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HCR 1 Extending an invitation to his Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/11/12
HCR 2 The "PVT Ervin L. Arnold Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 3 The "Warrant Officer Dale Shaheen Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 4 The "Gordon M. Sorrell Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 5 The "Adkins Brothers Memorial Road"02/08/12
HCR 6 The "John Charles Giese Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 7 The "Second Lieutenant Theodore Remington Woo Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 8 The "All-American Rod Thorn Interchange"02/22/12
HCR 11 The "Cpl. Druey L. Hatfield Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 12 The "Cpl. Robert F. Lohr Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 13 The "Reverend Glenn White Jr. Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 14 The LCPL Danny M. Greene Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 15 The "Technician Fifth Grade Victor A. Osburn Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 16 The "Staff Sergeant Cecil Y. Ware Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 17 The "Chester William Fields Sr. Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 18 The "Aster C. Adkins Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 19 The "Staff Sergeant Raymond Armentrout Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 20 The "SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters Memorial Bridge"03/05/12
HCR 21 The "Junior Ellsworth Reed Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 25 The "Samuel L. 'Monty' Shelton Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 26 The "Worthington Veterans Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 27 Including West Virginia Route 80 in Mingo County as a Blue Star Memorial Highway02/08/12
HCR 28 The "L/CPL David Lee Cosner Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 30 Requesting a sign honoring Anna Wallace be placed at the intersection of U. S. Route 219 and West Virginia Route 39 at Mill Point02/28/12
HCR 31 The "GMGC Bobby Lee Jarrell United States Navy Memorial Bridge"02/08/12
HCR 32 Erecting signs at either end of Quiet Dell, Harrison County, that reads "Home of Hershel Woodrow 'Woody' Williams: United States Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient"02/28/12
HCR 35 The "Sergeant Larry W. Kinder Memorial Highway"02/22/12
HCR 37 The "PFC James J. Waters Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 38 The "Vietnam Veteran Highway, In Honor of Cpl. Robert Lee Fleck, Sgt. Nile Dean Shumate, Cpl. Dana Edward Nelson and Cpl. James Charles Crose"02/22/12
HCR 39 The "PFC Herbert B. Murphy Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 40 The "Norbert E. Eagloski Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 41 The ''Sgt. Dewey Marcum Memorial Bridge''.02/08/12
HCR 42 The ''Staff Sergeant Sidney H. Blankenship Memorial Bridge''02/08/12
HCR 49 The "LTC Spencer J. Campbell Memorial Bridge"03/07/12
HCR 50 The "Captain John Hanson McNeill CSA Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 51 The "Robert Earchil Adams Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 52 The "George William Brumfield Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 55 The "Walter R. Akers Memorial Intersection"02/22/12
HCR 56 The "Lucille Stalnaker Bridge"02/22/12
HCR 57 The "Pearsall Land Grant Trace"02/22/12
HCR 59 Expressing support for improvement in the collection, processing and consumption of recyclable materials throughout the State03/10/12
HCR 60 The "Tpr. Hugh D. Swartz Memorial Barracks"02/22/12
HCR 62 Requesting that the sacrifice and service of the crew members of the U.S.S. West Virginia be recognized and rewarded for their actions during the Battle of Suriago Strait03/05/12
HCR 63 The "Dewayne Phillip Morgan Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 65 The "Perry Brothers Memorial Highway"02/22/12
HCR 68 Declaring the City of Beckley's Exhibition Coal Mine as the official Exhibition Coal Mine of West Virginia03/05/12
HCR 70 The "Jones Brothers Memorial Bridge"03/05/12
HCR 72 The "Tim Belt Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 73 Honoring the members of the 78th Infantry Division and Proclaiming April 4, 2012 as 78th Lightning Division Day03/05/12
HCR 74 Requesting the state congressional delegation to ask the US Department of State to make certain demands on the government of the United Arab Emirates03/10/12
HCR 75 The "McCellan Highway and Jerry Lee Richards Memorial Highway"03/08/12
HCR 76 The "Cory Matthew Price Memorial Road"03/05/12
