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There are 198 Bills pending in Senate Judiciary




SB 3Providing for sunset of administrative rules under Administrative Procedures Act01/13/16
SB 4Requiring legislative members disclose contributions and fundraising events while in session01/13/16
SB 5Requiring voters provide photo ID when voting01/13/16
SB 8Clarifying powers of Attorney General in contingency fee arrangements or contracts with outside attorneys01/13/16
SB 9Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals01/13/16
SB 11WV Freedom of Conscience Protection Act01/13/16
SB 28County commission and municipality agreements in demolishing buildings unfit for habitation01/25/16
SB 30Correcting code reference regarding carry concealed requirements01/13/16
SB 31Prohibiting impersonation of representative of Commission on Special Investigations01/13/16
SB 33Increasing penalty for illegally transporting narcotics into state01/13/16
SB 34Limiting liability of state, county and municipal parks and recreation entities and private landowners under certain agreements01/13/16
SB 41Modifying essential elements of sexual assault offenses01/13/16
SB 50Clarifying certain nonprofit-owned hospitals may have only one governing body02/10/16
SB 52Modifying requirements for child witness to testify by closed circuit television01/13/16
SB 53Changing number of juror strikes in felony cases01/13/16
SB 84Revising definition of "obscene matter"01/13/16
SB 85Requiring judicial circuits and counties to have special advocates for children in abuse and neglect proceedings01/13/16
SB 93Requiring real property seller satisfy unpaid charges owed to county and municipality upon closing01/13/16
SB 99Court-appointed attorneys' compensation and expenses in child abuse and neglect cases01/13/16
SB 108Requiring election by divisions in House of Delegate districts with two or more delegates01/13/16
SB 110Disqualifying CDL for conviction of DUI01/13/16
SB 111Prohibiting discrimination based on age or sexual orientation01/13/16
SB 117Creating preference for current limited video lottery permit holders in bid process01/13/16
SB 119Relating generally to criminal conviction expungements01/13/16
SB 127Grandparents' rights in child custody cases01/13/16
SB 129Providing state agency administrative hearing examiners be chosen from panel of 5 examiners01/13/16
SB 132Requiring municipal police officers wear armored vests when feasible01/25/16
SB 144Allowing law enforcement collect DNA samples from arrestees for certain criminal offenses01/13/16
SB 148Board of Accountancy rules and rules of professional conduct02/02/16
SB 149Department of Administration rule relating to purchasing division01/13/16
SB 151Department of Agriculture rule relating to inspection of nontraditional domesticated animals02/02/16
SB 152Department of Agriculture rule relating to poultry litter and manure movement 02/02/16
SB 153Department of Agriculture rule relating to livestock care standards02/02/16
SB 154Department of Agriculture rule relating to captive cervid farming02/02/16
SB 155Alcohol Beverage Control Commission rule relating to private club licensing01/20/16
SB 156Alcohol Beverage Control Commission rule relating to distilleries and mini-distilleries01/20/16
SB 158State Conservation Committee rule relating to WV Conservation Agency financial assistance program02/02/16
SB 160Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to license renewal and professional education requirements02/02/16
SB 161Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to marriage and family therapists licensing02/02/16
SB 162Board of Examiners in Counseling rule relating to marriage and family license renewal and continuing professional education requirements02/02/16
SB 163CPRB rule relating to benefit determination and appeal01/28/16
SB 164CPRB rule relating to Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System01/28/16
SB 165CPRB rule relating to Teachers Retirement System01/28/16
SB 166CPRB rule relating to refund, reinstatement, retroactive service, loan and correction of error interest factors01/28/16
SB 167CPRB rule relating to service credit for accrued and unused sick leave01/28/16
SB 168CPRB rule relating to WV State Police01/28/16
SB 169CPRB rule relating to Deputy Sheriff Retirement System01/28/16
SB 170Board of Dental Examiners rule relating to continuing education requirements02/02/16
SB 171Board of Dental Examiners rule relating to duties of dental hygienists and dental assistants02/02/16
SB 172DEP, Air Quality rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sources01/20/16
