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There are 50 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 17Relating generally to advance nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives01/13/16
SB 23Relating to care of aborted fetuses01/13/16
SB 26Requiring midwives report annually to Bureau for Public Health01/13/16
SB 42Permitting school nurses to possess and administer opioid antagonists on or near school premises01/13/16
SB 49Excluding mobile x-ray services from health care provider tax01/13/16
SB 51Exempting certain employers from discriminating against tobacco users01/13/16
SB 80Making available nonidentifying social and medical histories of birth parents prior to adoption01/13/16
SB 87Requiring DHHR review rates paid to health care providers01/13/16
SB 125Increasing cigarette tax to fund substance abuse and workforce development initiatives01/13/16
SB 139Increasing tobacco tax to help fund PEIA's health plans01/13/16
SB 140Requiring Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs establish community-based pilot project01/13/16
SB 145Requiring preventative dental care for adult Medicaid recipients01/13/16
SB 248Raising legal age for purchase of tobacco, tobacco-products, tobacco-derived products, alternative nicotine and vapor products to 2101/13/16
SB 276Requiring all health care workers receive flu vaccination01/14/16
SB 281Requiring health care providers and facilities to notify patient when mammogram indicates dense breast tissue01/14/16
SB 284Providing for approval by county commission of all health policies enacted by local boards of health01/14/16
SB 285Allowing adult adoptees and their descendants to access adoption records 01/14/16
SB 312 Welfare Fraud Prevention Act01/18/16
SB 322Regulating pharmacy benefits managers01/19/16
SB 350Exempting community-based behavioral health facilities, programs or services from certificate of need 01/21/16
SB 372Modifying administration of local boards of health01/21/16
SB 375Establishing procedure for involuntary treatment of persons suffering from alcohol and other drug abuse disorders01/25/16
SB 377Relating to liability of spouses or relatives to assist in paying for indigent funeral service expenses01/25/16
SB 401Establishing criteria for hospital be designated comprehensive stroke center01/27/16
SB 409Requiring health insurers contract with physicians and health care facility providing services to Medicaid and Medicare recipients01/27/16
SB 433Allowing advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants to complete physician orders for scope of treatment01/29/16
SB 467Creating new simplified and expedited certificate of need process02/02/16
SB 490Requiring managed care programs participate with health providers providing services to Medicaid recipients02/03/16
SB 506Modifying local boards of health02/04/16
SB 519Clarifying requirements for license to practice as advanced practice registered nurse02/04/16
SB 530Authorizing Community Health Equity Initiative Demonstration Project02/05/16
SB 561Setting rates for accident and sickness insurance02/10/16
SB 566Creating new tax on insurance reserves held by accident and sickness insurance carriers02/10/16
SB 569Regulation of chronic pain clinics03/04/16
SB 572Defining criteria private insurance carriers must consider in setting rates02/10/16
SB 609Relating to jurisdiction of Health Care Authority02/16/16
SB 629Regarding reports by Board of Pharmacy02/18/16
SB 640Creating Compassionate Use Act for Medical Cannabis02/20/16
SB 651Modifying controlled substance monitoring program02/20/16
SB 652Prohibiting DHHR from discontinuing bundled service funding and reimbursement system02/20/16
SB 664Relating to licensing practice of athletic training02/22/16
SB 694Regulation of pharmacy benefits managers02/22/16
SB 699Reauthorizing amendment allowing certain food products produced in private home kitchen for sale at farmers market02/22/16
HB 4183Relating generally to reporting opioid overdoses03/02/16
HB 4197Allowing required HIV and hepatitis testing for the protection of law- enforcement officers who may have been exposed02/23/16
HB 4248Relating to methadone regulation03/02/16
HB 4358Relating to out of state physicians and surgeons traveling with sports teams within this state02/27/16
HB 4470Expanding newborn testing to include Adrenoleukodystrophy02/24/16
HB 4480The Ryan Brown Addiction Treatment Act03/02/16
HB 4727Relating to state plan amendments02/29/16
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