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There are 112 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 145Limiting gubernatorial authority to spend certain federal funds without appropriation of Legislature01/11/24
SB 174Authorizing DOH pay current obligations from State Road Fund01/10/24
SB 180Supplementary appropriation to Department of Economic Development01/11/24
SB 184Authorizing child or child care tax credit01/10/24
SB 208Establishing tax credit for certain physicians who locate to practice in WV01/17/24
SB 209Exempting certain irrevocable trusts from personal income tax01/11/24
SB 227Prompt Payment Act of 202401/11/24
SB 228Requiring medically necessary care and treatment to address congenital anomalies associated with cleft lip and cleft palate01/22/24
SB 231Clarifying wind power projects taxation01/24/24
SB 239Clarifying when excess funds accumulated by boards are to be transferred to General Revenue Fund01/11/24
SB 252Permitting Commissioner of DOH to make money transfers within State Road Fund01/11/24
SB 253Establishing minimum student enrollment for school aid formula01/17/24
SB 258Increasing tax credit for employers providing child care for employees01/11/24
SB 259Requiring Higher Education Policy Commission to create and administer PROMISE Plus Program01/22/24
SB 266Increasing Homestead Property Tax Exemption for homeowners01/11/24
SB 267Adding grievance and appellate procedures for individuals participating in DMV safety and treatment program01/18/24
SB 289Exempting Social Security payments from state income tax01/11/24
SB 294Relating to increase of tax rate on certain eligible acute care hospitals01/11/24
SB 298Providing tax credit to certain disabled veterans for lifetime hunting, trapping, and fishing license01/24/24
SB 309Authorizing child or childcare tax credit.01/12/24
SB 313Requiring doula services be covered and reimbursed by Medicaid and PEIA01/29/24
SB 315Exempting ad valorem property tax on property used for divine worship, educational, and charitable purposes01/12/24
SB 323Creating tax credit related to childcare expenses01/12/24
SB 327Providing funding for Hope Scholarship Program01/12/24
SB 332Relating to roadable aircraft on WV highways01/23/24
SB 335Modifying witness fee and mileage rate paid by state to match federal court system01/18/24
SB 336Return to WV Tax Credit Act01/12/24
SB 347Exempting Social Security from personal income tax01/12/24
SB 371Exempting capital gains from personal and corporate taxation01/12/24
SB 373Providing tax credit to corporations for existing employer-provided child care facilities01/12/24
SB 397Exempting high tunnels and greenhouses from personal property taxes01/30/24
SB 410Requiring all state buildings provide private room for nursing or breastfeeding purposes01/26/24
SB 432Clarifying when funds accumulated by boards may be transferred to General Revenue Fund 01/12/24
SB 433Removing prohibition against moneys in certain professional nurses funds reverting to General Revenue Fund01/12/24
SB 440Establishing salaries for secretaries of Department of Health, Department of Human Services, and Department of Health Facilities01/12/24
SB 450Requiring photo ID on EBT cards01/22/24
SB 458Relating to personal income tax Social Security exemption01/16/24
SB 459Increasing senior citizen property tax credit and expanding eligibility requirements01/16/24
SB 460Providing for child and dependent care credit against personal income tax01/16/24
SB 478Establishing Energy Intensive Industrial or Manufacturing Consumer Tax Credit01/17/24
SB 484Extending in-state tuition rates to all members, veterans and spouses of National Guard, Reserves and armed forces01/17/24
SB 485Increasing annual salaries of certain state employees01/17/24
SB 496Prohibiting racial discrimination based on certain hair textures and hairstyles02/23/24
SB 502Allowing Teachers Retirement System members to exchange unused leave for monetary compensation01/26/24
SB 508Exempting non-grantor trusts administered in state from personal income taxation01/23/24
SB 512Clarifying non-agricultural status of solar farms02/06/24
SB 513Changing distribution of income from excess lottery fund01/23/24
SB 514Creating Lung Cancer Prevention and Education Act02/07/24
SB 518Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax01/23/24
SB 556Relating to DNA data maintained for law-enforcement purposes02/13/24
SB 564Modifying tax credits for certain apprenticeship training02/08/24
SB 572Creating Forensic Pathology Recruitment Program02/07/24
SB 579Providing cost-of-living adjustment for certain public employees and teachers01/26/24
SB 581Requiring correctional facilities to provide free feminine hygiene products 02/09/24
SB 598Relating generally to Hope Scholarship Program02/01/24
SB 617Exempting certain meat processes from consumers sales and service tax02/08/24
SB 619Modifying levy rates resulting from increased valuation yield02/02/24
SB 639Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Commerce, Office of Secretary02/05/24
SB 640Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Economic Development, Office of Secretary02/05/24
SB 641Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Education, Aid for Exceptional Children02/05/24
SB 642Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Veterans' Assistance02/05/24
