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There are 63 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 13Changing qualifier for low income for senior citizens' homestead tax exemption02/08/17
SB 15Extending sunset on DOH public-private partnerships03/15/17
SB 37Raising legal age for purchase of tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor products to 2102/17/17
SB 168Relating to surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies to fund volunteer fire departments03/07/17
SB 191Relating to tax credits for apprenticeship training in construction trades02/17/17
SB 232Establishing procedures concerning delinquent personal income taxes02/09/17
SB 268Requiring county commissions maintain websites with specific information03/10/17
SB 273Establishing Education Savings Account Pilot Program03/24/17
SB 275Requiring WV Tax Commissioner include short survey on personal income tax return02/13/17
SB 289Clarifying consumers sales and service tax applies to digital goods02/14/17
SB 291Relating to residential solar energy tax credits02/14/17
SB 292Funding of civil legal services for low-income persons02/14/17
SB 295Providing tax credit for modifications to homes made more accessible for elderly or persons with disability02/14/17
SB 298Relating generally to compensation of constitutional officers03/20/17
SB 307Supplemental appropriation of surplus balance in State Fund, General Revenue to Department of Administration02/14/17
SB 310Exempting certain hotel rooms from hotel occupancy tax02/14/17
SB 323Increasing tax credit for qualified rehabilitated buildings investment02/15/17
SB 331Exempting heating oil for residential use from motor fuel excise tax02/16/17
SB 335Creating the 2017 Tax Reform Act03/16/17
SB 354Relating to municipalities' policemen and firemen pension plans02/23/17
SB 355Relating to required minimum distribution of retirement benefits from plans administered by CPRB02/23/17
SB 363Updating meaning of federal taxable income02/21/17
SB 368Updating WV personal income tax terms02/21/17
SB 371Requiring CPRB adopt smoothing method regarding gains and losses on Teachers Retirement System Fund assets02/23/17
SB 374Relating to computing retirement benefits for certain members of Legislature03/16/17
SB 381Relating to Parkways Authority maintaining status quo03/13/17
SB 393Relating to administration of municipal pensions03/09/17
SB 403Increasing amount of retirement income excluded from certain retired public employees' state personal income taxes02/22/17
SB 404Reducing state income tax liability for certain retired public employees02/22/17
SB 443Establishing Adult Drug Court Participation Fund03/18/17
SB 459Including "In God We Trust" license plate on statutory list of special license plates03/08/17
SB 487Providing tax credit to eligible caregivers for modifications to homes03/01/17
SB 498Dedicating five-tenths percent annual severance tax on Marcellus and Utica natural gas to retired public employees03/02/17
SB 503Establishing Library Facilities Improvement Fund03/03/17
SB 506Exempting DNR police pension benefits from state income taxes03/03/17
SB 509Updating fee structure provisions for broker-dealers, agents and investment advisers03/03/17
SB 513Increasing state employees' pay over two-year period03/03/17
SB 516Establishing DOC responsibility for costs of housing and maintaining inmate03/27/17
SB 557Dissolving Information Services and Communications Division03/27/17
SB 565Authorizing City of South Charleston levy special district excise tax03/09/17
SB 567Relating to fees collected to conduct criminal background checks03/09/17
SB 573Adjusting tax rate on wind-powered generating units03/10/17
SB 577Licensing of advance deposit wagering03/10/17
SB 580Limiting funds deducted from Unclaimed Property Fund during fiscal year03/11/17
SB 593Relating generally to employer withholding of taxes03/13/17
SB 594Eliminating tax lien waiver requirement for estates of nonresidents03/13/17
SB 603Authorizing method for collection and remittance of property taxes on dealers' heavy equipment inventory03/14/17
SB 604Terminating Licensed Racetrack Modernization Fund after obligations paid03/14/17
SB 623Changing license period for horse and dog racing03/16/17
SB 624Decreasing minimum number of live racing days horse racing licensee must conduct03/16/17
SB 625Relating generally to charitable bingo and raffles03/16/17
SB 669Replacing wireless enhanced 911 fee with telecommunications tax03/18/17
SB 677Increasing tax rate on cigarettes and e-cigarette liquid03/20/17
SB 678Relating to tax on sales of e-cigarette liquid03/20/17
SB 683Increasing tax rate for higher earning businesses03/20/17
SB 692Authorizing dedication of fee on certain managed timberland to Volunteer and Part-Volunteer Fire Departments Fee Fund03/27/17
HB 2004Creating and maintaining a centralized state vehicle inventory system04/04/17
HB 2007Eliminating courtesy patrol programs03/15/17
HB 2471Relating to insurance coverage for breast cancer screening03/31/17
HB 2930Allowing powerball, hot lotto, and mega millions winners to remain anonymous04/04/17
HB 3062The state Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act03/30/17
HB 3091Relating generally to employer withholding taxes03/29/17
HB 3105Relating to the Licensed Racetrack Modernization Fund03/27/17
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