SB 173DEP, Air Quality rule relating to control of air pollution from combustion of solid waste01/20/16
SB 174DEP, Air Quality rule relating to control of pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities01/20/16
SB 175DEP, Air Quality rule relating to emission standards for hazardous air pollutants01/20/16
SB 176DEP, Air Quality rule relating to control of annual nitrogen oxide emissions01/20/16
SB 177DEP, Air Quality rule relating to control of ozone season nitrogen oxides emissions01/27/16
SB 178DEP, Air Quality rule relating to control of annual sulfur dioxide emissions01/27/16
SB 179DEP, Oil and Gas rule relating to horizontal well development02/17/16
SB 180DEP, Water and Waste Management rule relating to requirements governing water quality standards02/19/16
SB 181DEP, Water and Waste Management rule relating to aboveground storage tanks02/04/16
SB 182DEP, Water and Waste Management rule relating to surface mining reclamation01/29/16
SB 183DEP, Water and Waste Management rule relating to administrative proceedings and civil penalty assessment01/29/16
SB 184DEP, Water and Waste Management rule relating to aboveground storage tank fee assessments02/03/16
SB 185DEP, Water and Waste Management rule relating to aboveground storage tank administrative proceedings and civil penalty assessment01/29/16
SB 186DHHR rule relating to emergency medical leave01/21/16
SB 187DHHR rule relating to fees for service01/21/16
SB 188DHHR rule relating to infectious medical waste01/21/16
SB 189DHHR rule relating to AIDS-related medical testing and confidentiality01/21/16
SB 190DHHR rule relating to tuberculosis testing, control, treatment and commitment01/21/16
SB 191DHHR rule relating to farmers market vendors01/21/16
SB 192DHHR rule relating to certification of opioid overdose prevention and treatment training programs01/21/16
SB 193DHHR rule relating to chronic pain management licensure01/21/16
SB 194DHHR rule relating to neonatal abstinence centers01/21/16
SB 196DHHR rule relating to child-care licensing requirements01/21/16
SB 197DHHR rule relating to family child-care facility licensing requirements01/21/16
SB 198DHHR rule relating to family child-care home registration requirements01/21/16
SB 199DHHR rule relating to WV Works Program sanctions01/21/16
SB 200DHHR rule relating to qualifications for restricted provisional license to practice as social worker within department01/21/16
SB 201DHHR rule relating to goals for foster children01/21/16
SB 203DNR rule relating to general hunting01/26/16
SB 204DNR rule relating to deer hunting01/26/16
SB 205DNR rule relating to wild boar hunting01/26/16
SB 206DNR rule relating to elk restoration and management01/26/16
SB 207State Election Commission rule relating to regulation of campaign finance02/02/16
SB 208State Election Commission rule relating to Supreme Court of Appeals public campaign financing program02/02/16
SB 209State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers rule relating to examination, licensure and practice of professional engineers02/02/16
SB 210Ethics Commission rule relating to public use of names or likenesses01/13/16
SB 211State Fire Commission rule relating to fire code01/13/16
SB 212State Fire Commission rule relating to state building code01/13/16
SB 213State Fire Commission rule relating to standards for certification of continuing education of municipal, county and other public sector building code officials, inspectors and plans examiners01/13/16
SB 214Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction rule relating to law-enforcement training and certification standards02/02/16
SB 215DOH rule relating to state transportation infrastructure fund program01/27/16
SB 217Division of Labor rule relating to wage payment and collection01/26/16
SB 219Division of Labor rule relating to Elevator Safety Act01/26/16
SB 220Division of Labor rule relating to licensing of elevator mechanics and registration of apprentices01/26/16
SB 221Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners rule relating to board02/02/16
SB 222Workforce West Virginia rule relating to Prevailing Wage Act01/26/16
SB 223Board of Medicine rule relating to establishment and regulation of limited license to practice medicine and surgery at certain state veterans nursing home facilities02/02/16
SB 224Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training rule relating to substance abuse screening standards and procedures01/26/16
SB 225Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board rule relating to nursing home administrators02/02/16