HCR 77 Declaring that the month of September be proclaimed as Take Pride in America Month beginning with September, 201203/10/12
HCR 78 The "Staff Sergeant Sidney H. Blankenship Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 79 The "Jack D. Miller Memorial Bridge"03/06/12
HCR 81 The "Joe 'Bug' Marcum Memorial Bridge"03/05/12
HCR 83 The "Vernon Craddock Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
HCR 84 The "First Lieutenant Charles (Chuck) Barrett II Memorial Bridge"03/06/12
HCR 86 The "USMC PFC Woodrow Wilson Barr Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
HCR 87 The "U.S. Army Tech/Sgt. James 'Aubrey' Stewart Memorial Highway"02/28/12
HCR 88 The "1st Lt. Therrel Shane Childers Memorial Bridge"03/05/12
HCR 89 The "PFC Rodney Kent Ranson Memorial Bridge"03/05/12
HCR 92 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to study the funding of the needs of community and technical colleges in this state03/10/12
HCR 94 The "Hunnicutt Family Highway"03/05/12
HCR 96 The "Fields Brothers Memorial Highway"03/10/12
HCR 100 The "Donald J. Bragg Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
HCR 103 The "Tennis 'TK' Killen Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
HCR 105 The "Specialist Fourth Class Lewis Dayton Moles Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
HCR 112 Recognizing and welcoming the Turkish Delegation from the Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Businessmen Association03/07/12
HCR 126 Celebrating the life and lamenting the passing of Hulett C. Smith, the Twenty-Seventh Governor of the State of West Virginia03/10/12
HCR 131 Extending the Committee of Conference relating to consideration of H. B. 423603/10/12
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of Eightieth Legislature, 201201/11/12
HR 2 Authorizing the Committee on Rules to arrange a Special Calendar and providing for making public the vote on certain questions in connection with the preparation thereof01/11/12
HR 3 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/11/12
HR 4 Designating January 12, 2012, as "Transportation Day at the Capitol"01/12/12
HR 6 Recognizing the statewide contributions of the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia01/17/12
HR 7 Designating January 18, 2012 as "Disability Advocacy Day"01/18/12
HR 11 Designating February 1, 2012 as "Community Action Day"02/01/12
HR 12 Recognizing Professional Social Workers on February 1, 201202/01/12
HR 13 Celebrating the history and contributions of the Bluefield Coal Show to Mercer County and the West Virginia coal industry02/23/12
HR 18 Designating February 6, 2012, as "Corrections Day"02/06/12
HR 19 Designating that the month of May be proclaimed as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month beginning in 201202/09/12
HR 20 Commemorating the passing of Andrew L. "Andy" Clark Sr., prominent community, business and civic leader of Princeton, West Virginia02/14/12
HR 21 Designating that February 15, 2012 be proclaimed as West Virginia Nurses Unity Day02/15/12
HR 22 Recognizing and memorializing John Robert "J.R." Clifford as the first African American lawyer in West Virginia02/15/12
HR 23 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Donald L. Stemple, businessman, statesman, civic leader, veteran and farmer02/15/12
HR 24 Commemorating the life of the Honorable Paul J. Otte, businessman, public servant and veteran02/15/12
HR 25 Designating Thursday, February 16, 2012, as "Generation West Virginia Day" at the Legislature02/16/12
HR 26 Designating Monday, February 20, 2012, as "Veterans Visibility Day"02/20/12
HR 27 Designating February 22, 2012, as "West Virginia Home School Day"02/22/12
HR 28 Designating September 26 as "Mesothelioma Awareness Day"03/02/12
HR 29 Recognizing the Blue Ridge Chapter of the National MS Society02/24/12
HR 31 Designating February 28, 2012, as "Marshall University Day"02/28/12
HR 33 Designating March 1, 2012, as "Crime Victims Day at the Legislature"03/01/12
HR 34 Paying tribute to the outstanding career and service of John A. Roberts, upon the occasion of his retirement as Doorkeeper of the West Virginia House of Delegates03/01/12
HR 35 Celebrating the life and lamenting the death of Larry Willis Border, pharmacist, farmer, developer, beloved husband, father and grandfather, and member of the House of Delegates03/05/12
HR 36 Paying tribute to the long and colorful career of Oce W. Smith, Jr., Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Delegates, from the County of Marion03/06/12
HR 37 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Frederick "Sonny" Peddicord III, businessman and dedicated public servant03/07/12
