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Bill Status - 2014 Regular Session

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There are 34 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




HB 2001Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal fire departments01/09/14
HB 2006Permitting counties, county boards of education and municipalities to impose an additional levy01/09/14
HB 2067Providing misdemeanor criminal penalty for failing to comply with law regarding sale, lease or disposition of municipal property01/09/14
HB 2227Increasing the minimum number of magisterial districts in a county01/09/14
HB 2380Relating to meeting and conference rights for members of police or fire departments employed by political subdivisions01/09/14
HB 2389Requiring county commissions to adopt county farmland protection programs01/09/14
HB 2423Allowing county fire companies and departments to charge reasonable reimbursement fees01/09/14
HB 2450Granting licensed real estate appraisers access to commercial or residential review documents01/09/14
HB 2467Requiring the county to reimburse a property owner of expenses incurred in contesting a reappraisal01/09/14
HB 2555Electing members of county school boards on a nonpartisan basis in general elections only01/09/14
HB 2556Waiving the publication requirements of financial statements for Class IV municipalities01/09/14
HB 2739Relating to the business and occupation tax01/09/14
HB 2924Authorizing counties to create urban growth boundaries01/09/14
HB 2957The County Home Rule Pilot Program01/09/14
HB 2993Allowing counties and municipalities to levy a sales tax on food and beverages sold at restaurants01/09/14
HB 3000Changing the Martinsburg public library to the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library01/09/14
HB 3048Authorizing county commissions to hear actions for ejectment and other actions01/09/14
HB 4007Prohibiting any state entity from forcing currently owner-occupied residences to be required to participate in a public sewer01/08/14
HB 4118Redistricting of the Senate into thirty four single senatorial districts01/09/14
HB 4123Electing members of county school boards on a nonpartisan basis in general elections01/09/14
HB 4125Providing for the collection of certain fees dedicated to pay civil legal fees for low income persons01/14/14
HB 4129Relating to the sale of real property by the Division of Highways01/14/14
HB 4171Requiring local governmental bodies to approve rules promulgated by local boards of health01/14/14
HB 4200Relating to possession of concealed deadly weapons in certain buildings owned by the state01/16/14
HB 4218Permitting counties to adopt certain ordinances relating to dogs and cats01/17/14
HB 4239Relating to counties01/21/14
HB 4246Placing on the ballot of voters whether the municipality should hold its future municipal elections on a state general election day01/21/14
HB 4321Requiring written notice from public service boards to users of delinquency and date of termination and discontinuance of service01/24/14
HB 4324Clarifying how members of regional airport authority boards are to be allocated01/24/14
HB 4329Authorizing county commissions to regulate parking on roads, ways, streets, avenues, drives and the like where it is needed in certain areas01/24/14
HB 4400Allowing deputy assessors to be residents of a contiguous county in a contiguous state02/04/14
HB 4547Relating to elections for vacancies in county offices02/14/14
HB 4562Changing the manner members are appointed to the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority02/17/14
HB 4567Establishing a new class of property on utility rights-of- ways and easements for taxation purposes02/17/14
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