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Bill Status - 2010 Regular Session

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There are 92 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 1Redesignating Division of Veterans' Affairs Department of Veterans' Assistance02/22/10
SB 16Creating WV Manufacturing Competitiveness and Growth Act02/08/10
SB 17Providing certain retirees personal income tax adjustment01/13/10
SB 18Allowing federal adjusted gross income deduction for certain health insurance expenses02/05/10
SB 22Changing federal poverty guideline qualifier for senior citizens' homestead tax credit01/13/10
SB 33Relating to managed timberland valuation01/13/10
SB 36Allowing federal adjusted gross income deductible for certain health insurance expenses01/13/10
SB 46Compensating state troopers for call-back time01/13/10
SB 65Providing certain medical providers tax credit01/13/10
SB 68Relating to Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Checkoff Program01/13/10
SB 71Increasing certain Division of Corrections' employees salaries and increment pay01/13/10
SB 72Providing certain retired conservation officers' state income tax exemption01/13/10
SB 91Reducing certain fuels' wholesale tax01/13/10
SB 105Relating to natural resources property assessment02/16/10
SB 106Relating to certain volunteer firefighters' benefits01/13/10
SB 125Providing certain retired teachers state income tax exemption01/13/10
SB 127Reinstating high-growth business investment tax credit02/01/10
SB 131Relating to school employees' unused donated personal leave days02/19/10
SB 135Providing certain retired teachers state income tax exemption01/13/10
SB 137Exempting Social Security income from state personal income tax01/13/10
SB 141Providing foundation allowance for professional student support personnel01/27/10
SB 143Relating to salary bonus for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification02/05/10
SB 155Exempting certain amount of state pensions and Social Security benefits from state income tax01/13/10
SB 160Exempting military retirement from personal income tax 01/13/10
SB 162Eliminating certain taxes on behavioral health providers01/13/10
SB 171Providing low income workers refundable tax credit01/13/10
SB 172Providing certain taxpayers earned income tax credit01/13/10
SB 197Authorizing State Police administer DNA identification system02/24/10
SB 202Providing certain volunteer firefighters state income tax exemption01/13/10
SB 206Relating to Friends of Coal license plate01/27/10
SB 212Relating to higher education capital facilities 01/20/10
SB 222Relating to electronic tax filing 01/14/10
SB 231Creating personal income tax credit for spaying or neutering pets01/18/10
SB 323Authorizing DOT promulgate legislative rule relating to valuation of used rolling stock and equipment03/13/10
SB 327Creating Office for Oral Health 01/29/10
SB 329Creating Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs02/10/10
SB 330Creating WV Partnership to Promote Community Well-Being Act02/05/10
SB 333Determining Deputy Sheriff Retirement System employer contribution rate02/04/10
SB 341Creating DHHR Safety and Treatment Fund02/03/10
SB 343Increasing minimum age for ending compulsory school attendance02/10/10
SB 347Creating WV Transportation Finance Commission02/24/10
SB 351Requiring antiracial profiling training for certain law-enforcement officers02/11/10
SB 357Extending Hazardous Waste Management Fee Fund sunset provision01/27/10
SB 370Establishing cap on groundwater protection fees02/11/10
SB 383Increasing Enhanced 911 Wireless Tower Access Assistance Fund allocation03/13/10
SB 386Increasing number of State Police02/05/10
SB 392Adding small scale development and ancillary project component to Tourism Development Act02/02/10
SB 423Providing dentists tax incentive for free indigent dental care02/01/10
SB 430Increasing retirement income exemption for certain state and federal retirees02/01/10
SB 437Creating WV Voluntary Employee Retirement Accounts Program02/04/10
SB 439Relating to Tax Procedure and Administration Act penalties02/02/10
SB 444Increasing Employee Suggestion Award Board cash award02/18/10
SB 450Exempting certain public employers and employees from requirements of certain insurance provisions02/24/10
SB 451Clarifying available adoption or legal guardianship subsidy circumstances02/19/10
SB 460Relating to business registration tax02/03/10
SB 469Providing certain firefighters tax credit02/04/10
SB 474Creating Green Buildings Act02/11/10
SB 476Creating WV Innovation and Development Act02/12/10
SB 497Creating WV Small Business Assistance Program Act02/19/10
SB 500Extending expiration date reducing federal adjusted gross income for state personal income tax02/08/10
SB 508Relating to recovering costs for private landowner timber sale preparation02/23/10
SB 513Creating Volunteer Firefighters Length of Service Awards Program02/09/10
SB 536Establishing industrial fire permits and fee for forests and wildlife areas02/18/10
SB 537Authorizing real property transfer tax collected by state be paid to counties02/18/10
SB 540Reducing federal adjusted income for election officials02/25/10
SB 565Requiring state boards maintain permanent public office space02/25/10
SB 569Making certain part-time employees eligible for unemployment compensation02/12/10
SB 572Authorizing Children's Health Insurance Program Board establish coverage criteria03/13/10
SB 580Providing full-time nursing educators certain tax credit02/24/10
SB 589Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals02/26/10
SB 600Setting salary range for Lottery Director and Adjutant General02/24/10
SB 605Increasing nonintoxicating beer barrel tax02/18/10
SB 632Dedicating portion of severance tax revenue to counties and municipalities02/22/10
SB 640Relating to certain utility taxpayers' tax credit02/22/10
SB 647Compensating Attorney General's services at panel attorneys' rate02/22/10
SB 652Extending workers' compensation benefits for certain crime victim-related mental illnesses02/26/10
SB 654Authorizing tax credit for teachers for certain out-of-pocket school supply expenses02/22/10
SB 661Providing funds for TechConnectWV02/24/10
SB 662Providing funds to allow Tamarack Foundation to become private entity02/26/10
SB 666Transferring state agency workers' compensation programs' duties to Insurance Commissioner02/25/10
SB 674Relating to certain firefighters workers' compensation claims02/25/10
SB 686Relating to public charter schools03/02/10
SB 688Appraising certain rental housing property for ad valorem property tax purposes02/26/10
HB 2542"Jason Flatt Act of 2010"03/05/10
HB 2967Encouraging teachers who have achieved a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certificate to renew their certifications when they expire after ten years, and continuing the salary bonus for renewed certificates03/01/10
HB 4016Strengthening the Ethics Act financial disclosure filing requirements03/10/10
HB 4161Creating the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs03/02/10
HB 4162Providing a tax credit for obtaining certain certifications by the United States Green Building Council Leadership03/01/10
HB 4168Relating to the Emergency Medical Services Retirement System03/04/10
HB 4214Requiring review and approval of final settlements of Workers' Compensation awards03/09/10
HB 4314Regarding the valuation of motor vehicles and motorcycles for property tax assessment purposes03/09/10
HB 4666Establishing a grant program for substance abuse prevention03/12/10
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