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There are 97 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 298Increasing Enhanced 911 Wireless Tower Access Assistance Fund allocation04/02/09
SB 419Creating Healthy Lifestyles Restaurant Calorie Posting Program04/03/09
SB 519Authorizing Governor institute employee furlough program03/31/09
SB 674Requiring Division of Personnel Director develop demographic information survey03/31/09
HB 2016Providing for removal and election of Public Service Commissioners02/11/09
HB 2051Providing a two thousand eight dollar salary increase for each employee of the Division of Corrections02/11/09
HB 2056Relating to electronic and paper requisition format approved by the Auditor02/11/09
HB 2108Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project for a living elected public official02/11/09
HB 2112Creating an apprenticeship program for barbers and cosmetologists02/11/09
HB 2129Requiring bids under state contract to disclose the location of work to be performed or risk state termination of the contract02/11/09
HB 2243Creating the joint commission on technology and advanced communications02/12/09
HB 2290Relating to a no telephone solicitation contact (Do Not Call) list02/12/09
HB 2294Eliminating fees charged by the Criminal Identification Bureau to the State Police for providing certain information to volunteer fire departments02/12/09
HB 2301Prohibiting the demolition of a historic structure prior to a review of and the issuance of a permit by the Commissioner of the Division of Culture and History02/12/09
HB 2312Authorizing the National Coal Heritage Area Authority to assist in the historical, cultural, recreational and economic development of Coalwood Way02/12/09
HB 2319Creating a Sentencing Commission02/12/09
HB 2328Increasing the Public Service Commission appointees and requiring that there be one appointee from each congressional district and two at-large appointments02/12/09
HB 2337Authorizing the Governor to pay a nonbase building salary enhancement to eligible state employees02/12/09
HB 2382Salary increase for sanitarian employees of the division of health02/13/09
HB 2400Establishes the State Police as the entity which is authorized to issue administrative subpoenas to internet service providers in cases of suspected child pornography02/13/09
HB 2438Establishing the West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau Accreditation Board and requiring accreditation standards for convention and visitors bureaus02/16/09
HB 2461Creating a State Trail Authority within the West Virginia Development Office02/16/09
HB 2472Establishing a West Virginia State Trooper's Association leave donation program02/16/09
HB 2497Extending unemployment compensation benefits when special circumstances exist02/17/09
HB 2501West Virginia Public Employment Relations Act02/17/09
HB 2514Verifiable Science Act02/17/09
HB 2523Increasing compensation of membership of the West Virginia State Police02/17/09
HB 2553Permitting employee and retiree organizations to obtain state employees' home addresses02/17/09
HB 2563Allowing state employees to take paid leave to attend parent-teacher conference for their children02/17/09
HB 2564Limiting the exemption given to buildings used wholly as dwelling houses for no more than two families to those buildings only when owner-occupied02/17/09
HB 2571Relating to privatization contracts02/17/09
HB 2572Relating to classification of retail licenses for the sale of liquor02/18/09
HB 2590Requiring the Department of Health and Human Resources to maintain information for public dissemination relative to judicial bypasses to the requirement of parental notification relative to abortions performed on minors02/18/09
HB 2591Requiring annual adjustments of certain provider payments02/18/09
HB 2592Providing Good Friday as a state legal holiday02/18/09
HB 2632Modifying the West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority's power to charge tolls and issue bonds02/18/09
HB 2641Requiring the Commissioner of Corrections to keep track of repeat offenses committed by persons convicted of sexual offenses against children02/18/09
HB 2643Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project which receives any operating or construction moneys from state sources or state taxpayers02/18/09
HB 2649Relating to confidential records02/18/09
HB 2658Requiring state offices, agencies, boards and commissions to submit annual reports electronically02/19/09
HB 2665Authorizing mixed martial arts competitions02/19/09
HB 2674Allowing the Supreme Court of Appeals to establish a uniform bail schedule02/19/09
HB 2680Relating to increasing the environmental protection advisory council membership to nine members02/19/09
HB 2683Increasing the amount allocated from the wireless enhanced 911 fee to be deposited into the enhanced 911 wireless tower access assistance fund02/19/09
HB 2692Requiring the Secretary of Administration to promulgate rules for travel reimbursement equal to the federal standard mileage rate02/20/09
HB 2696Authorizing certain persons who are emergency medical technician-paramedics to apply to obtain a license to practice registered professional nursing02/20/09
HB 2712Relating to rule making requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services02/20/09
HB 2713Relating to a study and investigation on issues in connection with creating a pilot program for child day care centers operated by the state02/20/09
