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There are 43 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 2Providing additional funding for exceptional children with high-cost/high-acuity special needs02/08/17
SB 3Relating generally to truancy intervention02/08/17
SB 6Creating Tim Tebow Act02/08/17
SB 17Relating generally to salary structure for temporary higher education employees 02/13/17
SB 24Creating education expenses tax credits02/08/17
SB 32Increasing high education student success02/08/17
SB 63Requiring school counselors spend all their time on comprehensive school counseling programs02/13/17
SB 68Relating generally to compulsory school attendance and early childhood education programs02/08/17
SB 181Abolishing regional education service agencies02/08/17
SB 200Increasing high-quality educational opportunities within public school system02/13/17
SB 251Creating pilot program for school-based mental and behavioral health services for students and families02/10/17
SB 252Allowing county boards of education and RESA agencies to purchase computer technology from other than statewide contract02/10/17
SB 271Preventing State Board of Education from implementing common core academic standards02/13/17
SB 274Relating to public higher education personnel02/13/17
SB 312Establishing four-year pilot program to have social workers in public schools02/14/17
SB 319Relating to requirements for employing nurses in public schools02/15/17
SB 327Relating to teaching certificates for teachers whose spouses are members of armed forces on active duty stationed in state03/08/17
SB 356Allowing School Building Authority transfer funds to special revenue account in state Treasury02/20/17
SB 394Relating generally to applied associate of science degrees targeting workforce needs02/24/17
SB 420Relating generally to education02/23/17
SB 431Providing ratio of pupils to licensed school psychologist02/24/17
SB 432Requiring proficiency in civics as condition of receiving high school diploma02/24/17
SB 511Relating generally to higher education governance03/03/17
SB 520Relating to in-state resident tuition rates for certain reserve members03/08/17
SB 525Establishing education savings accounts for WV students03/06/17
SB 527Relating to traumatic brain injury03/07/17
SB 528Establishing process to provide student is ineligible for home instruction exemption03/07/17
SB 530Replacing regional education service agencies03/07/17
SB 540Requiring school counselors inform graduating students of student aid availability03/08/17
SB 541Permitting county boards of education post professional personnel job vacancies03/08/17
SB 543Allowing maximum number of pupils exceed up to 5 in certain instances03/08/17
SB 551Limiting School Building Authority's discretion to disburse funds03/08/17
SB 553Providing teachers with 3 percent pay raise03/08/17
SB 626Relating to online posting of required calendar of scheduled activities03/16/17
SB 640Relating to school attendance directors03/17/17
SB 655Adding digital literacy skills to high-quality education standards03/18/17
SB 674Relating to public school support03/20/17
HB 2123Making the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind eligible to participate in any and all funding administered or distributed by the West Virginia School Building Authority03/01/17
HB 2524Improving the focus on school-level continuous improvement processes03/25/17
HB 2571Developing a resource for use by parents to monitor and track deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s expressive and receptive language acquisition03/11/17
HB 2738Providing flexibility in the transfer process of school personnel03/22/17
HB 2763Relating to the approval by the Council for Community and Technical College Education of acquisitions03/28/17
HB 3089Relating to the adoption of instructional resources for use in the public schools03/24/17
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