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Bill Status - 2015 Regular Session

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Delegate Zatezalo sponsored 52 bills:


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Last Action

HB 2004 Providing a procedure for the development of a state plan under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act Signed  Effective from passage - (February 19, 2015)
HB 2005 Relating to alternative programs for the education of teachers Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 12, 2015)
HB 2006 Relating to medical professional liability Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/14/15 
HB 2012 Relating to the payment of wages by employers and when final wages are required to be paid Pending  House Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business Committee  01/14/15 
HB 2026 Allowing terminally ill patients to have access to investigational products that have not been approved by the federal food and drug administration Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  01/14/15 
HB 2027 Requiring circuit courts to review foreign court judgments for jurisdiction before such orders may be enforced Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/14/15 
HB 2102 Prohibiting the sale of United States flags or West Virginia flags unless manufactured in the United States Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2103 Relating generally to boards of examination and registration Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/27/15 
HB 2109 West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2119 Intrastate Coal and Use Act Pending  House ENG Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2120 Permitting certain holders of concealed weapons permits to carry weapons of the grounds and buildings on the State Capitol Complex Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2124 Relating to underground coal mines Pending  House ENG Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2127 Relating to corporation net income tax for manufacturers of medical devices Pending  House Finance Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2131 Relating to shampoo assistants and persons practicing hair braiding Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2132 Relating to barbers, cosmetologists and shampoo assistants Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/20/15 
HB 2204 Eliminating the motor fuels tax on heating oil for residential use by eligible seniors Pending  House Senior Citizen Issues Committee  01/22/15 
HB 2205 Creating the crime of prohibited sexual contact by a psychotherapist Pending  House Finance Committee  01/28/15 
HB 2208 Relating to local smoking restrictions Pending  House Government Organization Committee  02/12/15 
HB 2224 Providing that historical reenactors are not violating the provision prohibiting unlawful military organizations Signed  Effective from passage - (March 13, 2015)
HB 2225 Relating to roof-mounted off-road light bar lighting devices Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/17/15 
HB 2259 Relating to the Governor filling vacancies on professional boards Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/23/15 
HB 2407 Reallocating and dedicating three percent of oil and gas severance tax revenues up to $20 million annually to the oil and gas producing counties of origin Pending  House ENG Committee  01/27/15 
HB 2427 Increasing penalties for destruction or theft of election campaign advertising Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/27/15 
HB 2466 Exempting valid nonprofit organizations from licensing requirements of the West Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority during certain events Pending    Concurrence  03/13/15 
HB 2498 Allowing taxpayers to make partial payments of real and personal property taxes Pending  House Finance Committee  01/29/15 
HB 2566 Coal Jobs and Safety Act of 2015 Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/06/15 
HB 2573 Establishing the English language to be the official language of the state Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/03/15 
HB 2574 Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/03/15 
HB 2575 Relating to approvals of televised racing days and simulcast contracts by Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/03/15 
HB 2576 Creating new code sections which separate the executive departments Vetoed  Vetoed
HB 2585 Requiring leaseholders of mineral interests to notify the owners of the minerals when there is an assignment of the lease to another party Pending    Concurrence  03/14/15 
HB 2590 Providing that residents sixty-five years of age or older are not required to have a license to hunt, trap or fish Pending  House ANR Committee  02/04/15 
HB 2602 Requiring a voter to present an identifying document issued by the State of West Virginia or a United States military identification card that contains the name, address and a photograph of the person desiring to vote Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/04/15 
HB 2610 Making applications, permits, and renewal applications for carrying a concealed weapon not subject to public disclosure Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/05/15 
HB 2617 Lengthening the residency requirement necessary to be eligible for the PROMISE Scholarship Pending  House Education Committee  02/05/15 
HB 2652 Reducing the assessment paid by hospitals to the Health Care Authority Signed  Effective from passage - (March 12, 2015)
HB 2736 Relating to regulation of transportation network companies Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  02/13/15 
HB 2751 Allowing hunting and trapping on private lands throughout the state on Sundays Pending  House ANR Committee  02/13/15 
HB 2777 Relating to licensing of barbers, cosmetologists, and hairstylists, and revising the membership requirements of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/19/15 
HB 2826 Requiring the Commissioner of the Division of Highways to approve points of access to and from state highways to real property used or to be used for commercial, industrial or mercantile purposes; "Sarah Nott's Law" Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/19/15 
HB 2827 Abolishing the James "Tiger" Morton catastrophic illness fund and commission Pending  House Finance Committee  02/27/15 
HB 2831 Exempting indoor shooting ranges from the prohibition of shooting or discharging a firearm within five hundred feet of any church or dwelling house Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/20/15 
HB 2836 Requiring the clerk of a county commission to maintain a county ordinance book Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/20/15 
HB 2839 Eliminating late fees charged by the Secretary of State Pending    2nd Reading  03/14/15 
HB 2852 Relating to legalizing and regulating the sale and use of fireworks Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/20/15 
HB 2890 Streamlining the process of abandoned mineral interests Pending  House ENG Committee  02/24/15 
HB 2957 Relating to sales of liquor by distilleries and mini-distilleries Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/24/15 
HB 2969 Requiring that a county itemize and publish all activity related to budget stabilization funds Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/24/15 
HB 2972 Requiring the accumulation of one and one-half years of instruction in the study of the Declaration of Independence and other founding American historical documents Pending  House Education Committee  02/24/15 
HB 2975 Relating to the assessment of oil and gas mineral interests Pending  House ENG Committee  02/24/15 
HB 2977 Providing that rents and royalties from leases of the minerals under the state's rivers and streams shall be expended for road paving and maintenance Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  02/24/15 
HB 2984 Creating a Silver Alert program for senior citizens Pending  House Senior Citizen Issues Committee  02/24/15 
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