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There are 26 Bills pending in Senate Transportation and Infrastructure




SB 206Establishing 80 miles per hour speed limit on interstate highways01/11/24
SB 213Permitting special registration plates for persons with medical conditions that cause erratic behavior01/11/24
SB 215Modifying permissible percentage of light transmission for sun screening devices used in automotive safety glazing01/11/24
SB 232Special Road Repair Fund01/11/24
SB 255Prohibiting parking fee for accessible parking space bearing international symbol of access01/11/24
SB 288Allocating proceeds of sales tax from sale of parts, tires, repair and maintenance services for motor vehicles to State Road Fund01/11/24
SB 368Establishing rebate for registration fees for hybrid vehicles01/12/24
SB 380Relating to mandatory state inspections of motor vehicles01/12/24
SB 419Requiring Commissioner of DOH to develop formula for allocating road funds among districts01/12/24
SB 536Prohibiting police officers with less than academy training from writing citations for traffic offenses on interstates 01/24/24
SB 569Allowing municipalities to complete work previously requested to DOH01/26/24
SB 592Authorizing DMV to provide images to Secretary of State for voter identification purposes01/30/24
SB 611Allowing prosecuting attorney vehicles to have flashing red warning lights01/31/24
SB 689Adding service fee to certain vehicle registration renewals for deposit into WV Deputy Sheriff's Retirement Fund02/07/24
SB 691Revising statute of annual inspection for commercial motor vehicles02/07/24
SB 713Adding new service fee for registration renewal of certain vehicles02/07/24
SB 809Allowing motor vehicle racing on county or municipal roads under certain circumstances02/15/24
SB 845Revising terms for renewing and reinstating commercial driver's license02/19/24
HB 4224Relating to performance metrics for the West Virginia Division of Highways02/13/24
HB 4697Add protections for WV residents who reside out of state for certain time periods from non-renewal of licenses and registration01/30/24
HB 4744Requiring certain non-discretionary procedures be strictly complied with by the West Virginia Parkways Authority before tolls, rents, fees or charges may be increased02/28/24
HB 4764Provide one trip temporary vehicle permits to be purchased and printed online01/30/24
HB 4766Require Division of Highways to place signage up 30 days prior to road closure01/30/24
HB 5064Relating to obtaining title to abandoned or junked motor vehicles abandoned on the property or place of business of an automobile dealer02/09/24
HB 5437Relating to time limits imposed on the Division of Highways to grant a highway entrance permit02/29/24
HB 5565Relating to requiring the Division of Motor Vehicles to provide an identification card for eligible released inmates02/28/24
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