesPending SB 387Clarifying duly authorized officers have legal custody of their prisoners while in WVSigned SB 388Creating Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection ActPendingJudiciary SB 389Regulating and legalizing sale of fireworks and imposing fee to benefit Veterans Program FundPendingJudiciary SB 390Creating criminal penalties for disseminating false information through automated phone calls during state of emergencyPendingJudiciary SB 391Providing salary increase for teachers and school service personnelSigned SB 392Providing salary increase for members of State PolicePending SB 393Providing Governor may borrow Revenue Shortfall Reserve Funds prior to April 1, 2014Signed SB 394Redesignating Health Sciences Scholarship Program as Health Sciences Service ProgramSigned SB 395Relating to operation and oversight of certain human services benefit programsSigned SB 396Eliminating certain unnecessary boards, councils, tasks forces and committees Pending SB 397Expanding scope of activities considered financial exploitation of elderlySigned SB 398Providing certain state public schools obtain impounded dogs and cats for curriculum furtherancePendingEducation SB 399Providing mental hygiene commissioners are employees under PERSPending SB 400Relating to air-ambulance service fees under PEIAPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 401Relating to "out-of-home" child placement systemPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 402Permitting Tax Commissioner recover financial institution charges and fees for all forms of paymentSigned SB 403Regulating importation and possession of certain injurious aquatic speciesSigned SB 404Allowing reciprocal use of hunting and fishing licenses with Kentucky on Big Sandy and Tug Fork riversPendingJudiciary SB 405Allowing presiding judge to release juror qualification forms after trial's conclusionSigned SB 406Creating Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication and Listing ActPendingJudiciary SB 407Providing renewal of lapsed managing general insurance agent licensesPending SB 408Relating to paroleSigned SB 409Relating to education reformPending SB 410Requiring public school screening for dyslexiaPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 411Raising minimum wagePendingFinance SB 412Defining "dyslexia" for education purposesPendingEducation SB 413Requiring Department of Education provide professional development opportunities regarding dyslexiaPendingEducation SB 414Redirecting nonprobate appraisement filingsSigned SB 415Changing due date of certain county commission tax reportsPendingJudiciary SB 416Relating to tentative appraisals of natural resources propertySigned SB 417Creating Source Water Protection ActPendingNatural Resources SB 418Relating to medical and podiatry corporationsPendingJudiciary SB 419Creating Overdose Prevention ActPending SB 420Relating to data sharing in P-20W Longitudinal Data SystemPendingFinance SB 421Removing certain discounts from motor fuel excise taxPending SB 422Expanding state aid for students of certain health professionsRejected SB 423Relating to expungement of certain felony convictionsPendingJudiciary SB 424Regulating unlicensed off-road motorcycles within Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation AreaPendingJudiciary SB 425Relating to licensure, supervision and regulation of physician assistantsSigned SB 426Relating to appointments to certain higher education commissions, councils and boardsVetoed SB 427Relating to motor vehicle insuranceSigned SB 428Creating Dangerous Wild Animals ActPendingNatural Resources SB 429Relating to public school curricular standards and assessmentsPendingEducation SB 430Relating to receipting of state moneysPending SB 431Relating to issuance and renewal of certain driver's licenses and federal ID cardsSigned SB 432Relating to calculating local shareTabled SB 433Exempting certain precious metal sales from consumers sales taxPendingFinance SB 434Eliminating revocation period for certain DUI offendersSigned SB 435Correcting code reference relating to handgun safety training for certain court personnelPendingJudiciary SB 436Providing Prosecuting Attorneys Institute