HB 2745Relating to the Healthy West Virginia Program03/05/09
HB 2766Authorizing the Commissioner of the Division of Culture and History to distribute fairs and festivals funding02/24/09
HB 2790Repealing the prohibition on bringing deadly weapons upon the State Capitol Complex02/24/09
HB 2792Requiring the Chief Inspector of Public Offices to make financial audit reports of magistrate courts available on the Auditor's web site02/24/09
HB 2840Relating to qualifications of magistrates02/26/09
HB 2844Relating to the adoption of the 2008 National Electric Code02/26/09
HB 2850Requiring recipients of state assistance to show photo identification02/26/09
HB 2852Eliminating charges by public utilities for meter reading and minimum bill fees02/26/09
HB 2859Critical needs firefighters tax credit02/26/09
HB 2873Requiring assessors to create a cost of housing index02/27/09
HB 2875Exempting Changeable Message Signs from the rulemaking authority of the Department of Motor Vehicles02/27/09
HB 2900Creating the West Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank03/02/09
HB 2912Creating a board and fund to be used to maintain abandoned cemeteries03/03/09
HB 2933Prohibiting privatization of government services unless private companies can prove that they can perform those services more efficiently03/04/09
HB 2945Encouraging public officials to display the national motto on all public property and public buildings03/04/09
HB 2960Relating to water pollution control03/05/09
HB 2972Requiring that not less than fifty percent of the moneys remaining in the Tourism Promotion Fund be made to West Virginia companies03/05/09
HB 2980"West Virginia Energy Efficiency Act"03/06/09
HB 2997Requiring commissioners of the public service commission to be elected03/09/09
HB 3010Granting designated employees of the Insurance Commissioner access to certain information kept by the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy03/10/09
HB 3015Authorizing the director of the Public Employees Insurance Agency to promulgate rules for underwriting requirements for nonstate employers which participate with the agency03/10/09
HB 3020Requiring that employers participating in the Public Employees Insurance Agency plans, provide, upon request, all reasonable documentation to the Director of the Public Employees Insurance Agency03/10/09
HB 3028Reporting of certain geologic information obtained incidental to oil and gas drilling03/10/09
HB 3040Expanding the insurance fraud unit03/10/09
HB 3041Clarifying provisions relating to posting of job openings03/10/09
HB 3048Permitting PEIA to promulgate a rule to charge fees to employers who transact business with the agency by paper03/10/09
HB 3049Authorizing the Chief Technology Officer to receive confidential records and have access to an agencies' database03/10/09
HB 3052Eliminating the statutorily set salary of the Director of the Division of Personnel so the pay of the director can be made competitive03/10/09
HB 3053Changing some functions of the Division of Personnel03/10/09
HB 3056Removing language that prohibits the state from using a county's General Revenue Fund for historic preservation03/10/09
HB 3100Multilevel Marketing Act03/12/09
HB 3115Requiring the Public Service Commission to promulgate rules for secondary containment systems03/13/09
HB 3122Requiring the Public Service Commission to distribute 911 fees from VoIP service providers directly to the counties in proportion to the amount of 911 fees collected from VoIP service subscribers located in each county03/13/09
HB 3133Relating to meeting and conference rights for members of police or fire departments employed by political subdivisions03/13/09
HB 3152Athletic Trainers Registration Act03/16/09
HB 3183Requiring all state boards, commissions, committees or councils to be gender balanced and to have proportionate representation of minorities03/17/09
HB 3200Providing for the election of Public Service Commissioners, and requiring the Public Service Commission to establish procedures for removal of any of its commissioners for inactivity, neglect of duty or malfeasance03/18/09
HB 3209Merging the functions of the Records Management and Preservation Advisory Committee with the Records Management and Preservation Board03/18/09
HB 3210Permitting the Superintendent of the State Police to consult with the Insurance Commissioner instead of the executive director of the Workers' Compensation Commission and changing the maximum medical care costs schedule03/18/09
HB 3222Abolishing the Public Employee Leave Benefit Analysis Board03/18/09
HB 3223Report of Induced Abortions Act03/18/09
HB 3225Abolishing the State Personnel Advisory Council03/18/09
HB 3226Abolishing the Public Insurance Agency Advisory Board03/18/09
HB 3254Requiring county commissions to adopt and implement county farmland protection programs03/20/09
HB 3283Athletic Trainers Licensure Act03/23/09
HB 3291Adding a special memorial day to celebrate the victory of democracy in the Cold War03/23/09
HB 3292Extending the expiration date of the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Commission03/23/09
HB 3317Relating to public records management and preservation03/23/09
HB 3318Creating a full-time administrative law judge for the office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training03/23/09
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