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There are 173 Bills pending in Senate Judiciary




SB 7Requiring election by division in House of Delegates' districts with two or more delegates02/08/17
SB 8Disclosing contributions during legislative session02/08/17
SB 11Requiring vacancies in certain elected offices be filled by person of same political party which previous officeholder was affiliated at time of election02/08/17
SB 12Changing number of strikes in jury selection for felony cases02/08/17
SB 19Creating WV Freedom of Conscience Protection Act02/08/17
SB 33Changing primary election date02/08/17
SB 44Allowing ballot option to express opposition to all candidates02/13/17
SB 45Establishing Mental Health, Veteran and Service Members Court02/08/17
SB 53Accessing adoption records02/08/17
SB 54Relating to rate of interest allowed for prejudgment and post-judgment interest02/08/17
SB 55Allowing admission of use or nonuse of safety belt in civil actions for damages02/08/17
SB 58Relating to product liability actions02/08/17
SB 64Requiring certain disclosures of election expenditures02/08/17
SB 66Modifying definition of "terrorist act"02/08/17
SB 67Establishing Supreme Court online case management system 02/08/17
SB 70Relating generally to human trafficking02/08/17
SB 71Creating 24/7 Sobriety Program02/08/17
SB 73Permitting employers to have compulsory direct deposit for employees' wages02/08/17
SB 77Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices02/08/17
SB 78Relating to criminal offenses within Uniform Controlled Substances Act02/08/17
SB 79Providing judges flexibility in sentencing drug offenders02/08/17
SB 82Agriculture rule relating to animal disease control02/08/17
SB 83Agriculture rule relating to dangerous wild animals02/08/17
SB 84Agriculture rule relating to livestock care standards02/08/17
SB 85Agriculture rule relating to captive cervids02/08/17
SB 86Board of Architects rule relating to registration of architects02/08/17
SB 87Athletic Commission rule relating to administrative rules of WV State Athletic Commission02/08/17
SB 88Athletic Commission rule relating to mixed martial arts regulations02/08/17
SB 89Auditor rule relating to standards for requisitions for payment issued by state officers on Auditor02/08/17
SB 90Auditor rule relating to procedure for local levying bodies to apply for permission to extend time to meet as levying body02/08/17
SB 91Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to waxing specialists02/08/17
SB 92Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to operation of barber, beauty, nail and aesthetic shops/salons and schools of barbering and beauty culture02/08/17
SB 93Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to continuing education02/08/17
SB 94Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to barber apprenticeships02/08/17
SB 95Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to qualifications, training, examination and certification of instructors in barbering and cosmetology02/08/17
SB 96Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to licensing schools of barbering, cosmetology, nail technology and aesthetics02/08/17
SB 97Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to operational standards for schools of barbering, cosmetology, hair styling, nail technology and aesthetics02/08/17
SB 98Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists rule relating to schedule of fees02/08/17
SB 99Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to marriage and family therapist license renewal and continuing professional education requirements02/08/17
SB 100Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to licensed professional counselor fees02/08/17
SB 101Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to licensed professional counselor license renewal and continuing professional education requirements02/08/17
SB 102Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to marriage and family therapist fees02/08/17
SB 103Dangerous Wild Animal Board rule relating to dangerous wild animals02/08/17
SB 104Board of Dentistry rule relating to board02/08/17
SB 105DEP rule relating to alternative emission limitations during startup, shutdown and maintenance operations02/21/17
SB 106DEP rule relating to various permits02/21/17
SB 107DEP rule relating to permits for construction and modification of major stationary sources for prevention of significant deterioration of air quality02/21/17
SB 108DEP rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sources02/21/17
SB 109DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities02/21/17
SB 110DEP rule relating to emission standards for hazardous air pollutants02/21/17
SB 111DEP rule relating to ambient air quality standards02/21/17
SB 112DEP rule relating to voluntary remediation and redevelopment02/21/17
SB 114Ethics Commission rule relating to private gain02/10/17
SB 115State Fire Marshal rule relating to fireworks and related explosive materials regulation02/15/17
SB 117Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction rule relating to William R. Laird IV Second Chance Driver's License Program02/08/17
SB 118DHHR rule relating to expedited partner therapy02/23/17
SB 119DHHR rule relating to clinical laboratory technician and technologist licensure and certification02/23/17