SB 226Division of Personnel rule relating to administrative rule of Division of Personnel01/13/16
SB 227Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacy02/02/16
SB 228Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Uniform Controlled Substances Act02/02/16
SB 229Board of Pharmacy rule relating to recordkeeping and automated data processing systems02/02/16
SB 230Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure of wholesale drug distributors, third-party logistics providers and manufacturers02/02/16
SB 231Property Valuation and Procedures Commission rule relating to tax map sales02/02/16
SB 232Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racing01/20/16
SB 233Racing Commission rule relating to pari-mutuel wagering01/20/16
SB 234Board of Social Work rule relating to qualifications for profession of social work02/02/16
SB 235Secretary of State rule relating to registration forms and receipts02/02/16
SB 236Secretary of State rule relating to elimination of precinct registration books02/02/16
SB 237Secretary of State rule relating to absentee voting by military voters of reserve units called to active duty02/02/16
SB 238Secretary of State rule relating to FOIA database02/02/16
SB 239Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology rule relating to licensure of speech pathology and audiology02/02/16
SB 240Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology rule relating to speech-language pathology and audiology assistants02/02/16
SB 241Department of Tax and Revenue rule relating to payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer01/20/16
SB 242Department of Tax and Revenue rule relating to certain exchange of information agreement 01/20/16
SB 243DOT rule relating to rail-fixed guideway systems to state safety oversight01/27/16
SB 244Department of Veterans' Assistance rule relating to state home for veterans01/13/16
SB 245Department of Veterans' Assistance rule relating to VA headstones or markers01/13/16
SB 249Providing an exception to prohibition of possession of deadly weapon on primary or secondary education facility01/13/16
SB 250Excluding obligation to make required payments from provisions of consumer credit and protection act01/13/16
SB 255Permitting creditor to collect and recover from consumer creditor's reasonable expenses01/13/16
SB 257Requiring Bureau of Child Support Enforcement to appear in every case involving an issue of setting child support01/13/16
SB 258Adopting clear and convincing evidence standard under the WV contraband forfeiture act01/13/16
SB 264Modifying definition of "division" in Performance Review Act01/13/16
SB 277Adding definition and increasing criminal penalties for certain assaults and batteries01/14/16
SB 289Including intimidation of public official or employee in definition of "terrorist act"01/14/16
SB 294Allowing employers have compulsory direct deposit of wages01/14/16
SB 295Abolishing tort of outrage01/14/16
SB 296Excluding amounts claimant would not pay from compensatory damages awarded for medical expenses01/15/16
SB 301Changing amounts of prejudgment and post-judgment interest01/15/16
SB 302Limiting products liability actions 01/15/16
SB 305Requiring Administration Office of Supreme Court of Appeals file annual report01/15/16
SB 310Limiting disclosure of certain public records01/15/16
SB 314Amending requirements for carrying concealed weapon or deadly weapon for defense purposes01/19/16
SB 319Permitting temporary delegation of certain custodial powers by parent or guardian01/19/16
SB 362Increasing criminal penalties for financial exploitation of elderly person01/21/16
SB 366Prohibiting lobbyists from contributing funds to individuals running for election01/21/16
SB 367Prohibiting sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of school01/21/16
SB 368Establishing criminal offense of disturbing peace01/21/16
SB 374Permitting farm winery supply wine it produces directly to customers01/25/16
SB 388Creating criminal offenses relating to money laundering01/26/16
SB 389Reducing certain penalties for offenses not resulting in illegal killing of bear02/04/16
SB 391Creating additional penalty for use of firearm in furtherance of drug offense01/26/16
SB 393Eliminating fees charged to consumers for security freeze placed on credit report01/27/16
SB 394Creating felony crime of prohibited sexual contact by psychotherapist02/09/16
SB 396Preventing waste of oil and gas02/11/16
SB 405Creating felony offense of conspiracy in violation of Uniform Controlled Substances Act01/27/16
SB 408Relating to regulation and control of elections01/27/16