executive council establish salary of directorPendingJudiciary SB 437Requiring mortgage brokers file certain reports with Division of Financial InstitutionsPendingJudiciary SB 438Revising regulatory structure of money transmittersPendingBanking and Insurance SB 439Increasing acreage of Ohio County's Fort Henry Economic Opportunity Development DistrictSigned SB 440Creating O. C. Spaulding Electronic Recording ActPendingJudiciary SB 441Increasing limit on size of voting precinctsPending SB 442Permitting certain firearms in motor vehicles on Capitol Complex groundsPending SB 443Relating to SPRSSigned SB 444Relating to PERSSigned SB 445Clarifying when person engaged in outdoor recreation may possess certain firearmsPendingNatural Resources SB 446Relating to public employee grievance procedurePending SB 447Authorizing additional circuit court judge PendingJudiciary SB 448Providing one-time supplement for certain PERS and STRS retireesPending SB 449Relating to power and authority of Secretary of Department of Veterans' AssistancePending SB 450Relating to sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in certain outdoor settingsSigned SB 451Relating to distribution of certain retirement benefits of deceased uniformed service officers under qualified domestic relations orderPendingJudiciary SB 452Relating to TRS annuity calculation of member with reciprocal service creditSigned SB 453Relating to TRSPendingFinance SB 454Defining dam "owner"Signed SB 455Creating Move to Improve ActPendingEducation SB 456Extending expiration date for health care provider tax on eligible acute care hospitalsSigned SB 457Requiring programs for temporarily detained inmates in regional jailsSigned SB 458Dedicating certain circuit court fees to fund low-income persons' civil legal servicesSigned SB 459Removing severance tax on timberPendingNatural Resources SB 460Permitting School of Osteopathic Medicine invest certain moneys in its foundationSigned SB 461Creating Future FundSigned SB 462Providing surety relief of acting collateral upon securing bailpiecePendingJudiciary SB 463Requiring certain percentage of insurance claims be performed by resident adjusterPendingBanking and Insurance SB 464Prohibiting law-enforcement officers or immediate family members from taking bonds for persons in custodyPendingJudiciary SB 465Permitting counties to impose levy for public library funding PendingJudiciary SB 466Creating Storm Scammer Consumer Protection ActPendingBanking and Insurance SB 467Updating code section relating to expungement of criminal convictionsPendingJudiciary SB 468Providing for Veterans Medal and Service Cross Pending SB 469Creating Veterans and Warriors to Agriculture ProgramSigned SB 470Providing completed grand jury questionnaires are confidentialSigned SB 471Relating to alternative and renewable energy portfolio standardsPending SB 472Prohibiting discrimination in housing or employment based on age or sexual orientationPendingJudiciary SB 473Providing undesirable highway property be offered for public utility usePendingJudiciary SB 474Allowing disposal of drill cuttings from well sites in commercial solid waste facilitiesPending SB 475Authorizing additional circuit court judgePendingJudiciary SB 476Providing standards for conversion and retrofits of alternative-fuel motor vehiclesPendingJudiciary SB 477Providing teachers determine use of time during planning periodVetoed SB 478Permitting sale of raw milkPendingAgriculture SB 479Providing vocational certification, licensure or college credit for military training and experiencePendingEducation SB 480Expanding period during which certain motor vehicle liens are validPending SB 481Requiring DOT place signs honoring fallen veterans and Gold Star FamiliesPending SB 482Requiring food handler examinations and cardsPendingHealth and Human Resources SB 483Renaming administrative heads of Potomac campus of WVU and WVU Institute of TechnologySigned SB 484Changing experience requirements of members of Ethics CommissionPending SB 485Exempting DOH from certain permitting requirements of Natural Streams Preservation ActSigned SB 486Establishing certain salary increases for State Police civilian and forensic lab