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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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There are 89 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 4Exempting military retirement from personal income tax obligations02/11/09
SB 8Requiring certain nonprofit directors and board members attend training 03/12/09
SB 9Providing certain volunteer fire department members state income tax exemption02/11/09
SB 11Providing certain State Teachers Retirement System annuitants state income tax exemption02/11/09
SB 21Allowing federal adjusted gross income deduction for cost of certain high deductible health plan02/11/09
SB 22Relating to Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Checkoff Program02/11/09
SB 24Increasing exemption on retirement income for certain retirees02/11/09
SB 29Allowing paid sick leave to be used as paid family leave02/11/09
SB 41Modifying low-income qualifier for senior citizens' homestead tax credit02/11/09
SB 53Exempting certain amount of state pensions and Social Security benefits from state income tax02/11/09
SB 60Providing certain retirees personal income tax adjustment02/11/09
SB 71Exempting certain professional and personal services from consumers sales and service tax02/11/09
SB 81Increasing certain Division of Corrections' employees salaries and increment pay02/11/09
SB 86Increasing relocation expense allocation for State Police 02/11/09
SB 92Eliminating timber severance tax02/11/09
SB 95Permitting Commissioner of Highways to transfer surplus balances between funds 02/11/09
SB 107Exempting Social Security income from state income tax02/11/09
SB 117Providing certain retired conservation officers' state income tax exemption 02/11/09
SB 123Creating Nursing Education Forgivable Loan Program03/20/09
SB 124Compensating State Police for call-back time02/11/09
SB 132Dedicating certain severance tax portion to counties and municipalities02/11/09
SB 133Providing certain medical providers tax credit02/11/09
SB 144Increasing Employee Suggestion Award Board's cash award limit02/11/09
SB 150Budget bill05/28/09
SB 235Preserving biological evidence secured in certain criminal cases03/04/09
SB 248Providing for alternative minimum tax expiration02/13/09
SB 255Allowing Commissioner of Corrections deposit certain interest or other moneys into inmate benefit fund02/16/09
SB 260Creating public defender corporations in certain judicial circuits03/26/09
SB 265Authorizing tax credit for new teachers in critical needs areas03/25/09
SB 266Increasing tax credit for nonfamily adoptions03/23/09
SB 273Creating incentives to obtain GED03/25/09
SB 281Creating Juvenile Services Reimbursement Offender Fund03/06/09
SB 286Expanding prepaid limited health service organizations services04/03/09
SB 289Creating WV Innovation and Development Act 03/02/09
SB 292Creating tax credit for spaying or neutering pets02/18/09
SB 303Providing certain retired teachers state income tax exemption02/19/09
SB 304Relating to Nurse Faculty Loan Program03/20/09
SB 311Creating 2012 Supreme Court of Appeals Public Campaign Financing Pilot Program03/27/09
SB 319Relating to certain volunteer firefighters' benefits02/20/09
SB 332Eliminating severance and health care provider taxes on behavioral health providers02/24/09
SB 334Reinstating high-growth business investment tax credit02/24/09
SB 342Updating requirements for new subdivision highway access 03/23/09
SB 345Exempting certain severance pay from state income tax02/24/09
SB 380Providing earned income tax credit to certain parents02/25/09
SB 388Creating certain motor vehicle sales tax holiday and new purchase tax credit03/27/09
SB 390Continuing Highway Design-Build Pilot Program03/17/09
SB 413Creating temporary tax credit for certain small group employers03/02/09
SB 417Establishing Voluntary Employee Retirement Accounts Program 03/03/09
SB 420Raising excise tax on tobacco products03/03/09
SB 428Eliminating Division of Personnel Director's statutorily set salary 03/12/09
SB 454Reporting certain geological information obtained incidental to oil and gas drilling03/12/09
SB 475Relating to Public Employees Insurance Agency employee premiums03/05/09
SB 479Relating to Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement03/13/09
SB 500Reducing certain fuels' wholesale tax03/06/09
SB 505Imposing business and occupation tax on electricity transmission through certain lines03/09/09
SB 536Relating to reorganization and consolidation of community and technical colleges03/18/09
SB 538Providing low-income workers refundable tax credit03/11/09
SB 549Creating Creative Communities Development Pilot Program03/20/09
SB 569Relating to State Teachers Retirement System loan application deadline for service credit conversion03/17/09
SB 577Relating to Prosecuting Attorneys Institute03/25/09
SB 582Requiring Secretary of Administration promulgate rules for travel reimbursement03/13/09
SB 584Providing one-time bonus to certain public employee and teacher annuitants03/17/09
SB 601Eliminating driver surveillance signs03/18/09
SB 605Providing tax credit for certain coal mine safety equipment purchase03/25/09
SB 607Creating Commuter Rail Access Act03/23/09
SB 608Providing tax credit for certain solar energy systems03/19/09
SB 652Relating to mentor teacher 03/25/09
SB 710Exempting certain church or religious organization sales from consumers sales and service tax03/23/09
SB 712Creating Refund Anticipation Loan Act03/23/09
SB 727Creating WV Manufacturing Competiveness and Growth Act03/25/09
SB 730Relating to Economic Development Authority developing tourism project loans criteria03/25/09
SB 748Defining certain consumers sales and service tax-related terms03/23/09
SB 755Creating WV Twenty-First Century Tax Credit Act03/26/09
SB 758Creating WV Public Charter Schools Act of 200903/25/09
SB 759Increasing Adjutant General's salary03/25/09
SB 765Relating to Special Railroad and Intermodal Enhancement Fund03/27/09
HB 2538Relating to supplemental funding for the provision of alternative programs for limited English proficient students04/03/09
HB 2722Providing a one hundred dollar tax credit to certain businesses that are required to reprogram its cash registers because of a change in the food tax03/27/09
HB 2747Creating a temporary reinvestment fee for health insurers, third party administrators and others04/07/09
HB 2770Relating to the Emergency Medical Services Retirement System Act04/02/09
HB 2781Providing a tax credit to sawmills that become certified in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System04/02/09
HB 2868West Virginia Children with Autism Trust Act04/07/09
HB 2894Establishing tax credits for personal and commercial users of the West Virginia Turnpike04/02/09
HB 2967Encouraging teachers who have achieved a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certificate to renew their certifications when they expire after ten years, and continuing the salary bonus for renewed certificates04/07/09
HB 2969Requiring firefighters to have annual hazardous materials training04/08/09
HB 3022Creating a medical home health care plan for uninsured adults04/08/09
HB 3079Changing the definition of "health care provider" and "drug" for the purpose of consumers sales tax, and exempting from the consumers sales tax drugs purchased by veterinarians to be dispensed by prescription for the treatment of animals04/02/09
HB 3158Providing assistance to certain political subdivision activities involving municipal policemen's and firemen's pensions and relief systems and volunteer fire departments04/07/09
HB 3224Relating to compensation for condemnation commissioners04/01/09
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