SB 410Creating Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act01/27/16
SB 412Preventing disqualification from unemployment benefits due to domestic violence01/28/16
SB 413Relating to unattended motor vehicles 01/28/16
SB 425Expanding definition of underground facility in One-Call System Act02/05/16
SB 460Repealing regulation of opioid treatment programs and creating licenses for all medication-assisted programs03/01/16
SB 466Providing medical records must be produced without court order in certain circumstances02/02/16
SB 472Providing communication by lender or debt collector is not violation of WV Computer Crime and Abuse Act02/09/16
SB 473Repealing prohibition of disposal of certain electronic devices in landfills02/02/16
SB 479Increasing penalties for transportation of narcotics and controlled substances into state02/02/16
SB 482Creating felony crime of strangulation02/02/16
SB 486Relating to licensure of behavioral health centers02/03/16
SB 491Providing contract which restrains lawful profession, trade or business is void02/03/16
SB 495Allowing military personnel additional 5-year period to enter upon or recover land02/03/16
SB 496Creating 24/7 Sobriety Program administered by Attorney General02/03/16
SB 497Banning and providing for criminal penalties for manufacture of powdered alcohol02/03/16
SB 540Providing civil immunity to company insurance adjusters02/06/16
SB 546Relating generally to Public Defender Services02/11/16
SB 547Adjusting limits on consumer loans for which finance charges can be imposed02/16/16
SB 556Providing owner of conservation easement be given right of first refusal to purchase land02/08/16
SB 560Permitting operation of unmanned aircraft system02/10/16
SB 571Prohibiting abortion coverage in qualified health care plans02/10/16
SB 576Requiring payment of funds due in partition suits of oil and gas interests02/10/16
SB 577Permitting surface owners purchase mineral interests02/10/16
SB 600Requiring vacancies in certain elected offices be filled by person of same political party as person vacating office at time of election or appointment02/15/16
SB 612Limiting charges secured lender may recover from borrower on default02/17/16
SB 624Creating felony offenses and penalties for human trafficking02/18/16
SB 639Requiring disclosure of dark money political expenditures02/20/16
SB 645Classifying Convention and Visitor's Bureau as public agency02/20/16
SB 646Providing consent of lawful use of mineral property is not waste and does not constitute trespass02/20/16
SB 659Requiring drug testing for driver involved in accident resulting in death02/20/16
SB 665Providing for recordkeeping and creating database of sale or purchase total loss vehicles02/22/16
SB 666Exempting certain veterans' organizations and video lottery licenses from local indoor smoking prohibition02/22/16
SB 667Protecting right to farm02/22/16
SB 683Allowing old or abandoned railway beds be used for lawful recreational purposes02/22/16
SB 685Allowing individuals twenty-one years of age operate or ride motorcycle without helmet02/22/16
SB 687Allowing mine reclamation sites be used for military installations or homeland security offices02/22/16
SB 690Making second Friday of February in even-numbered years primary election day in WV beginning 201802/22/16
SB 696Relating to disposition of seized firearms02/22/16
SB 697Clarifying reporting and disclosure requirements relating to election campaign contributions and spending02/22/16
SB 698Permitting natural gas companies enter upon real property in certain instances for limited purposes02/22/16
HB 2130Including law-enforcement officers among those professionals the assault or battery of which leads to enhanced criminal penalties01/28/16
HB 2147Requiring the circuit court, when appointing counsel for alleged protected persons, to make appointments from a listing of all interested attorneys in the circuit01/27/16
HB 2584Allowing a judge to excuse a potential juror from jury duty until a later date based on seasonal employment01/27/16
HB 2963Expanding the definition of kidnapping03/02/16
HB 4240Relating to the Uniform Controlled Substances Act03/02/16
HB 4308Barring persons who are convicted of certain criminal offenses from acquiring property from their victims03/03/16
HB 4499Relating to certain persons who have been disqualified or excused from jury service02/20/16
HB 4521Modifying the requirements that allow a child witness to testify by closed circuit television02/22/16
HB 4577Creating an additional penalty for use of a firearm in furtherance of a drug offense03/02/16
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