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Bill Status - 2017 Regular Session

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Senator Ojeda sponsored 63 bills:


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Last Action

SB 35 Modifying funding assistance from Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/08/17 
SB 36 Permitting school nurses to possess and administer opioid antagonists Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 38 Creating 5-year tax credit for new businesses locating on post-mine sites Pending  House Finance Committee  03/29/17 
SB 39 Requiring BRIM cover volunteer workers and student teachers Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/13/17 
SB 40 Requiring inclusion of protocols for response to after-school emergencies in school crisis response plans Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 41 Extending time person may be subject to probation Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 44 Allowing ballot option to express opposition to all candidates Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/13/17 
SB 61 Providing consumers sales and service tax and use tax exemption for certain services and tangible personal property sold for repair, remodeling and maintenance of aircraft Pending  House Finance Committee  03/25/17 
SB 62 Relating generally to tax increment financing districts Pending  Senate Economic Development Committee  02/08/17 
SB 64 Requiring certain disclosures of election expenditures Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/08/17 
SB 65 DEP fines against state governmental entities or political subdivisions Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/08/17 
SB 69 Creating Sexual Assault Victims' Bill of Rights Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/27/17 
SB 76 Creating WV Second Chance for Employment Act Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 167 Relating to DNA evidence Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/27/17 
SB 168 Relating to surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies to fund volunteer fire departments Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/07/17 
SB 186 Adjusting date when children become eligible for certain school programs and school attendance requirements Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 194 Increasing penalties for shoplifting offenses Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/08/17 
SB 251 Creating pilot program for school-based mental and behavioral health services for students and families Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/10/17 
SB 278 Relating to Sunday hunting laws Pending  Senate Natural Resources Committee  02/13/17 
SB 323 Increasing tax credit for qualified rehabilitated buildings investment Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/15/17 
SB 326 Requiring Department of Defense family advocacy groups be notified about abuse or neglect of military member's child Pending  House Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security Committee  03/15/17 
SB 327 Relating to teaching certificates for teachers whose spouses are members of armed forces on active duty stationed in state Pending  Senate Education Committee  03/08/17 
SB 328 Allowing surcharge for certain fire-related cleanup and demolition Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/15/17 
SB 342 Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuits Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/17/17 
SB 386 Creating WV Medical Cannabis Act Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 388 Relating to dangerous weapons Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 424 Relating generally to requirements and provisions for notice of requested abortions Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/23/17 
SB 426 Repealing DNR legislative rule on litter control grant program Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/01/17 
SB 435 Relating to Youth Mental Health Protection Act Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  03/23/17 
SB 448 Continuing eligibility for developmental disability services to dependents of military service members Pending  Senate Military Committee  02/27/17 
SB 452 Creating WV Earned Income Tax Credit Pending  Senate TAX Committee  02/27/17 
SB 475 Creating incentives for hiring and retaining correctional officers Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/28/17 
SB 485 Relating to expansion of broadband service Pending  Senate Economic Development Committee  03/11/17 
SB 502 Authorizing WV National Guard contract persons to perform specialized technical services Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/03/17 
SB 507 Allowing pharmacists inform customers about lower cost alternatives to prescribed drugs Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/31/17 
SB 508 Providing cost-of-living adjustment to certain PERS and State Teachers Retirement System employees Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  03/03/17 
SB 512 Requiring disclosure of attorney source payment in certain administrative hearings Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/03/17 
SB 513 Increasing state employees' pay over two-year period Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/03/17 
SB 514 Providing special license plate for realtors Pending  Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  03/03/17 
SB 517 Permitting ABCC appointees or employees carry firearms after completing training Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/06/17 
SB 518 Creating Returning Veterans and Displaced Miners Job Act Pending  Senate Military Committee  03/06/17 
SB 519 Amending WV Nurse Overtime and Patient Safety Act Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/09/17 
SB 532 Requiring correctional officers be paid overtime Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/07/17 
SB 537 Relating to exemptions from mandated immunizations Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  03/24/17 
SB 558 Requiring state-owned or -leased vehicles be registered Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/08/17 
SB 561 Allowing economically depressed county to retain 50 percent of coal severance tax collected in county Pending  Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee  03/08/17 
SB 577 Licensing of advance deposit wagering Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/10/17 
SB 615 Limiting number of days legislative members receive compensation during extended and extraordinary session Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/15/17 
SB 641 Requiring welders meet certain certification requirements and conform to national welding standards Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/17/17 
SB 642 Relating to wages for veterans on state government contracts Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  03/17/17 
SB 643 Creating preference for state citizens in construction contracts for public improvements Pending  Senate WORK Committee  03/17/17 
SB 644 Reestablishing prevailing wages for certain state government contracts Pending  Senate WORK Committee  03/17/17 
SB 645 Relating to employer's right to require employee training Pending  Senate WORK Committee  03/17/17 
SB 646 Creating Public-Private Infrastructure Facilities Act Pending  Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee  03/17/17 
SB 647 Relating generally to additional county excise taxes on real property transfer Pending  House Finance Committee  03/29/17 
SB 648 Relating to WV jobs on public construction projects Pending  Senate WORK Committee  03/17/17 
SB 675 Providing rule-making authority to Board of Licensed Practical Nurses Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/20/17 
SB 683 Increasing tax rate for higher earning businesses Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/20/17 
SB 684 Relating generally to WV State Police Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 688 Correcting technical error within Solid Waste Management Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/30/17 
SB 689 Relating to payment of small claims by DOH Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/30/17 
SB 690 Authorizing WV State Police impose and collect fees for agencies and entities using their facilities Signed    Governor  04/09/17 
SB 693 Creating WV Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/30/17 
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