SB 120DHHR rule relating to clandestine drug laboratory remediation02/23/17
SB 121DHHR rule relating to medication-assisted opioid treatment programs02/23/17
SB 122DHHR rule relating to medication-assisted treatment, office-based medication-assisted treatment02/23/17
SB 123Health Care Authority rule relating to exemption from certificate of need02/23/17
SB 124Health Care Authority rule relating to Rural Health Systems Grant Program02/23/17
SB 126Health Care Authority rule relating to certificate of need02/23/17
SB 128Lottery Commission rule relating to limited video lottery02/14/17
SB 129Board of Medicine rule relating to licensing and disciplinary procedures for physicians and podiatrists02/08/17
SB 130Board of Medicine rule relating to licensure, disciplinary and complaint procedures, continuing education and physicians assistants02/08/17
SB 131Board of Medicine rule relating to dispensing of legend drugs by practitioners02/08/17
SB 132Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training rule relating to certification, recertification and training of EMT-Miners and certification of EMT-M instructors02/16/17
SB 133DNR rule relating to revocation of hunting and fishing licenses02/16/17
SB 135DNR rule relating to special waterfowl hunting02/16/17
SB 136DNR rule relating to commercial sale of wildlife02/16/17
SB 137DNR rule relating to miscellaneous permits and licenses02/16/17
SB 138Board of Optometry rule relating to continuing education02/08/17
SB 139Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to licensing procedures for osteopathic physicians02/08/17
SB 140Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to osteopathic physician assistants02/08/17
SB 141Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacy02/08/17
SB 142Board of Pharmacy rule relating to mail-order and nonresident pharmacies02/08/17
SB 143Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Controlled Substances Monitoring Program02/08/17
SB 144Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to fees for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant02/08/17
SB 145PSC rule relating to telephone conduit occupancy02/08/17
SB 146Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racing02/14/17
SB 147Racing Commission rule relating to pari-mutuel wagering02/14/17
SB 148Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to requirements for registration and licensure and conduct constituting professional misconduct02/08/17
SB 149Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to limited prescriptive authority for advanced practice nurses02/08/17
SB 150BRIM rule relating to mine subsidence insurance02/10/17
SB 152State Board of Sanitarians rule relating to practice of public health sanitation02/08/17
SB 153Secretary of State rule relating to voter registration at DMV02/08/17
SB 154Secretary of State rule relating to voter registration list maintenance 02/08/17
SB 155Board of Social Work Examiners rule relating to continuing education for social workers and providers02/08/17
SB 156Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology rule relating to licensure of speech-pathology and audiology02/08/17
SB 157Treasurer rule relating to procedure for fees in collections by charge, credit or debit card or by electronic payment02/08/17
SB 158Treasurer rule relating to procedures for providing services to political subdivisions02/08/17
SB 159Treasurer rule relating to procedures for deposit of moneys with Treasurer by state agencies02/08/17
SB 160Treasurer rule relating to selection of state depositories for disbursement accounts through competitive bidding02/08/17
SB 161Treasurer rule relating to selection of state depositories for receipt accounts02/08/17
SB 162Treasurer rule relating to procedures for processing payments from State Treasury02/08/17
SB 163Board of Veterinary Medicine rule relating to standards of practice02/08/17
SB 193Prohibiting smoking of tobacco products in motor vehicle when person 16 years old or younger is present03/03/17
SB 194Increasing penalties for shoplifting offenses02/08/17
SB 197Excluding certain medical care amounts from compensatory damage awards02/08/17
SB 207Establishing Mental Health and Military Service Member Court program with Supreme Court of Appeals02/09/17
SB 208Modifying crime of fleeing scene of accident involving injuries02/09/17
SB 218Providing operational requirements for unmanned aircraft systems02/09/17
SB 223Increasing minimum sentence for individuals convicted of manufacturing, delivering or transporting controlled substances in presence of minor02/09/17
SB 226Relating to WV Contraband Forfeiture Act02/09/17
SB 234Authorizing county process servers and court security personnel to carry weapons while on duty02/09/17
SB 244Encouraging and facilitating efficient and economic development of oil and gas resources02/10/17
SB 245Permitting natural gas companies enter private property without prior consent of owner for limited purposes02/10/17
SB 246Implementing water quality standards for drinking water02/10/17
SB 257Relating to Civil Air Patrol leave and protection of employees performing missions02/27/17
SB 270Relating to standards of proof in civil actions02/13/17
SB 277Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals02/13/17
