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Bill Status - 2014 Regular Session

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There are 25 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 384Prohibiting certain insurers require policyholders use mail-order pharmacy02/18/14
HB 2039Giving the Insurance Commissioner the power to regulate and penalize self-insured employers01/09/14
HB 2055Increasing the amount of mine subsidence insurance reinsured by the board of risk management01/09/14
HB 2078Prohibiting the use of a credit score in casualty insurance rate filings01/09/14
HB 2081Making electronic payments subject to the same fees as are currently permitted for returned checks01/09/14
HB 2087Requiring regulated consumer lenders to provide a substantial benefit or a substantial benefit disclosure form for certain loans01/09/14
HB 2185Requiring insurance coverage of spouses and dependents for pregnancy and contraceptive services01/09/14
HB 2219Providing that members of the Legislature whose income is limited to their legislative compensation may be covered at the same rate as government employees01/09/14
HB 2282Prohibiting the use of a person's credit history in insurance transactions01/09/14
HB 2301Prohibiting declination or termination of property insurance based solely upon a home owner's possession of a certain breed of dog01/09/14
HB 2346The Uniform Debt Management Services Act01/09/14
HB 2410Prohibiting declination, cancellation or nonrenewal of a property insurance policy if the insured does not file a claim relating to the loss or damage to insured property01/09/14
HB 2412Ensuring that borrowers are provided accurate notice of their right to cure a default on any installment or other secured obligation01/09/14
HB 2439Determining the value of a motor vehicle in a claim01/09/14
HB 2551Prohibiting insurers from increasing premiums following payment of a claim in certain circumstances01/09/14
HB 2794Prohibiting declination or termination of property insurance based solely upon a home owner's possession of a certain breed of dog01/09/14
HB 2823Increasing the minimum proof of financial responsibility in motor vehicle insurance coverage01/09/14
HB 2972Providing for structured settlements for minors who are injured or otherwise suffer a loss01/09/14
HB 2977Requiring insurers issuing group accident and sickness insurance policies to certain employers to furnish claims loss experience01/09/14
HB 3010Limiting the use of credit information in connection with the declination and termination of property insurance01/09/14
HB 4116Permitting certain owners of residential real estate a limited exemption from certain licensing requirements01/09/14
HB 4497Relating to workers' compensation02/13/14
HB 4559Taking back the surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies to one percent02/17/14
HB 4580Removing immunity language and acknowledging the duty to act in good faith and fair dealing in the administration of insurance claims02/17/14
HB 4584State Bank of West Virginia02/17/14
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