employeesSigned SB 487Authorizing municipal sales taxPendingFinance SB 488Establishing WV Voluntary Employee Retirement Accounts ProgramPending SB 489Providing county employees may run for vacant office without resigningPending SB 490Relating to noncovered insurance discounts by health care providersPendingJudiciary SB 491Exempting sales of motor fuel from unfair trade practicesPendingJudiciary SB 492Requiring State Board of Pharmacy develop specialty drugs listPendingJudiciary SB 493Excluding suspension days in determining student truancyPendingEducation SB 494Authorizing additional methods of payment for lottery prizes PendingJudiciary SB 495Increasing collections into Land Division special revenue accountPending SB 496Limiting health insurance coverage for elective abortions to supplemental policies; exceptionsPendingBanking and Insurance SB 497Removing restrictions where certain lottery games may be playedPendingJudiciary SB 498Permitting persons to possess certain firearms in vehicle without concealed deadly weapons permitPendingJudiciary SB 499Making Prudent Investor Act primary standard of care for Investment Management BoardSigned SB 500Requiring public buildings have at least one ADA-compliant restroomPending SB 501Relating to auctioneers and apprentice auctioneersPendingAgriculture SB 502Updating Uniform Common Interest Ownership ActPending SB 503Revising Child Welfare ActPendingJudiciary SB 504Authorizing Auditor establish Debt Resolution Services DivisionPending SB 505Requiring Office of Administrative Hearings receive appeal petitionsPending SB 506Clarifying term "agency" in code section relating to administrative hearingsPending SB 507Relating to Board of Barbers and CosmetologistsSigned SB 508Establishing Volunteer Departments Loan Fund within Treasurer's OfficePending SB 509Regulating pharmacy benefits managersPendingBanking and Insurance SB 510Including state land grant institutions in Research Trust FundPendingFinance SB 511Specifying Legislative Auditor's performance reviews and audits include Board of Public Works and LegislaturePendingJudiciary SB 512Providing for personal income tax checkoff for Cedar Lakes FoundationPendingFinance SB 513Relating to cost reimbursement of servicing high-cost/high-acuity special needs studentsPendingFinance SB 514Eliminating expense of Meth lab cleanup from Crime Victims Compensation ActPendingJudiciary SB 515Repealing section relating to state aid for students of veterinary medicinePendingFinance SB 516Modifying guidelines for medical treatment to injured workersPending SB 517Providing liberal weighing of evidence for workers's compensation claimsPendingBanking and Insurance SB 518Relating to workers' compensation benefits for firefighters; other provisionsPendingJudiciary SB 519Relating to workers' compensation benefits for occupational pneumoconiosisPendingJudiciary SB 520Declaring remedial component of workers' compensation laws receive liberal constructionPendingJudiciary SB 521Relating to classification and criteria for disability benefitsPendingJudiciary SB 522Relating to delivery of medical benefits to injured workersPendingJudiciary SB 523Providing for additional state veterans skilled nursing facility in BeckleySigned SB 524Requiring prompt payment of workers' compensation benefitsPendingBanking and Insurance SB 525Exempting PERS and TRS pensions and annuities from state income taxPending SB 526Giving railroad employees right to review and copy respective personnel filesPending SB 527Prohibiting beer and wine sales at self-scan registersPendingJudiciary SB 528Requiring promulgation of legislative rule establishing level of capital project for certain higher education institutionsPendingEducation SB 529Redefining "recreational purposes" as to limiting landowners' liabilityPendingNatural Resources SB 530Regulating carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric generating unitsPending SB 531Relating to licensing of funeral directorsPending SB 532Allowing certain military firefighters to become civilian firefightersPending SB 533Updating commercial feed laws; setting fees by rulePending SB 534Increasing excise tax on cigarettes and other tobacco productsPendingFinance SB 