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There are 38 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 178Relating to dental health care service plans01/15/24
HB 4020Prohibit Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from making inmates pay co-payment for medical or dental service by a doctor or nurse01/10/24
HB 4024Requiring medical insurance providers to include infertility services in their policies01/10/24
HB 4183Increasing access to contraceptive drugs, devices, and procedures01/10/24
HB 4184Requiring the Public Employees Agency and other health insurance providers to provide mental health parity01/10/24
HB 4216To reaffirm and enhance the workers compensation exclusive remedy rule or doctrine01/10/24
HB 4238Screening for adverse childhood experiences01/10/24
HB 4342Make gold and silver legal tender in WV01/10/24
HB 4374Better protect citizens in the event of a car accident with an uninsured motorist01/10/24
HB 4409Relating to property taxes dedicated to volunteer fire departments01/10/24
HB 4448Permitting former members of the Legislature to remain eligible for insurance plans at full cost to the member and at no cost to the state01/10/24
HB 4456To remove the helmet law in West Virginia.01/10/24
HB 4489Establishing the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Benefits Act01/10/24
HB 4515State Living Donor Protection Act01/10/24
HB 4582Allowing treasurer to invest in gold and silver01/10/24
HB 4617Relating to insurance coverage for breast cancer screening01/11/24
HB 4631Creating the Paid Parental Leave Pilot Program01/11/24
HB 4644Prohibiting use of a person’s credit history in certain insurance transactions01/12/24
HB 4780Reorganizing the Board of Banking and Financial Institutions, the Division of Financial Institutions, and the Lending and Credit Rate Board 01/16/24
HB 4869To provide expansion of the Prudent Layperson Statute to include payment when no transportation is provided.01/17/24
HB 4913Relating to the Uniform Special Deposits Act01/18/24
HB 4931Relating to Insurance carrier Requirement for Health Coverage Plans01/19/24
HB 4950Requiring all insurance companies doing business in the state to be required to notify policy holder of changes01/22/24
HB 4979To provide for the coordination of programs to prevent and treat obesity01/22/24
HB 4997Relating to coverage for the treatment of stuttering.01/22/24
HB 5000Modifying the method in which credit card providers issue cards to users before the expiration date01/22/24
HB 5032Require hospitals under Certificate of Need to accept PEIA 01/23/24
HB 5104Increasing mandatory insurance coverage limits for proof of financial responsibility01/25/24
HB 5183 Insurance must cover Bioidentical hormones as they do pharmaceutical one01/25/24
HB 5190Insurance must cover physical, speech and occupational therapy once children are school age01/25/24
HB 5217Recognizing United States currency as legal tender for all transacations private and public.01/26/24
HB 5218Relating to placing a cap on insurance copays01/26/24
HB 5244Relating to portable benefit plans01/26/24
HB 5259To promote the security of West Virginia motorists to account for increased costs of property damages, healthcare, and inflation.01/29/24
HB 5489Relating to removing the tax exemption for credit unions.02/06/24
HB 5618Relating to cost sharing for diagnostic and supplemental breast examinations02/12/24
HB 5649Relating generally to the use of gold and silver as legal tender in the State of West Virginia02/13/24
HB 5681Prohibit insurance rates in WV from being based upon Credit scores.02/13/24
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