SB 645Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Administration, Division of Finance02/05/24
SB 646Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Education, State Board of Education02/05/24
SB 647Supplementing and amending appropriations to Governor's Office, Civil Contingent Fund02/05/24
SB 648Supplementing and amending appropriations to Adjutant General, State Militia02/05/24
SB 651Supplementing and amending appropriations to WV Economic Development Authority02/05/24
SB 654Supplementing and amending appropriations to Executive, Governor's Office02/05/24
SB 655Supplementing and amending appropriations to Higher Education Policy Commission, Control Account02/05/24
SB 660Expiring funds to General Revenue Surplus from Personal Income Tax Reserve Fund02/05/24
SB 662Supplementing and amending appropriations to Higher Education Policy Commission, Administration02/05/24
SB 664Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Revenue, Office of Tax Appeals02/05/24
SB 666Supplementing and amending appropriations to DEP, Division of Environmental Protection02/05/24
SB 670Reallocating portion of fire insurance and casualty premium tax to Municipal Pensions Security Fund in certain circumstances02/15/24
SB 672Requiring coverage of home blood pressure monitoring devices for certain Medicaid recipients02/21/24
SB 682Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Agriculture02/07/24
SB 684Setting medical loss ratio for managed care contracts with Bureau for Medical Services02/07/24
SB 706Supplementing and amending appropriations to Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Fees Fund02/07/24
SB 728Modifying retirement and disability benefits for dependents of State Police 02/09/24
SB 733Authorizing replacement of Robert C. Byrd statue with statue of George Washington02/09/24
SB 737Eliminating tax exemption of state-owned real property02/09/24
SB 743Relating to Bureau for Medical Services’ medically supervised weight loss program02/21/24
SB 756Increasing salary of state mine inspectors02/12/24
SB 758Relating to unlawful expenditures by local fiscal bodies02/16/24
SB 771Distributing funds to volunteer fire departments in counties with excess levy or fees02/13/24
SB 784Authorizing Department of Homeland Security to assist with border security in Texas02/14/24
SB 789Establishing Medicaid cost containment measures02/14/24
SB 800Providing water filtration equipment to residents whose water is deemed unsafe02/15/24
SB 818Providing pay raise for state road employees02/16/24
SB 833Supplementing and amending appropriations to Division of Culture and History02/16/24
SB 835Modifying payment for housing and maintenance of inmates02/16/24
SB 860Creating alternative high-risk population public charter schools02/24/24
SB 863Applying excise tax to heated nicotine products02/19/24
HB 4507Creating a tax credit for improving facades in historic districts02/28/24
HB 4548Relating to authorizing application of the manufacturing investment tax credit and the manufacturing property tax adjustment credit against personal income tax02/28/24
HB 4549Relating to consumers sales and service tax and use tax exemption for certain goods to be incorporated into a qualified, new or expanded warehouse or distribution facility02/28/24
HB 4640Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities02/20/24
HB 4717Relating to terminating the authority of the Director of the Purchasing Division to impose a certain annual fee upon vendors02/19/24
HB 4722Create a credit against the severance tax to encourage private companies to make infrastructure improvements to highways, roads and bridges in this state03/04/24
HB 4734To provide a pay increase to state correctional workers in West Virginia02/29/24
HB 4754Exempting the processing of beef, pork or lamb by a slaughterhouse for an individual owner of the product processed from the Consumer Sales and Service Tax02/16/24
HB 5025To repeal the additional one and one-half percent interest rate for underpayments and specify an effective date02/28/24
HB 5065Regarding continuing education requirements and compensation of Guardians Ad Litem03/04/24
HB 5083Create mechanism for towing companies in WV to quickly access owner information.03/04/24
HB 5134Deceased Disabled Veteran Real Property Exemption for Widowed Spouses03/04/24
HB 5161To create a “digital wallet” to keep all certifications/licensure accrued by the person in one place02/29/24
HB 5248Relating to the regulation of behavioral health centers02/27/24
HB 5254Relating generally to the creation of mental hygiene regions by the Supreme Court of Appeals03/04/24
HB 5443Clarifying that electronic data processing services are to be included in the valuation of specialized high-technology property02/19/24
HB 5458Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Higher Education Policy Commission, administration, control account03/06/24
HB 5595Relating to shortened procedure for road condition claims03/04/24
HB 5647Increasing and maintaining the bracketed tax rates on the privilege of establishing or operating a health maintenance organization02/24/24
HB 5699Supplementing and amending appropriations to the Department of Arts, Culture, and History, Division of Culture and History 03/06/24
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