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There are 189 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 162Establishing Summer Feeding for All Program02/28/24
SB 176Relating to permissible expenditures by Water Development Authority from Infrastructure Fund01/15/24
SB 188Mountain Homes Act03/05/24
SB 225Establishing revocation of authority for spending by agency in support of challenge to WV law02/26/24
SB 351Expanding the definition of "small arms" for purposes of taxation02/13/24
SB 562Expanding employment and training requirements necessary for SNAP benefits02/26/24
SB 618Authorizing Division of Forestry to administer certain exchange program02/29/24
SB 620Establishing WV Mothers and Babies Pregnancy Support Program02/15/24
SB 669Relating to county economic opportunity development districts02/19/24
SB 686Prohibiting actions for damages or attorney’s fees in cases involving Board of Risk and Insurance Management02/29/24
SB 742Updating retirement eligibility for certain sheriffs02/26/24
SB 760Modifying length of service for certain employees to obtain credit for retirement02/26/24
SB 815Requiring annual analysis of contracts from DHS and Bureau for Social Services02/26/24
SB 848Creating special revenue account within Department of Health02/27/24
HB 4002Providing any employee working 20 hours or more per week in a licensed child care center or certified family child care (FCC) home is eligible for a child care subsidy, regardless of their household income02/16/24
HB 4015Eliminate sales tax on Professional Employment Organization’s administration fees01/10/24
HB 4181Providing tax credits to provide vehicles to certain persons01/10/24
HB 4195Relating to reporting requirements under the Grant Transparency and Accountability Act01/24/24
HB 4201To provide for the creation of an “EV Manufacturers Investment Credit.” 02/08/24
HB 4202Raising salaries for school service personnel02/08/24
HB 4208Granting tax credits for parents and legal guardians whose children are in a home schooling program or private school01/10/24
HB 4214Relating to hiring new West Virginia State Police Officers01/31/24
HB 4226Relating to providing a cap on property taxes01/10/24
HB 4245The Young Professional Tax Credits01/10/24
HB 4249To clarify that municipal B and O taxes shall only apply to the owner of a contract, and not to subcontractors on a project01/31/24
HB 4263Modifying the definitions and pay grades of certain school cafeteria personnel01/26/24
HB 4280Relating to tax credit for disabled veterans for lifetime hunting, trapping and fishing license02/01/24
HB 4284Allowing for a paid commission for sheriffs01/10/24
HB 4289To establish an auto-renewal licensing program that is eligible for discounts on licensing fees02/08/24
HB 4307Authorizing Division of Highways transfer of spending authority between appropriations01/10/24
HB 4309Provide volunteer firemen free license plates and vehicle registration01/26/24
HB 4312To provide for a pay raise for staff at correctional institutions01/10/24
HB 4318Exempting social security benefits from personal income tax01/10/24
HB 4323Removing certain deductions for modification of social security income in adjusted gross income01/10/24
HB 4331To allow money paid to state employees to go to their estate if they pass away before their retirement date01/26/24
HB 4341Establishing a State Military Funeral Honor Guard in honor of Hershel “Woody” Williams, known as the Hershel “Woody” Williams State Military Funeral Honor Guard02/08/24
HB 4353To exempt daylight fluorescent outer garments from sales01/10/24
HB 4366Abolishing the Personal Income Tax01/10/24
HB 4372To increase the 35 year limit on interval pay raises for teachers to 40 years02/08/24
HB 4373Increasing the Homestead Property Tax Exemption01/10/24
HB 4380Provide that you can make monthly payments on property taxes01/10/24
HB 4391Funding EMS and School Resource Officers through marijuana tax01/10/24
HB 4397Exempt non-profits from certain road sign fees01/10/24
HB 4402To remove the taxation on burials, funerals and cremation01/10/24
HB 4406To provide that the first $100K made jointly or the first $50K filing single is exempt from the tax on social security01/10/24
HB 4407Limiting the imposition of municipal business and occupation taxes01/10/24
HB 4440Modify how sales tax is collected on seller financed vehicle transactions01/10/24
HB 4444To reduce the personal income tax to zero for those who make $80,000 per year or less01/10/24
HB 4452Relating to “unencumbered” special revenue accounts to be surrendered to general revenue under certain circumstances01/10/24
HB 4462Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities generally, restoring distribution to the West Virginia Infrastructure Fund to 2013 rates and decreasing the funds available for grants therefrom01/10/24