SB 287Relating generally to damages for medical monitoring02/14/17
SB 296Relating generally to human trafficking02/14/17
SB 297Increasing minimum penalty for transportation of Schedule I or II narcotic drug into state02/14/17
SB 313Renaming Court of Claims state Claims Commission02/14/17
SB 315Relating to compensation and expenses for attorneys appointed by circuit courts02/14/17
SB 324Prohibiting Governor and Legislature from administering budget cuts to higher education02/15/17
SB 329Addressing increase of fentanyl, fentanyl derivatives and analogs in state02/16/17
SB 332Requiring DMV refuse motor vehicle registration renewal for failure to pay child support02/16/17
SB 334Creating felony offense of aggravated cruelty to animals02/16/17
SB 336Increasing number of limited video lottery machines retailer may have02/16/17
SB 340Creating offer of settlement02/17/17
SB 342Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuits02/17/17
SB 366Creating West Virginia Second Chance Act02/21/17
SB 373Authorizing medical power of attorney sign binding arbitration agreement with nursing home or assisted living facility02/21/17
SB 379Excluding certain manufacturers and motor vehicles under law regulating motor vehicle dealers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers02/21/17
SB 396Setting forth how minerals are to be valued02/22/17
SB 397Granting immunity to health care providers02/22/17
SB 407Relating to concealed weapons permits02/23/17
SB 408Relating to personnel management of public employees03/23/17
SB 411Relating to prime contractor's responsibility for wages and benefits02/23/17
SB 427Relating to special revenue funds administered by DEP02/24/17
SB 434Relating to WV Insurance Guaranty Association Act03/14/17
SB 447Prohibiting retailers from selling or leasing products without operating digital blocking capability02/27/17
SB 450Relating to class action safeguards02/27/17
SB 451Relating to venue in WV courts as applies to nonresidents02/27/17
SB 463Eliminating WV Supreme Court of Appeals Public Campaign Financing Program02/28/17
SB 470Creating visitation rights for certain great-grandparents02/28/17
SB 489Relating to commencement of civil actions in magistrate court03/01/17
SB 494Relating to runoff elections for judicial offices03/01/17
SB 510Eliminating requirement of no prior or subsequent conviction in order to have criminal conviction expunged03/03/17
SB 512Requiring disclosure of attorney source payment in certain administrative hearings03/03/17
SB 517Permitting ABCC appointees or employees carry firearms after completing training03/06/17
SB 519Amending WV Nurse Overtime and Patient Safety Act03/09/17
SB 544Relating to use of aftermarket automobile crash parts03/08/17
SB 545Increasing penalties for malicious assault, unlawful assault and assault on law-enforcement officer03/08/17
SB 556Relating to Consumer Credit and Protection Act03/08/17
SB 560Creating medical malpractice peer review panel by Board of Medicine03/27/17
SB 568Establishing penalties for filing false claims by doctors or lawyers for disability benefits03/09/17
SB 574Relating generally to trusts and administration03/10/17
SB 584Creating independent redistricting commission with certain requirements03/11/17
SB 587Relating to dangerous weapons03/13/17
SB 592Providing independent redistricting commission propose redistricting plans during census years03/13/17
SB 599Requiring transfer of juvenile to correctional facility or regional jail on age 1803/14/17
SB 605Establishing election procedure for all members of State Board of Education03/15/17
SB 607Allowing use of larger horsepower boats on limited horsepower lakes03/15/17
SB 615Limiting number of days legislative members receive compensation during extended and extraordinary session03/15/17
SB 616Limiting recoverable damages when patient transferred from one health care facility to another03/15/17
SB 639Expanding definition of deductions under Wage Payment and Collection Act03/17/17
SB 649Requiring presuit mediation for civil actions filed in court03/18/17
SB 650Requiring photo identification on voter registration cards03/18/17
SB 653Relating to compensation of members of Legislature03/18/17
SB 666Correcting code regarding handgun safety03/18/17
SB 668Defining crime of filing fraudulent claim against doctor03/18/17
SB 673Providing procedure for WV to select delegates to Article V convention03/27/17
SB 675Providing rule-making authority to Board of Licensed Practical Nurses03/20/17
SB 680Permitting surface owners seek damages from oil and gas operations03/20/17
HB 2465Modifying the requirements that allow a child witness to testify by closed circuit television02/24/17
HB 2483Requiring the Division of Juvenile Services to transfer to a correctional facility or regional jail any juvenile in its custody that has been transferred to adult jurisdiction of the circuit court and who reaches his or her eighteenth birthday03/30/17
HB 2794Relating to the means of giving notice to a debt collector of a consumer’s representation by legal counsel03/29/17
HB 2798Clarifying provisions relating to candidates unaffiliated with a political party03/22/17
HB 2966Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission03/28/17
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