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Bill Status - 2017 Regular Session

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There are 43 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 21Relating to care of aborted fetuses02/08/17
SB 23Relating generally to midwifery02/08/17
SB 31Prohibiting abortion coverage in qualified health plans02/08/17
SB 46Excluding mobile x-ray services from health care provider tax02/08/17
SB 47Exempting certain employers from discriminating against tobacco users02/08/17
SB 51Requiring patient notification when mammogram indicates dense breast tissue02/08/17
SB 175Relating to direct primary care02/08/17
SB 177Repealing article relating to prenatal examination02/13/17
SB 189Establishing that shared legal and physical custody of child in divorce cases is in best interest of child02/08/17
SB 201Exploring potential sale, renovation or leasing of certain state-owned health care facilities02/09/17
SB 250Establishing tax credit for certain physicians who locate in WV to practice02/10/17
SB 317Authorizing family court judge to order substance abuse counseling of child in emergency situations02/14/17
SB 318Offering flu immunizations to patients 65 or older in specific facilities02/15/17
SB 359Allowing exemptions from mandated immunizations02/21/17
SB 361Allowing exemptions from certificate of need to develop and operate nursing home in county without skilled nursing facility02/21/17
SB 385Relating to tax on bottled soft drinks02/21/17
SB 387Creating Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund Act02/22/17
SB 389Creating exemption from certificate of need for services and equipment purchased for use in private physician offices02/22/17
SB 390Relating to practice of medicine and telemedicine02/22/17
SB 391Establishing call-in center for Bureau for Public Health for state residents to receive assistance with health care02/22/17
SB 395Relating to WV Health Care Authority02/22/17
SB 418Relating to Comprehensive Substance Use Reduction Act02/23/17
SB 422Relating to Uniform Controlled Substances Act02/23/17
SB 424Relating generally to requirements and provisions for notice of requested abortions02/23/17
SB 430Relating to hospital open meetings02/24/17
SB 435Relating to Youth Mental Health Protection Act03/23/17
SB 457Eliminating WV Health Care Authority02/27/17
SB 537Relating to exemptions from mandated immunizations03/24/17
SB 569Creating Office of Rural Health within Center for Rural Health Development, Inc.03/09/17
SB 596Creating WV Counseling Protection Act03/13/17
SB 600Relating generally to accredited academic hospitals03/14/17
SB 652Requiring mental hygiene commissioner be on call03/18/17
SB 654Enacting Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act03/18/17
SB 660Relating to access to controlled substance monitoring03/18/17
SB 670Establishing WV Advisory Council on Rare Diseases03/20/17
SB 672Prohibiting persons under 18 from using tanning device03/20/17
HB 2376Relating to the organizational structure of state government03/29/17
HB 2540Permitting a person to practice certain professions for limited time for a charitable function03/10/17
HB 2618Relating to body mass index03/16/17
HB 2808The West Virginia Assisted Outpatient Treatment Act03/24/17
HB 2827Updating the all payor claims database03/23/17
HB 3009Relating to access by the Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification to the Controlled Substances Monitoring Program database03/24/17
HB 3028Relating to the Comprehensive Substance Use Reduction Act03/28/17
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