HB 4474Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax01/10/24
HB 4482Relating to Good Samaritan Food Donation Act01/10/24
HB 4486Providing tax credits for expenditures related to the establishment and operation of employer-provided child-care facilities01/10/24
HB 4499Requiring 50 percent of all reappropriated revenue accounts to be surrendered to general revenue01/10/24
HB 4521Remove sales tax on gun safes and certain firearm safety devices01/10/24
HB 4523Relating to allowing a personal income tax exemption for First Responders01/10/24
HB 4527To implement a Property Tax Poverty Exemption - School Excess Levy01/10/24
HB 4535Provide valuation limitations to the Tax Commissioner for coal properties and to clarify the penalty for non-filers02/08/24
HB 4550Eliminating the requirement that the apprenticeship training tax credit base be limited to wages paid to apprentices in the construction trades01/10/24
HB 4556Require all tax assessments be done on a periodic schedule01/10/24
HB 4568To exempt the full amount of social security benefits from personal income tax01/10/24
HB 4569Exempting from the sales tax all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles used as farm equipment02/08/24
HB 4597To reduce the personal income tax to zero for those who make $60,000 per year or less.01/11/24
HB 4600Repeal domestic animal tax01/11/24
HB 4614Relating to tax reductions and other aid 01/11/24
HB 4626Repeal of authority granted to municipalities to levy business and occupation or privilege tax01/11/24
HB 4657Constitutional Officer Housing allowance01/12/24
HB 4662Relating to withholding tax on income of nonresidents from natural resources royalty payments01/12/24
HB 4668Adding Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees who work at institutions managed by the Commissioner to the Survivor Benefits Act02/16/24
HB 4678Child care expense tax credit01/12/24
HB 4685Exempting motor vehicles from personal property tax01/12/24
HB 4696Relating generally to the West Virginia State Athletic Commission02/08/24
HB 4698Relating to who may diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder as a compensable injury or disease under workers compensation02/16/24
HB 4703Relating to vehicles exempt from payment of registration fees for certain veterans02/08/24
HB 4705Relating to the consumers sales and service tax and returning the refundable exemption for sales of construction and maintenance materials acquired by a second party for use in Division of Highways projects02/22/24
HB 4707Relating to the management of personal service appropriations for vacant positions02/06/24
HB 4710Limit property tax increases on certain individuals01/15/24
HB 4720Tuition and fee exemptions for service-connected Disabled Veterans and their dependents.02/08/24
HB 4723To reduce the business license fee for WV Volunteer Fire Departments to $25001/26/24
HB 4760Establishing salaries for the Secretaries of the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Health Facilities01/15/24
HB 4763Establishing the behavioral health workforce education initiative at the Higher Education Policy Commission02/08/24
HB 4767Relating to WV teaching salaries 02/08/24
HB 4771Repealing section of code authorizing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles01/16/24
HB 4772Providing guidelines for the West Virginia Parkways Authority to cease tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike upon completion of all bond payments01/26/24
HB 4787Relating to fees collected and deposited into the Affordable Housing Fund01/16/24
HB 4794Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Hygiene and Infant Products 01/16/24
HB 4797Relating to reimbursement for child-care based upon enrollment02/16/24
HB 4811Small Business Investment Grant Fund01/16/24
HB 4826Repeal municipal amusement tax01/16/24
HB 4828Relating to limiting the personal income tax01/17/24
HB 4852Eliminate double taxation on foreign income at the state level01/17/24
HB 4859Creating a new property tax category for short-term rentals.01/17/24
HB 4865To amend the senior citizen tax credit threshold.01/17/24
HB 4870To create an influx into the courthouse improvement fund to allow counties to apply for grants to improve their courthouse facilities.01/17/24
HB 4879Providing for a child and dependent care credit against the personal income tax01/17/24
HB 4890To eliminate additional fee from the WVDMV for honorably discharged veterans for “Veteran” vehicle registration plate02/16/24
HB 4901To exempt the first $20,000 of earnings from the state income tax for West Virginia residents01/18/24
HB 4902To provide a raise for special education aides, as well as a raise for self-contained special education teachers.02/22/24
HB 4905Relating to the Tourism and Commercial Opportunity Zone Tax and Tax Credit Act01/31/24
