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There are 109 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 16Providing tax credit for providing broadband service to unserved areas02/18/16
SB 147Providing consumers sales and service tax and use tax exemption for certain services and tangible personal property sold for repair, remodeling and maintenance of aircraft02/17/16
SB 263Allowing travel and other expense reimbursement for members of Municipal Home Rule Board03/03/16
SB 268Abolishing Council of Finance and Administration02/10/16
SB 299Creating Library Facilities Improvement Fund03/02/16
SB 337Creating 5-year tax credit for businesses on post-mine sites03/09/16
SB 399Establishing personal and corporate income tax credits for farmers donating edible agricultural products03/01/16
SB 420Increasing tax rate on cigarette and tobacco products02/23/16
SB 423Providing for disposition of unclaimed and unredeemed savings bond02/17/16
SB 424Allowing fire departments assess fees02/19/16
SB 510Establishing Adult Drug Court Participation Fund02/17/16
SB 511Establishing Court Advanced Technology Subscription Fund02/17/16
SB 538Relating to salaries of appointed officers fixed by Governor02/26/16
SB 553Merging purposes and provisions of Volunteer Fire Department Workers' Compensation Subsidy Program and Fund02/22/16
SB 555Providing for 3-cent tax increase on sale of fuel when cost is less than $2 per gallon03/02/16
SB 579Eliminating WV Port Authority02/22/16
SB 631Authorizing higher education boards of governors develop retirement and incentive packages03/02/16
SB 641Relating to dog and horse racing and lottery03/02/16
SB 703Relating to deposit of overpayment of certain fees into Children's Trust Fund03/03/16
SB 705Reducing coal severance tax to 3 percent over two years 03/03/16
HB 2039Raising the maximum personal income tax exemption for persons over the age of sixty-five and for persons who are totally disabled01/13/16
HB 2066Increasing the amount of annual and incremental salary increases for eligible state employees01/13/16
HB 2074Requiring the Superintendent of the State Police to implement a plan to increase the number of troopers01/13/16
HB 2075Establishing a minimum number of troopers to provide basic law enforcement services, and providing members of the West Virginia State Police a $580 salary increase at the end of two years of service01/13/16
HB 2111Providing a special method for valuation of certain wireless technology property for property taxes01/21/16
HB 2127Relating to corporation net income tax for manufacturers of medical devices01/13/16
HB 2167Providing a $500 tax credit to volunteer firefighters01/13/16
HB 2192Exempting heating oil for residential use from the Motor Fuel Excise Tax02/12/16
HB 2222Relating to certain members of the Legislature and certain service by members of the Legislature02/12/16
HB 2230Relating to calculation of West Virginia adjusted gross income for personal income tax purposes01/13/16
HB 2389Granting all public employees, all teachers, all service employees, all public employee retirees, all teacher retirees and all service employee retirees a $1,000 per year permanent pay increase01/13/16
HB 2400Relating to quarterly payment of real and personal property taxes01/13/16
HB 2426Relating to the Volunteer Fire Departments Workers' Compensation Subsidy Program and the Volunteer Fire Department Workers' Compensation Premium Subsidy Fund01/13/16
HB 2463Increasing the maximum personal income tax exemption for persons over the age of sixty-five and for persons who are totally disabled01/13/16
HB 2485Relating to the West Virginia Future Fund01/13/16
HB 2498Allowing taxpayers to make partial payments of real and personal property taxes01/13/16
HB 2514Creating a Bureau of Actuarial Services within the office of the Legislative Auditor02/08/16
HB 2532Reducing federal adjusted gross income for volunteer fire department and rescue squad members01/13/16
HB 2569Relating to the Dealer Recovery Program02/17/16
HB 2570Relating to a tax deduction allowed for capital expenditures from the corporate net income tax01/13/16
HB 2622Relating to deductions from personal income tax for contributions to state-administered prepaid college tuition contracts or college savings plans01/13/16
HB 2630Creating the West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit01/13/16
HB 2639Abolishing the Personal Income Tax01/13/16
HB 2659Providing that paid county or municipal fire departments and duly incorporated volunteer fire departments pay reduced workers' compensation premiums when not actively engaged in fire fighting01/13/16
HB 2668Permitting deed of trust or mortgage interest paid on taxpayers' personal residences to be used as a deduction for personal income tax purposes01/13/16
HB 2675Reducing certain severance taxes that are dedicated to the Workers' Compensation Debt Reduction Fund01/13/16
HB 2687Relating to personal income taxes01/13/16
HB 2713Providing taxpayers repaying their own student loans a modification reducing federal adjusted gross in the amount of the interest paid02/20/16
HB 2718Transferring funds remaining in the Racetrack Modernization Fund to the State Road Fund and closing the Racetrack Modernization Fund01/13/16
HB 2731Increasing salaries and creating longevity pay increases for all employees of the Division of Corrections, the Regional Jail Authority and the Division of Juvenile Services01/13/16
HB 2821Implementing a surcharge on licensed exotic entertainment facilities and adult bookstores to provide funding for rape information and prevention services and rape crisis centers01/13/16
HB 2832Reducing the motor fuel excise tax01/13/16
HB 2864Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities generally, restoring distribution to the West Virginia Infrastructure Fund to 2013 rates and decreasing the funds available for grants therefrom01/13/16