535Clarifying definition of "ginseng"Signed SB 536Granting in-state tuition to honorably discharged and injured veteransPendingEducation SB 537Providing state institutions may apply for alternative fee and tuition schedulePendingEducation SB 538Adopting federal definition of "disabled veteran" for civil service and state contract biddingPendingFinance SB 539Providing certain law-enforcement officers employed as school security be allowed to carry firearmsPendingJudiciary SB 540Requiring SSAC promulgate rules allowing college preparatory team recognitionPendingEducation SB 541Ensuring tenants with right to sublet have remedies for wrongful occupation of residential rental propertyPendingJudiciary SB 542Requiring notice to DEP for release of fluids or chemicals into groundwater, surface water or subsurface soilsPending SB 543Creating Jobs Impact Statement ActPendingFinance SB 544Allowing sharing of juvenile records under certain circumstances with reciprocal statesPendingJudiciary SB 545Authorizing Division of Juvenile Services establish Juvenile Trustee Fund and Juvenile Benefit FundPendingJudiciary SB 546Granting in-state tuition to military eligible for Post-9/11 GI BillPendingEducation SB 547Relating to number of municipal wards or election districts and council membersSigned SB 548Creating special one-day charitable event license to sell nonintoxicating beer PendingJudiciary SB 549Relating to child support obligations and ordersPendingJudiciary SB 550Providing annual salary increase to Division of Corrections employeesPending SB 551Requiring municipal law-enforcement officers wear armored vests Pending SB 552Increasing penalty related to transporting illegal controlled substances into statePendingJudiciary SB 553Relating to certificates of nomination for elected officeSigned SB 554Providing for employees' health and safety in dry cutting and grinding of masonryPending SB 555Relating to appointment of counsel for alleged protected personsPendingJudiciary SB 556Providing complimentary certified veterans' death certificates under certain circumstancesPendingFinance SB 557Authorizing additional circuit court judgePendingJudiciary SB 558Finding and declaring certain claims against stateSigned SB 559Eliminating annual report late fees charged by Secretary of StatePendingFinance SB 560Including WVSU in Research Trust Fund; other provisionsPendingEducation SB 561Clarifying authority and discretion of Dealer Recovery Board to hear claimsPending SB 562Relating to training and compensation of county board of education members serving on RESAsPendingFinance SB 563Authorizing issuance of Autism Awareness license platesPending SB 564Providing consumer identity theft protection under ObamacarePendingBanking and Insurance SB 565Ensuring SWA Closure Cost Assistance Funds facilitate closure of certain county landfillsPending SB 566Relating to domestic violence victims' eligibility for unemployment compensation benefitsPendingFinance SB 567Redesignating Division of Corrections as Department of CorrectionsPending SB 568Providing affirmative defense against mechanic's liens related to residential constructionPendingJudiciary SB 569Eliminating notarization of articles of incorporation for cooperative associationsPendingJudiciary SB 570Exempting certain foreign corporations, companies and partnerships from SOS certificate of authority requirementPending SB 571Distributing portion of Greyhound Breeder Development Fund previously dedicated to training facility constructionPendingFinance SB 572Relating to financing statements covering as-extracted collateral or timber to be cutSigned SB 573Establishing cook-meal ratios for full-day and half-day school cooks PendingEducation SB 574Clarifying mobile home permanently attached to real estate is not personal property under certain conditionsSigned SB 575Providing educational incentives and longevity pay for State TroopersPending SB 576Providing for construction of statewide fiber optic broadband infrastructure networkPending SB 577Making Department of Corrections and DHHR subject to OSHAPendingFinance SB 578Providing for unitization of interests in horizontal oil and gas wellsPending SB 579Creating Land Reuse Agency