HB 4947Creating the “First Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act”01/31/24
HB 4961To create the Substance Abuse Recovery Tax Credit02/08/24
HB 4983To fund the Tobacco Use Cessation Initiative.01/31/24
HB 4985Relating to Securities Restitution Assistance Fund02/05/24
HB 4989To increase the tax rate on nonresidents by 1.5%01/22/24
HB 5027Relating to State-funded institutions to purchase food from in-state sources02/08/24
HB 5029To create a tuition reimbursement program for Corrections employees.02/02/24
HB 5034To provide a reduction of the tax for companies who have 75% or more of their workforce as West Virginia residents01/23/24
HB 5049Relating to exemptions from excise taxes01/23/24
HB 5051Provide a tax credit to for-profit and nonprofit corporations to encourage the continued operation of child-care facilities for the benefit of their employees02/02/24
HB 5052Increase the tax credit for employers providing child care for employees.02/02/24
HB 5069Move marina gas tax proceeds to DNR Law enforcement division01/25/24
HB 5072To require drones used by state and county personnel to be produced in the United States02/08/24
HB 5078To include Salem University in programs wherein the Promise Scholarship is accepted02/02/24
HB 5085To provide a tax credit for businesses who utilize recycling programs or recycling facilities01/25/24
HB 5087To allow Tier II teachers to be able to bank unused sick time towards retirement. 02/14/24
HB 5103Relating to payment for EMS treatment without transport02/16/24
HB 5147To quantify fair workman compensation rates and more equitable method of tracking/billing for various classifications within volunteer fire departments and emergency rescue personnel02/16/24
HB 5182Relating to receipts for payment of personal income taxes and the requirement thereof for annual renewal of vehicular registration01/30/24
HB 5197To make school resource officers (“SROs”) part of the school funding formula01/25/24
HB 5205Increasing the amount of the senior citizens' tax credit for property tax paid01/25/24
HB 5209Relating to requiring the Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification to inspect office-based medication-assisted treatment programs at least every 24 months.01/26/24
HB 5214Relating to payment of property taxes by co-owner or other intersted party limited to their interest01/26/24
HB 5242Provide state employees who are volunteer emergency personnel paid leave for emergencies01/26/24
HB 5253Relating to transition the Medicaid long-term care program to a managed care system. 02/09/24
HB 5258Incentivizing the Sale of Healthy, Local Produce01/29/24
HB 5276Relating to the amount of unemployment taxes and benefits01/29/24
HB 5285Removing proviso for unemployment compensation “Threshold wage”01/29/24
HB 5293Relating to establishing a pilot program to develop a childcare program where the state, employer, and employee, contribute one-third of the total cost each.02/02/24
HB 5296To exempt wage income earned from overtime for a period of three years01/29/24
HB 5301To mandate county boards of education to provide feminine hygiene products in all public elementary, middle, and high schools for female students01/29/24
HB 5304Creating the Small Business Payroll Tax Credit02/07/24
HB 5311Establishing tax treatment of real property owned by another state government 02/15/24
HB 5324Relating to using reappropriated funds from “Personal Services” to offer tuition reimbursement to professional new hires 01/29/24
HB 5374Creating the Strong Family Tax Credit01/31/24
HB 5392To reduce West Virginia sales tax on gasoline and diesel to zero, and make up difference with increase in sales tax equivalent to rate of tax01/31/24
HB 5403To place a $1.00 charge on Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and all like services with the proceeds to be disbursed to the WVDOH and equally applied to each Counties Annual Budget. 02/01/24
HB 5424Relating to eligibility for and amount of unemployment benefits02/02/24
HB 5447Supplementing and amending appropriations to the State Board of Education, School Building Authority02/05/24
HB 5448Supplementing and amending appropriations to the West Virginia Economic Development Authority02/05/24
HB 5450Supplementing and amending appropriations to Fairmont State University02/05/24
HB 5451Expiring funds to the General Revenue Surplus from Personal Income Tax Reserve Fund02/05/24
HB 5452Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Department of Administration, Public Defender Services02/05/24
HB 5454Supplementing and amending appropriations to Division of Environmental Protection02/05/24
HB 5456Expiring funds from the Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to the General Revenue02/05/24
HB 5459Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Executive, Governor’s Office02/05/24