HB 2899Relating to career progression of members of the State Police01/13/16
HB 2903Providing a tax credit for first time home buyers01/13/16
HB 2917Establishing a Hotel and Restaurant Renovation Tax Credit01/13/16
HB 2966Relating to the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program02/17/16
HB 2969Requiring that a county itemize and publish all activity related to budget stabilization funds01/20/16
HB 2977Providing that rents and royalties from leases of the minerals under the state's rivers and streams shall be expended for road paving and maintenance02/17/16
HB 2993Relating to pay on promotion of employees in the classified service01/13/16
HB 3000Establishing a Hotel and Restaurant Renovation Tax Credit01/13/16
HB 4003Expiring certain severance taxes that are dedicated to the Workers’ Compensation Debt Reduction Fund01/13/16
HB 4029Relating to dedication of corporation net income tax proceeds to railways01/15/16
HB 4030Updating the meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in the West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act01/15/16
HB 4032Self-Employment Assistance Act02/19/16
HB 4043Adjusting the risk-based capital trend test for life and health insurers01/22/16
HB 4044Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund Act02/20/16
HB 4149Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services01/19/16
HB 4153Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services01/19/16
HB 4154Making a supplementary appropriation of public to the Department of Administration, Public Defender Services01/19/16
HB 4156Transferring funds from the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund, to the Department of Revenue, Lottery Commission, Distributions to Statutory Funds and Purposes01/19/16
HB 4162Expiring funds to the unappropriated surplus from the Department of Revenue, Insurance Commissioner01/19/16
HB 4200Eliminating courtesy patrol programs01/27/16
HB 4220Imposing the consumers sales and service tax and use tax on sales of telecommunications service and ancillary services01/21/16
HB 4222Providing for the transfer of ownership, operation and maintenance of certain assets of the West Virginia Parkways Authority to the Division of Highways02/02/16
HB 4229Making a supplementary appropriation to the Bureau of Senior Services01/22/16
HB 4270Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety01/26/16
HB 4325Requiring promulgation of a rule to provide for payment of tuition by county boards of education to the Mountaineer Challenge Academy02/04/16
HB 4336Decreasing appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Resources01/29/16
HB 4369Decreasing and ending the tax on timber02/17/16
HB 4392Establishing a special fund to be used for minor road repair within the county02/19/16
HB 4414Requiring disclosure of accounts by members of the Board of Public Works to the Legislature02/05/16
HB 4415Offsetting the shortfall of PEIA by reducing the compensation of all elected state officials and members of the state Board of Education02/05/16
HB 4457West Virginia Student Education Incentive Act02/09/16
HB 4504Increasing the excise tax on bottled soft drinks, syrups and dry mixtures02/11/16
HB 4511Limiting the authority of the Department of Administration’s purchase of real property until it has submitted a report to the Legislature02/12/16
HB 4513Requiring a cost-benefit analysis to be performed before the state purchases certain real estate02/12/16
HB 4526Establishing an advisory council on rare diseases02/26/16
HB 4528Permitting an all-volunteer fire department to consolidate with certain other fire departments while retaining their rights to receive funds02/19/16
HB 4545Relating to regulation of pharmacy benefits managers02/24/16
HB 4547Providing for the merger of the purposes and provisions of the Volunteer Fire Departments Workers' Compensation Subsidy Program and the Volunteer Fire Department Workers' Compensation Premium Subsidy Fund02/16/16
HB 4552Relating to purchasing requirements for the Division of Highways02/16/16
HB 4563Reauthorizing the Neighborhood Investment Program Act02/20/16
HB 4570Continuing certain severance taxes that are dedicated to the Workers' Compensation Debt Reduction Fund towards the State Road Fund upon satisfaction of debt02/16/16
HB 4580Terminating the State Board of Registration of Foresters02/20/16
HB 4615Permitting municipalities to collect unpaid utility bills, trash, refuse, demolition, landfill fees or other fees02/18/16
HB 4621Defining unimpaired capital and unimpaired surplus02/19/16
HB 4624Relating to information technology projects under the Office of Technology02/19/16
HB 4626Providing a safe harbor valuation for the measure of tax upon limestone and sandstone02/20/16
HB 4634Coal Jobs and Revenue Stabilization Act02/20/16
HB 4642Maintaining the solvency of the Unemployment Compensation Fund02/22/16
HB 4645West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit02/22/16
HB 4672Requiring the Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board factor in overtime pay received by employees to determine their premiums02/22/16
HB 4679Increasing sales and use taxes by one percent02/23/16
HB 4689Establishing a specific valuation of managed timberland and timberland that is not managed timberland for ad valorem property tax purposes02/23/16
HB 4691Establishing two new tax brackets for personal income tax02/23/16
HB 4693Establishing a recovery fee for the rental of heavy equipment property02/23/16
HB 4701Providing funding of state programs through increased taxes on beer, wine and liquor02/23/16
HB 4710Eliminating the West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund and transferring that money and future money that would have gone to that fund one-half to the Public Employees Insurance Agency02/23/16
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