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There are 85 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 38Removing certain tax discounts from motor fuel excise tax01/13/16
SB 45Tourist-Oriented Directional Sign Program02/03/16
SB 48Establishing Mental Health, Veteran and Service Members Court02/19/16
SB 55Clarifying tax map rules apply to both paper and digital maps01/25/16
SB 65Exempting military, National Guard and reserve income from state income taxes02/04/16
SB 82Increasing adjustments to gross income for military, National Guard and reserve retirement for residents02/04/16
SB 86Continuing personal income tax adjustment for certain retirees of terminated defined pension plans01/28/16
SB 88WV Water Sustainability Institute02/17/16
SB 92Creating annual flood zone homestead property tax exemption01/13/16
SB 126Increasing natural resources police officer compensation02/11/16
SB 128Creating WV personal income tax modification for residents who choose to spay or neuter their pets01/13/16
SB 246Providing certain government entities option to extend the term of tax increment financing district from 30 to 40 years02/05/16
SB 247Including on state personal income tax return checkoff option to donate to Cedar Lakes Foundation01/13/16
SB 286Creating Commission to Accelerate Statewide Coordination of Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents01/29/16
SB 292Creating income tax credits for certain educational expenses01/14/16
SB 321Providing additional funding for exceptional children with high-cost/high-acuity special needs02/10/16
SB 325Developing matching grant to foster development of creative communities02/24/16
SB 332Entering into Interstate 73 Compact02/17/16
SB 347Increasing number of limited video lottery terminals at retail locations01/21/16
SB 353Relating to allocation of premiums for employers and employees in PEIA01/21/16
SB 354Updating meaning of federal taxable income01/21/16
SB 355Imposing consumers sales and service tax on sales of telecommunications service01/21/16
SB 373Granting more control of regional education service agencies to county boards02/08/16
SB 392Transferring Cedar Lakes Camp from Board of Education to Department of Agriculture02/24/16
SB 395Extending expiration date for tax rate on eligible acute-care hospitals01/27/16
SB 397Maintaining status quo in event bond indebtedness to Parkways Authority is eliminated02/11/16
SB 402Excluding law-enforcement officers and firefighters pensions from state income taxes01/27/16
SB 414Relating to Juvenile Justice Reform Oversight Committee02/25/16
SB 418Placing sales tax on sale of food01/28/16
SB 428Ending discretionary transfers to Licensed Racetrack Modernization Fund01/29/16
SB 432Relating to levies on classifications of property by Board of Public Works02/08/16
SB 441Supplemental appropriation from State Road Fund to DOT, Division of Highways02/01/16
SB 442Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to PSC, Motor Carrier Division02/01/16
SB 443Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to DHHR, Consolidated Medical Service Fund02/01/16
SB 444Supplemental appropriation of public moneys in Treasury to DHHR, Division of Health, WV Birth-to-Three Fund02/01/16
SB 446Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to State Board of Education, School Lunch Program02/01/16
SB 447Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to Department of Commerce, WorkForce West Virginia, Workforce Investment Act02/01/16
SB 448Supplemental appropriation of public moneys in Treasury to Department of Revenue, Tax Division, Wine Tax Administration Fund02/01/16
SB 456Setting maximum amount that can be collected for air-ambulance services02/20/16
SB 464Supplementary appropriation of public moneys in Treasury to DEP02/02/16
SB 480Allowing military general discharge be used as qualification for service credit toward pension02/02/16
SB 487Exempting social security benefits from personal income tax02/03/16
SB 489Establishing tax credit for physicians who locate in WV 02/03/16
SB 492Allowing Superintendent of State Police establish fee schedule for forensic services02/08/16
SB 502Changing qualifier for low income02/03/16
SB 503Exempting from sales and service tax homeowner association fees02/03/16
SB 531Providing for court-appointed special advocate in each judicial circuit02/22/16
SB 533Changing distribution of net terminal income from racetrack video lottery02/06/16
SB 548Relating to number of magistrates in certain counties02/19/16
SB 554Issuing tax credits for land conservation02/08/16
SB 559Supplemental appropriation to Greater Weirton Area Senior Center02/09/16
SB 562Providing for licensing of advance deposit wagering02/10/16
SB 568Providing for licensing of out-of-state simulcast facilities 02/10/16
SB 574Requiring state personal income tax return include short survey02/10/16
SB 598Transferring all funds in Greyhound Breeding Development Fund to Excess Lottery Revenue Fund02/12/16
SB 604Increasing excise tax on bottled soft drinks, syrups and dry mixtures02/16/16
SB 605Continuing personal income tax adjustment to certain retirees02/15/16
SB 607Relating to increasing tax rate on cigarettes and tobacco products02/15/16
SB 610Relating to generating and maintaining revenue for maintenance of roads and infrastructure02/16/16
SB 616Defining professional firefighter for purposes of workers' compensation disability and death benefits02/23/16
SB 617Returning all salaried and hourly state employees to semimonthly payment schedule for wages02/19/16
SB 636Increasing salaries for teachers through fiscal year 202002/19/16
SB 642Relating to temporary higher education classified employees annual salary schedule02/24/16
SB 654Lowering severance tax on extracting coal02/20/16
SB 655Reducing severance tax on coal to 4 percent02/20/16
SB 661Authorizing Division of Justice and Community Services make grants providing civil legal services to low income persons02/20/16
SB 663Authorizing Commissioner of Highways permit DOH participate in construction or maintenance of publicly funded highway jobs02/22/16
SB 668Increasing excise tax on bottled soft drinks, syrups and dry mixtures02/22/16
SB 672Clarifying lottery prize is WV source income for nonresident02/22/16
SB 673Providing safe harbor valuation for measure of tax on limestone and sandstone02/22/16
SB 674Relating to taxes on alcohol02/22/16
SB 675Providing safe harbor valuation for measure of tax on limestone and sandstone02/22/16
SB 679Establishing specific valuation for timberland for ad valorem property tax purposes02/22/16
SB 684Authorizing Director of DNR lease unused or abandoned railway routes to operate tourist excursions02/22/16
SB 689Seeking funding for completing construction of I-73 and I-7402/22/16
SB 693Seeking funding for completing construction of Coalfields Expressway02/22/16
HB 2202Relating to more equitable disbursement of funds to county boards03/08/16
HB 2849Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission03/10/16
HB 4147Making the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind eligible to participate in any and all funding administered or distributed by the West Virginia School Building Authority02/15/16
HB 4239Relating to construction of a modern highway from Pikeville, Kentucky to Beckley, West Virginia03/08/16
HB 4299Increasing the amount volunteer fire companies or paid fire departments may charge for reimbursement03/10/16
HB 4319Including in the definition of “veteran” active members of the Guard and Reserve in order to exempt them from fees charged by the Secretary of State03/05/16
HB 4625Redirecting certain racing and gaming revenues from greyhound development funds to the State Road Fund03/02/16
HB 4741Expiring funds to the Division of Human Resources, Medical Services Trust Fund03/12/16
HB 4742Expiring funds to the Division of Human Resources, Medical Services Trust Fund from various accounts03/12/16
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