HR 39 Expressing concern of the House of Delegates of the number of unintended pregnancies of West Virginia women and urging acknowledgment of state policies and agencies attempting to limit unintended pregnancies03/09/12
HR 40 Expressing concern of the House of Delegates to the steady growth in the number and cost of taxpayer funded abortions and urging that the issue of public funding of abortions be reevaluated in view of advances in medical knowledge and the expansion of Medicaid coverage03/09/12
HR 41 Expressing concern regarding recent actions of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 03/10/12
HR 42 Urging the United States Army Corps of Engineers to complete all preservation and restoration work at the General Albert Gallatin Jenkins House, so that it may be opened to the public03/10/12
HR 43 Recognizing the dedicated service of West Virginia's Family Physicians to the Legislature, on the 23rd Anniversary of the "Doc for a Day Program" program03/09/12
HR 44 Amending Rule 84 of the Rules of the House of Delegates, relating to Committee Hearings03/10/12
SCR 1 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mingo County "Brittany Nicole Dentro Memorial Bridge"02/02/12
SCR 2 Requesting DOH name bridge in Monongalia County "Colonel Zackquill Morgan Memorial Bridge"02/02/12
SCR 7 Requesting DOH name bridge in Clendenin, Kanawha County, "Smith Brothers Memorial Bridge"02/02/12
SCR 10 Requesting DOH name bridge in Breeden, Mingo County, "Jacob & Ellen Vance Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
SCR 12 Requesting DOH name bridge in Cassity, Randolph County, "Major Arnold James Zirkle Memorial Bridge"02/13/12
SCR 13 Requesting DOH name portion of Lincoln County Rt. 8 "Platoon Sergeant John C. Fitzwater Memorial Road"02/28/12
SCR 14 Requesting DOH name bridge in Nicholas County "Lee Tucker Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
SCR 15 Requesting DOH name portion of U. S. Rt. 60 in Rainelle, Greenbrier County, "Major Jackie Willard Sanford Street"02/20/12
SCR 16 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wetzel County "Ralph Ice Bridge"02/29/12
SCR 17 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Fred York Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
SCR 19 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wetzel County "Lt. Howard R. 'Bob' Crothers Memorial Bridge"02/23/12
SCR 20 Requesting DOH name portion of Wayne County Rt. 35 "Crum Brothers Memorial Highway"02/29/12
SCR 21 Requesting DOH name bridge in McDowell County "Adam Bailey Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
SCR 23 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Sgt. Ollie McComas, Jr., Memorial Bridge"02/22/12
SCR 24 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mingo County "Reverend Arnold and Nell Mollette Memorial Bridge"02/28/12
SCR 25 Requesting DOH name portion of Rt. 62 in Mason County "1SG Robert Nicholas Barton II Memorial Highway"02/28/12
SCR 28 Requesting Secretary of Administration maintain historical display of Capitol construction03/10/12
SCR 30 Requesting DOH name portion of Rt. 85 in Boone County "BM2 Michael V. Dunlap and PFC Darrell E. Dunlap Memorial Highway"03/02/12
SCR 31 Requesting DOH name portion of Logan County Rt. 10 "Terry Lee Vance II Memorial Highway"03/10/12
SCR 32 Requesting DOH name portion of Rt. 10 in Lincoln County "Jerry Lee Richards Memorial Highway"03/10/12
SCR 35 Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study municipal property tax distribution03/10/12
SCR 36 Requesting DOH name bridge in McDowell County "Corporal John A. Gero Memorial Bridge"03/02/12
SCR 39 Requesting DOH name bridge in Berkeley County "Dr. Max O. and Evelyn S. Oates Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 41 Requesting DOH name bridge in Raleigh County "Fire Captain Fred Burroughs Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 43 Requesting DOH name bridge in Roane County "Corder Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 44 Requesting DOH name portion of I-79 in Monongalia County "Charles J. Whiston Interchange"03/08/12
SCR 47 Requesting DOH name portion of WV Rt. 129 in Nicholas County "St. Patrick Boulevard"03/10/12
SCR 50 Requesting DOH name bridge in Monongalia County "Lt. Col. Carroll Baxter Lilly Memorial Bridge"03/09/12
SCR 51 Requesting DOH name bridge in Man, Logan County, "Cox Joe Gollie Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 56 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mingo County "James A. Bowers, Sr., Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 57 Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study state's cooperative purchasing process03/10/12