Authorization ActSigned SB 580Permitting wine sales at certain college and university sports stadiumsPendingFinance SB 581Relating to equipment movement in underground coal minesPending SB 582Providing for closure and sale of Clements State Tree NurseryPendingNatural Resources SB 583Permitting emergency rule-making authority to implement Spay Neuter Assistance ProgramPending SB 584Relating to expiration and renewal of Board of Registration for Professional Engineers' certificatesPending SB 585Removing unconstitutional language regarding access to rail linesSigned SB 586Removing unconstitutional language regarding jurors and verdicts in certain civil litigationSigned SB 587Requiring licensing of athletic trainers by Board of Physical TherapyPending SB 588Allowing law enforcement obtain DNA samples from certain arresteesPendingJudiciary SB 589Authorizing issuance of Family of Fallen Hero license platesPending SB 590Creating Clearance for Access: Registry and Employment Screening ActPendingJudiciary SB 591Updating obsolete definitions of "solid waste" in DEP and solid waste management statutesPendingJudiciary SB 592Creating felony offense of knowingly leaving crash scene resulting in serious bodily injuryPendingJudiciary SB 593Authorizing issuance of limited lines travel insurance producer licensePending SB 594Allowing disposal of drill cuttings from well sites in commercial solid waste facilitiesPendingJudiciary SB 595Including waste management facilities and timber operations in facilities with protection against property crimesPendingJudiciary SB 596Modifying statute of limitations on demand note collectionsPendingBanking and Insurance SB 597Clarifying regulation of nonintoxicating beer brewers and distributorsPendingJudiciary SB 598Providing excess Courtesy Patrol funds revert to Tourism Promotion FundPendingFinance SB 599Providing exemption from skilled nursing bed moratorium for speciality skilled nursing bedsPendingFinance SB 600Relating to municipal ordinance compliance regarding dwellings unfit for habitation and vacant buildings and propertiesSigned SB 601Relating to property assessment appealsSigned SB 602Requiring health care providers wear ID badgesSigned SB 603Relating to testing for presence of methane in underground minesSigned SB 604Creating Coal Employment Enhancement ActPendingFinance SB 605Creating Water Sustainability InstitutePendingEducation SB 606Implementing exotic entertainment facility license surchargePending SB 607Providing act of domestic violence or sexual offense by strangling is aggravated felonyPendingJudiciary SB 608Relating to bicycle safety on roadwaysPending SB 609Requiring court-appointed special advocate programPendingJudiciary SB 610Requiring health insurance coverage for certain nonnarcotic pain relief systemsPendingFinance SB 611Increasing county solid waste assessment fee; exemptionPendingJudiciary SB 612Discontinuing moratorium on commercial rafting licenses on portion of New RiverPendingNatural Resources SB 613Expanding definition of "eligible safety property" in Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit ActPendingFinance SB 614Providing standard for determining when grandparent has standing for child custodyPendingJudiciary SB 615Creating flood zone homestead property tax exemptionPendingJudiciary SB 616Allowing receipt of gifts, donations and contributions by Division of EnergyPending SB 617Terminating Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of ExaminersPending SB 618Creating special class of taxicabsPending SB 619Exempting certain critical access hospitals from certificate of need requirementSigned SB 620Authorizing State Police Superintendent to hire additional staffPending SB 621Authorizing insurers offer flood insuranceSigned SB 622Creating Water Sustainability InstitutePendingEducation SB 623Requiring notification of certain substance abuse screening of mine personnelSigned SB 624Establishing substance abuse screening circumstances requiring miner certification suspension or revocationPending SB 625Amending code relating to practice of psychology PendingHealth and Human Resources SB 626Creating Elk River Spill Victims' Compensation Act of 2014PendingNatural Resources