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Bill Status - 2017 Regular Session

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There are 81 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 1Establishing additional dedicated 911 fee02/08/17
SB 14Authorizing county commissions to impose surcharge on residential property owners for trash collection02/08/17
SB 30Allowing local governments to lower personal property tax by imposing local sales tax02/08/17
SB 35Modifying funding assistance from Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority02/08/17
SB 39Requiring BRIM cover volunteer workers and student teachers02/13/17
SB 48Including rebuttable presumptions in certain cases for firefighters with regard to workers' compensation02/08/17
SB 52Authorizing county commissions to approve, modify or disapprove local boards of health policies02/08/17
SB 59Including rebuttable presumptions in certain cases for firefighters with regard to workers' compensation02/08/17
SB 65DEP fines against state governmental entities or political subdivisions02/08/17
SB 72Relating to higher education advance allowance accounts02/08/17
SB 75Creating Small Business Regulatory Review Board02/08/17
SB 81Increasing wages of judgment debtor that may be exempt from execution by judgment creditor02/08/17
SB 165Allowing county commissions and municipalities adopt building codes equal to or less stringent than state building code02/08/17
SB 184Transitioning WV School of Osteopathic Medicine to nonprofit corporation02/08/17
SB 195Terminating WV Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners02/08/17
SB 196Terminating WV Massage Therapy Licensure Board02/08/17
SB 203Defining "professional services" with respect to energy saving contracts02/09/17
SB 205Providing deputy shall continue to discharge duties of any principal until successor is elected or appointed02/09/17
SB 211Prohibiting county parks and recreation commissions from promulgating or enforcing rules prohibiting possession of firearms02/09/17
SB 213Requiring WV State Police disciplinary records be retained in perpetuity02/09/17
SB 228Relating to workers compensation disability and death benefits02/09/17
SB 241Creating WV Volunteer Fire and Rescue Act of 201702/10/17
SB 253Relating to licensing requirements for physicians and osteopathic physicians in WV02/10/17
SB 254Terminating WV Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board02/10/17
SB 264Providing salaries of appointed officers be fixed by Governor02/13/17
SB 266Establishing Fleet Management Office within Department of Administration02/13/17
SB 267Requiring agencies in online phone directory update certain employee information02/13/17
SB 269Requiring all executive branch agencies maintain website with specific information02/13/17
SB 284Relating to issuance of registration plates for governmental vehicles by DMV02/14/17
SB 311Classifying convention and visitor's bureau as public agency02/14/17
SB 328Allowing surcharge for certain fire-related cleanup and demolition02/15/17
SB 351Relating to emergency medical services02/22/17
SB 352Allowing utility consumers use consumer protection laws when questioning billing issues02/20/17
SB 367Creating Fleet Management Office02/21/17
SB 372Prohibiting request of employee wage verification02/21/17
SB 383Prohibiting local government entities from setting prevailing wages02/21/17
SB 405Providing WV Attorney General operate vehicles without "state car" plate02/23/17
SB 425Relating to responsibilities of Herbert Henderson Office of Inclusion02/23/17
SB 449Relating to apportionment of compensation to members of Legislature02/27/17
SB 475Creating incentives for hiring and retaining correctional officers02/28/17
SB 488Relating to Office of Emergency Services03/01/17
SB 502Authorizing WV National Guard contract persons to perform specialized technical services03/03/17
SB 532Requiring correctional officers be paid overtime03/07/17
SB 546Creating emergency text number systems for children03/08/17
SB 550Relating to disposition of vacated school buildings or other state-owned buildings03/08/17
SB 552Authorizing WV Disaster Recovery Board intervene to restore access to private property03/08/17
SB 558Requiring state-owned or -leased vehicles be registered03/08/17
SB 570Allowing State Police Academy expand sale of items from post exchange to general public03/10/17
SB 571Relating generally to certification and qualifications of sanitarians03/10/17
SB 591Requiring emergency service organizations create towing service districts03/13/17
SB 597Relating to procurement of technical infrastructure03/14/17
SB 598Allowing Tax Commissioner perform background investigations on employees and contractors03/14/17
SB 610Requiring certain newly constructed dwellings meet minimum standards for persons with disabilities03/15/17
SB 612Granting county commissions authority to establish vacant building registration programs03/15/17
SB 617Requiring State Road Commission make available state road and highway map online03/15/17
SB 618Allowing continuing education credits for veterinarians03/15/17
SB 619Allowing WV Railroad Maintenance Authority to acquire idled railways properties03/15/17
SB 629Relating to collection of Tier II fees for chemical inventories03/16/17
SB 632Relating to obtaining title to reconstructed vehicle03/17/17
SB 633Creating WV Motorsports Committee03/17/17
SB 638Relating to WV Contractor Licensing Act03/17/17
SB 641Requiring welders meet certain certification requirements and conform to national welding standards03/17/17
SB 642Relating to wages for veterans on state government contracts03/17/17
SB 651Relating to research, development and technology parks03/18/17
SB 657Relating to operation and regulation of certain water and sewer utilities03/18/17
SB 659Enacting Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact03/23/17
SB 665Licensing of athletic trainers03/18/17
SB 676Prohibiting counties from regulating sale and use of fireworks03/20/17
SB 681Requiring DEP work with Tax Commissioner, PSC and county assessors to develop system for verifying production information03/20/17
SB 682Relating to state administration of local sales and use taxes03/20/17
HB 2208Authorizing counties and municipalities to establish a joint airport hazard comprehensive plan03/25/17
HB 2363Requiring that a state employee with a commercial driver’s license have a current medical evaluation certification03/30/17
HB 2515West Virginia Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 201703/27/17
HB 2554West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act03/11/17
HB 2630Authorizing the West Virginia Board of Medicine and the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine to share staff03/06/17
HB 2654Expanding county commissions’ ability to dispose of county or district property03/29/17
HB 2725Restricting the authority of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to regulate the use of commonly available, retail beauty products03/08/17
HB 2840Reorganizing the departments, agencies and commissions within the executive branch of state government03/23/17
HB 2841Requiring board members to have attended a board meeting in order to be compensated for the meeting03/27/17
HB 2852Relating to the preparation of a comprehensive annual financial report03/18/17
HB 3006Exempting certain contracts between the Department of Health and Human Resources and West Virginia University, Marshall University or the School for Osteopathic Medicine from state purchasing requirements04/03/17
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