SCR 77 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mercer County "Christine West Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 78 Requesting DOH name bridge in McDowell County "PFC Walter T. Lester Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
SCR 83 Requesting DOH name bridge in McDowell County "Charles H. 'Charlie' Spencer Memorial Bridge"03/10/12
SR 1 Raising committee to notify House Senate has assembled01/11/12
SR 2 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/11/12
SR 3 Recognizing importance of highway system and urging its funding01/12/12
SR 4 Honoring Command Sergeant Major Roger C. Beverage01/23/12
SR 5 Recognizing contributions of Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences01/17/12
SR 6 Designating January 19, 2012, West Virginia Physical Activity Day01/19/12
SR 8 Congratulating Spring Valley volleyball team01/24/12
SR 9 Congratulating Concord University baseball team01/24/12
SR 10 Congratulating Wayne County High School football team01/25/12
SR 11 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees01/25/12
SR 12 Encouraging WV corporations endorse Marcellus Principles02/10/12
SR 13 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley01/30/12
SR 14 Honoring Pineville Volunteer Fire Department01/30/12
SR 15 Urging Governor appropriate funds for State Veterans Nursing Home in Beckley, Raleigh County02/07/12
SR 16 Urging Governor appropriate funds for veterans cemetery in southern WV02/14/12
SR 17 Designating February 1, 2012, Community Action Day02/01/12
SR 18 Designating February 1, 2012, Digital Learning Day02/01/12
SR 19 Designating February 1, 2012, Social Work Day02/01/12
SR 20 Recognizing Society of Human Resource Management02/01/12
SR 22 Recognizing Kelsey Zuspan02/03/12
SR 23 Designating February 6, 2012, Corrections Day02/06/12
SR 24 Designating February 7, 2012, Women's Day02/07/12
SR 25 Designating February 10, 2012, Higher Education Day02/10/12
SR 26 Recognizing professional loggers02/14/12
SR 27 Recognizing pregnancy care center volunteers and paid staff02/14/12
SR 28 Memorializing life of Dr. Mildred Mitchell-Bateman02/14/12
SR 29 Designating February 15, 2012, Nurses Unity Day02/15/12
SR 30 Designating February 16, 2012, Generation West Virginia Day02/16/12
SR 31 Recognizing Ryan Switzer02/16/12
SR 32 Designating February 20, 2012, Veterans Visibility Day02/20/12
SR 33 Designating February 20, 2012, Jefferson County Day02/20/12
SR 34 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson02/20/12
SR 35 Recognizing Town of Shepherdstown02/20/12
SR 36 Designating February 21, 2012, WVU and WVU Extension Day02/21/12
SR 37 Congratulating Concord University Mountain Lions football team02/21/12
SR 38 Designating February 22, 2012, WV Home School Day02/22/12
SR 39 Designating February 22, 2012, WV Community and Technical College Board of Governors Association Day02/22/12
SR 40 Urging US Army Corps of Engineers complete work at General Albert Gallatin Jenkins House02/23/12
SR 41 Congratulating Martinsburg High School football team02/23/12
SR 42 Congratulating Ruth Ryan Lemmon02/23/12
SR 43 Memorializing life of The Honorable Lloyd George Jackson02/27/12
SR 44 Recognizing WV Youth Symphony02/27/12
SR 45 Designating February 28, 2012, Marshall University Day02/28/12
SR 46 Affirming sister-state relationship between WV and Taiwan Province, Republic of China02/29/12
SR 47 Designating March 1, 2012, Crime Victims Day03/01/12
SR 48 Designating September 26, 2012, Mesothelioma Awareness Day03/02/12
SR 49 Recognizing West Liberty University03/02/12
SR 50 Recognizing Gus R. Douglass03/02/12
SR 51 Designating March 6, 2012, Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Awareness Day03/06/12
SR 52 Recognizing Girl Scouts of United States of America03/07/12
SR 53 Designating March 7, 2012, Preston County Day03/07/12
SR 54 Recognizing Honorable John Pat Fanning03/07/12
SR 55 Designating March "American Red Cross Month"03/08/12
SR 56 Recognizing Andy Ridenour and Linda McSparin03/08/12
SR 57 Congratulating Wayne County High School Career Technical Education programs03/08/12
SR 58 Memorializing Michael Thomas Barrett03/09/12
SR 59 Recognizing family physicians' service to Doc of the Day program03/09/12
SR 60 Commemorating 75th anniversary of Real Estate Commission03/09/12
SR 61 Recognizing Honorable Karen Facemyer03/10/12
SR 62 Recognizing Honorable Dan Foster03/10/12
SR 63 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/16/12
SR 64 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/16/12
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