SB 627Creating Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act Pending SB 628Creating Healthy Children and Healthy Communities ActPendingFinance SB 629Creating misdemeanor offense for assault upon ABCC employeePendingJudiciary SB 630Updating code relating to motor vehicle dealers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturersPending SB 631Extending time for Fayetteville City Council to meet as levying bodySigned SB 1001Relating to transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activitiesPending SB 1002Expiring funds in State Fund, General Revenue, and making supplementary appropriation to MAPSSigned SB 1003Expiring funds in State Fund, General Revenue, and making supplementary appropriation to various accountsSigned SB 1004Relating to special revenue account of Department of Agriculture, Land DivisionPending SB 1005Authorizing salary increase for county commissioners and elected county officialsSigned SB 1006Relating to debt service on bonds secured by the State Excess Lottery Revenue FundPending SB 1007Relating to disposal of drill cuttings at commercial solid waste facilitiesPendingJudiciary SB 1008Creating sexual assault examination networkPendingJudiciary SB 1009Relating to computation of local share for public school support purposesSigned SB 2001Delaying effective date of affirmative defense to action to enforce mechanic's lienPendingJudiciary SB 2002Extending deadlines for certain boat dock and marina safety requirementsPendingJudiciary SB 2003Supplementing and amending Title II Appropriations from State Excess Lottery Revenue FundSigned SB 2004Authorizing transfer of moneys to Courtesy Patrol Fund according to expenditure schedule set by Budget OfficeSigned SB 2005Relating to application of minimum wage and maximum hour standardsPendingFinance SB 2006Extending time for Richwood Common Council to meet as levying bodySigned


Release TitleDate
State Senator Robert H. Plymale Mourns Dr. Kopp 12/19/2014
SCORE Task Force to Meet Next Week in Fayette County11/12/2014
Senator Robert H. Plymale Headed to China with NCSL to Study Education Reform 10/28/2014
Cookman Praises Passage of Provision That Protects State's Water From Radiation10/21/2014
Unger Fights to Protect Drinking Water From Radiation10/20/2014
Kessler Announces SCORE Initiative 10/16/2014
President Kessler To Hold Press Conference Tomorrow10/15/2014
Kessler Says It's Time For EHNDA 10/10/2014
Statement on the Death of Former First Lady Shelley Riley Moore09/16/2014
Beach Announces Naming of Star City Interchange09/12/2014
Kessler Makes Appointment to Public Water System Supply Study Commission08/29/2014
Senate President and House Speaker Urge Governor to Call Brief Special Session08/27/2014
Senator Hall Awarded Leadership Scholarship From SLC 08/21/2014
West Virginia State Lawmaker Elected Committee Chair During SLC Meeting07/29/2014
Kessler Names Juvenile Justice Task Force Members07/24/2014
Senator Takes Part in 2014 Rising State Leaders Tour of Western Canada07/15/2014
Lawmakers Help Keep Local State Police Detachment Open07/09/2014
Senator Williams Announces Grant Awards to Various Programs in the 14th Senatorial District06/18/2014
Unger Wants Conditions of Dangerous Jefferson County Road Immediately Addressed04/17/2014
Unger Again Calls on Public Service Commission to Order Potomac Edison to Immediately Stop Unacceptable Utility Billing Practices04/10/2014
Unger Applauds the Signing of Senate Bill 37304/01/2014
Senate President Is Pleased With the Signing of Minimum Wage bill04/01/2014
Kessler Pleased With Signing of Senate Bill 373 04/01/2014
Senate President and House Speaker Urge Governor to Sign Minimum Wage Bill03/27/2014
Statement from Senate President Kessler on the Signing of SB 31703/26/2014
Miller Wins Governor's Legislative Arts Award03/14/2014
Fitzsimmons Wins Governor's Legislative Arts Award03/14/2014
Kessler Urges Governor to Call a Special Session03/11/2014
Legislation Introduced to Address Long Term Water Sustainability 02/17/2014
Fitzsimmons Introduces Bill to Combat Rising Flood Insurance Costs02/17/2014
Unger Wants West Virginians to Forever Own the State's Greatest Resource - Water02/12/2014
