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Bill Status - 2015 Regular Session

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There are 57 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 413Relating to commercial pesticide control licensing requirements03/03/15
HB 2043Granting all public employees a $1,000 per year permanent pay increase01/14/15
HB 2057Requiring that State Police officers be compensated for time when they are required to be on standby and providing a stipend for housing cost for certain officers01/15/15
HB 2068Allowing state employees to take paid leave to attend parent-teacher conference for their children01/15/15
HB 2069Providing for career development and establishing a pay scale for Alcohol Beverage Commission inspectors, enforcement agents and supervisors01/15/15
HB 2101Eliminating obsolete government entities01/20/15
HB 2131Relating to shampoo assistants and persons practicing hair braiding01/20/15
HB 2132Relating to barbers, cosmetologists and shampoo assistants01/20/15
HB 2133Continuing education requirements for barbers and cosmetologists01/20/15
HB 2177Eliminating unnecessary, inactive, or redundant boards, councils, committees, panels, task forces and commissions01/21/15
HB 2186Auditing the Division of Highways01/21/15
HB 2208Relating to local smoking restrictions02/12/15
HB 2209Repealing of article creating the Governor's Office of Health Enhancement and Lifestyle Planning01/22/15
HB 2210Transferring the Children's Health Insurance Program and Children's Health Insurance Agency02/12/15
HB 2238Relating to appointment of Public Service Commissioners01/22/15
HB 2246Establishing seniority rights for public employees01/23/15
HB 2259Relating to the Governor filling vacancies on professional boards01/23/15
HB 2376Creating the Save the Hospitals Act01/26/15
HB 2386Exempting cosmetologists who have been licensed for twenty years or more from continuing education requirements01/27/15
HB 2435Increasing the amount of annual and incremental salary increases for eligible employees01/27/15
HB 2445Relating generally to the State Administrative Procedures Act01/28/15
HB 2452Requiring reports to the Governor from state agencies to be made available electronically via the internet01/28/15
HB 2469Eliminating unnecessary, inactive, or redundant councils, committees and boards01/28/15
HB 2475Relating to the requirements for and scope of practice for registered veterinary technicians01/28/15
HB 2483Requiring the three commissioners of the Public Service Commission be elected from the three congressional districts for six-year terms01/28/15
HB 2489Relating to supervision of works by a sanitary board01/28/15
HB 2537Requiring that the chairperson of the Public Service Commission be elected on a nonpartisan ballot02/02/15
HB 2539Increasing by seven the number of participants in the Home Rule Pilot Program02/02/15
HB 2542Requiring reviews of groups of agencies on a four-year cycle02/02/15
HB 2565Reorganizing the Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction and its subcommittees02/02/15
HB 2591Implementing a quality control procedure for agency rules02/04/15
HB 2635West Virginia Native American Tribes Unique Recognition, Authentication and Listing Act02/06/15
HB 2705Providing a pay increase for certain employees of the Department of Health and Human Resources02/12/15
HB 2706Providing a pay increase for certain employees of the Division of Highways02/12/15
HB 2732Relating to the Real Estate Commission and licenses issued by the commission02/13/15
HB 2738Relating to the Women's Commission and placing it in the Department of Commerce02/13/15
HB 2739Requiring regional airport authority board members to include persons of area expertise02/13/15
HB 2745Requiring an exempt spending unit to obtain authorization from the director of purchasing before entering into a contract for an amount equal to or exceeding ninety percent of the value of the largest contract02/13/15
HB 2746Requiring that athletic trainers be licensed, instead of registered, by West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy02/13/15
HB 2808Providing that members of the House of Delegates in districts having more than one delegate be elected from numbered divisions02/18/15
HB 2865Providing county commissioners an ongoing mechanism to consider compensation increases for elected officials every two years02/20/15
HB 2871Creating the statewide Interoperable Radio Network02/20/15
HB 2873Budget and Spending Transparency Act02/20/15
HB 2881West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act02/26/15
HB 2913Terminating the Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program and Municipal Home Rule Board02/24/15
HB 2915Relating generally to wholesale sales of liquor02/24/15
HB 2919Requiring the Library Commission to survey the libraries of the state and develop a ten year plan for construction and maintenance of public libraries02/24/15
HB 2921Eliminating the courtesy patrol program02/24/15
HB 2922Relating to the Broadband Deployment Council02/24/15
HB 2948Clarifying the exemptions provided by statute for Social Work Licensing02/24/15
HB 2949Relating to requirements for provisional social worker licenses02/24/15
HB 2952Creating the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network02/24/15
HB 2971Continuing the Office of Emergency Medical Services as an independent office within the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety02/24/15
HB 2974Creating Office of Early Childhood Collaboration02/24/15
HB 2988Authorizing the Tax Commissioner to collect tax, interest and penalties due and owing from payments to vendors and contractors from the Auditor and other state, county, district or municipal officers and agents02/24/15
HB 2992Publishing detailed information about the operations of state, county and municipal agencies02/24/15
HB 3012Relating to the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs02/24/15
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