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Bill Status - 2010 Regular Session

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There are 31 Bills pending in Senate Transportation and Infrastructure




SB 2Including all-terrain utility vehicles in "all-terrain vehicle" definition01/13/10
SB 14Relating to nurse license plate01/13/10
SB 45Relating to mini-trucks' registration and operation01/13/10
SB 52Prohibiting handheld cell phone use while driving01/13/10
SB 57Require timbering operators repair damaged roads and rights-of-way 01/13/10
SB 69Creating Energy Efficient Building Act01/13/10
SB 98Relating to War on Terrorism Service Medal license plate01/13/10
SB 117Establishing Innovative Highway Projects Pilot Program01/13/10
SB 158Increasing maximum weight for six-axle tractor trailers01/13/10
SB 167Prohibiting texting while driving 01/13/10
SB 174Relating to deposit of moneys in Special Railroad and Intermodal Enhancement Fund01/13/10
SB 182Terminating tolls on Turnpike 01/13/10
SB 184Creating WV Energy Efficient Buildings Program01/13/10
SB 187Relating to "In God We Trust" license plate01/13/10
SB 191Requiring PSC update railroad walkway safety regulations01/13/10
SB 192Relating to motorcycle helmet exemptions 01/13/10
SB 204Creating Commuter Rail Access Act01/13/10
SB 344Authorizing DMV issue special license plates01/25/10
SB 356Relating to Bethany College license plate01/27/10
SB 421Regulating mini-trucks' sale and use02/01/10
SB 440Relating to certain motor vehicles and motorcycles valuation02/02/10
SB 466Authorizing electronic toll collection on certain roads02/04/10
SB 542Including utility terrain vehicle in "all-terrain vehicle" definition02/11/10
SB 549Relating to development of telecommunication and information services by public service districts02/11/10
SB 578Exempting motor vehicles used by DHHR from PSC jurisdiction02/15/10
SB 643Creating temporary natural gas resources transportation road system02/22/10
SB 691Allowing certain traffic law photo-monitoring device use02/22/10
HB 4212Requiring PSC update railroad walkway safety regulations02/22/10
HB 4323Prohibiting use of turning lanes for through traffic under certain circumstances03/04/10
HB 4356Allowing a nonresident to have an additional ten days to pay his or her fine before the magistrate court sends notice to the DMV03/04/10
HB 4667Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to maintain school bus turnarounds in the state03/04/10
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