Unger Asks For Help From Federal Government02/04/2014
Senate Adopts Resolution Honoring Slain State Troopers01/29/2014
Statement From Senator Beach Regarding Water Quality Legislation01/28/2014
Fitzsimmons Introduces Ohio County TIF Expansion Bill01/28/2014
Statement From the Majority Leader01/20/2014
Water Resources Commission Investigating Chemical Spill01/14/2014
Kessler Urges Calm During State of Emergency 01/10/2014
Legislators Obtain Small Cities Block Grant for Sewer Extension Project01/07/2014
Senator Cookman Obtains Small Cities Block Grant for Mineral County 01/06/2014
Legislative Auditor Finds Suspicious Activity Within WV Dept. of Agriculture01/02/2014
Beach Wins Nurse Practitioners Award12/16/2013
West Virginia Blue Book Now Available Online09/27/2013
Legislature Reviewing State Purchasing Laws, Grant Oversight09/24/2013
Unger Praises Raleigh Street Extension Project Completion 09/11/2013
Senator Tucker Introducing Bill to Require Prescription To Fill Meth-making Pseudoephedrine 09/10/2013
Senator Unger Presents Grant to Good Shepherd Caregivers09/05/2013
Kessler Named to National Policy Committee 08/20/2013
Support For West Virginia Future Fund Growing As Lawmakers Prepare For North Dakota Trip 08/19/2013
Senator Plymale Elected Treasurer of Southern Regional Education Board08/15/2013
Senate Select Committee Meeting in Wood County 08/08/2013
Kessler Fills Committee Vacancies With Southern West Virginia Democratic Lawmakers08/02/2013
Senator Unger Selected Chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference Education Committee07/31/2013
Kessler Removes Jenkins From Senate Committees07/30/2013
Kessler Urging Public to Attend Highway Commission Meetings07/12/2013
Select Committee on Children and Poverty Meeting in Logan County 07/09/2013
Senate-House Delegation Plans Trip to North Dakota to Study Future Fund07/03/2013
Infrastructure Committee to Hear from WVDOT on Marcellus Effects06/14/2013
Senator Unger to Honor Berkeley County Clerk 06/13/2013
Unger Calls For Investigation into Utility Billing Practices 06/12/2013
Northern Panhandle Delegation Secures Funding for Benwood Miner Memorial 06/12/2013
Select Committee on Children and Poverty to Meet in Wheeling06/11/2013
Kessler Decries Patriot Coal Bankruptcy Ruling05/30/2013
Senator Unger Presents Grants to Harpers Ferry 05/14/2013
Kessler Praises Creation of Scholarships For Children of Slain Officers 05/09/2013
Media Advisory - President Kessler to be Keynote Speaker at Glenville State College’s 139th commencement ceremony 05/09/2013
Unger Responds to Signing of WV Commuter Rail Access Act 05/08/2013
Kessler Commends Creation of Spay/Neuter Assistance Program05/08/2013
Unger Pleased with Signing of WV Feed to Achieve Act 05/08/2013
Kessler Pleased With Governor's Decision on Medicaid Expansion05/02/2013
Puppy Mill Bill Passes Both Houses 04/13/2013
Feed to Achieve Act Headed to Governor04/13/2013
Senate Honors Senator Ursula Jae Spears04/08/2013
WV Legislature to Host Screening of Documentary on Poverty04/04/2013
Animal Protection Bills Pass Unanimously04/03/2013
Senate Passes Concealed Handgun License Reciprocity Bill 04/02/2013
Active Military Tax Exemption Bill Passes Senate 04/02/2013
Wheeling to Host West Virginia Sesquicentennial Celebration04/01/2013
West Virginia Feed to Achieve Act Introduced in Senate03/27/2013
Legislation to Establish Job Creation Task Force Introduced03/21/2013
First Informer Broadcasters Act Passes Senate 03/19/2013
Child Poverty Select Committee to Meet in Beckley 03/13/2013
Bill Authorizes Benefit Corporation Formation 02/26/2013
Child Poverty Select Committee Heading to Oak Hill 02/26/2013
Unger Introduces Homeowner Bill of Rights Legislation02/25/2013
Chafin Opposes Credit Card Surcharge Fee01/28/2013
Unger Calls For Children and Poverty Select Committee01/28/2013
Cann Sworn-In As State Senator01/25/2013
Media Advisory - Elkins Town Hall Meeting Scheduled This Weekend Canceled 01/24/2013
Senator Williams Appointed as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Development01/24/2013
Senator Tucker to Hold Storm Response Review 01/15/2013
West Virginia Military Study Results Released01/08/2013
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