HB 5460Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Commerce, Division of Forestry and Geological Economic Survey02/05/24
HB 5461Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Veterans' Assistance02/05/24
HB 5462Supplementing and amending the approriations to the Division of Culture and History02/05/24
HB 5463Supplementing and amending appropriations to the State Department of Education02/05/24
HB 5464Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Department of Economic Development, Office of the Secretary02/05/24
HB 5465Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Department of Commerce, Office of the Secretary02/05/24
HB 5466Supplementing and amending the appropriation to the Department of Administration, Division of Finance02/05/24
HB 5467Supplementing and amending approriations to the Civil Contingent Fund02/05/24
HB 5468Supplementing and amending appropriations to Adjutant General02/05/24
HB 5469Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Higher Education Policy Commission, Administration, Control Account02/05/24
HB 5472Supplementing and amending appropriations to the West Virginia Office of Tax Appeals02/05/24
HB 5473Supplementing and appropriating appropriations to the State Board of Education - Aid for Exceptional Children02/05/24
HB 5474Making a supplemental appropriation to the Hospital Finance Authority02/05/24
HB 5475Making a supplemental appropriation to the School Building Authority – School Construction Fund02/05/24
HB 5476Making a supplemental appropriation to the Division of Health – Consolidated Medical Service Fund02/05/24
HB 5477Making supplemental appropriations to the Division of Natural Resources02/05/24
HB 5478Making supplemental appropriations of federal funds to the Division of Human Services02/05/24
HB 5479Making a supplementary appropriation to the Division of Human Services02/05/24
HB 5480Making a supplental appropration to the Division of Human Services - Child Support Enforcement Fund02/05/24
HB 5483Appropriating $100,000 to Texas for the purpose of acquiring more razor wire 02/06/24
HB 5485Relating to ensuring the $1 service fee for the renewal of vehicle registration is dedicated to the county sheriff for contribution to the county general fund and the deputy sheriff’s retirement system. 02/06/24
HB 5492Making a supplementary appropriation to the Division of Emergency Management02/06/24
HB 5493Making a supplemental appropriation to the West Virginia State Police02/06/24
HB 5494Making supplemental appropriations to the Public Service Commission02/06/24
HB 5495Making a supplemental appropriation to Division of Health – Laboratory Services Fund02/06/24
HB 5496Making a supplemental appropriation to the Department of Agriculture - Agriculture Fees Fund02/06/24
HB 5497Making supplemental appropriations to the Public Service Commission02/06/24
HB 5498Making a supplemental appropriation to the Department of Agriculture - West Virginia Spay Neuter Assistance Fund02/06/24
HB 5499Making a supplemental appropriation to the Department of Arts, Culture and History - National Coal Heritage Area Authority02/06/24
HB 5500Making a supplementary appropriation to the State Board of Education – Aid for Exceptional Children02/06/24
HB 5501Making a supplemental appropriation of federal funds to the Department of Agriculture02/06/24
HB 5504To make it explicit that both the lottery fund and the excess lottery fund can be utilized for early childhood education throughout West Virginia02/07/24
HB 5508Relating to requiring certain transfers and disbursement of funds02/07/24
HB 5522Relating to providing a credit against the business and occupation tax imposed on coal-fired electric generating units to help off-set environmental compliance costs02/14/24
HB 5535Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act02/09/24
HB 5537Relating to sheriff’s commission for collection of taxes02/09/24
HB 5542To allow for a full rebate for the amount of taxes paid for aircraft.02/09/24
HB 5547Permit blighted building renovation be eligible for a tax credit02/09/24
HB 5607Relating to public charter school’s application for funding. 02/15/24
HB 5630Requiring that county assessors send out notice to taxpayers when their property tax increases02/12/24
HB 5652Providing a statutory program for loaning financial assistance to local airports for airplane hangar construction in this State02/13/24
HB 5684Mandating all Medicaid services in West Virginia be delivered in West Virginia02/13/24
HB 5692Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Veterans‘ Assistance, Veterans’ Facilities02/19/24
HB 5693Making a supplementary appropriation of federal funds to the Department of Commerce, Geological and Economic Survey02/19/24
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