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Bill Status - 2014 Regular Session

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There are 45 Bills pending in House Energy




SB 616Allowing receipt of gifts, donations and contributions by Division of Energy02/26/14
HB 2073Requiring that permanent and temporary battery charging stations in mines be ventilated directly to the return on a separate split of air01/09/14
HB 2111Employing best available control technology to control air pollution01/09/14
HB 2118West Virginia Renewable Energy Act01/09/14
HB 2141Renewable Portfolio Standards Sustainable Energy Act01/09/14
HB 2143Requiring liners in all new surface coal-waste impoundments and requiring regulations relating to the planning, constructing and maintenance of the liners01/09/14
HB 2176Relating to interconnection and net-metering of customer-generators of renewable energy01/09/14
HB 2183Requiring all final actions by the Department of Environmental Protection regarding coal mine permits to be completed within six months01/09/14
HB 2204Allowing a credit against state personal income tax for the purchase of a new wood or pellet stove01/09/14
HB 2208Prohibiting underground injection of coal slurry in new permits or modifications and renewals01/09/14
HB 2210Relating to energy efficiency for electric and gas utilities and their customers01/09/14
HB 2214Intrastate Coal and Use Act01/09/14
HB 2229Exempting special fuel and propane used for home heating purposes from the motor fuel excise tax01/09/14
HB 2231Reducing the wholesale tax on heating fuel, off road fuels, kerosene and propane used for home heating purposes or off road use01/09/14
HB 2280Requiring persons who are not members of the American Association of Professional Landmen to have two years or more of experience in contracting for oil and gas leases01/09/14
HB 2286Allowing the Division of Energy to develop an energy related public relations campaign focused on educating the Washington, D.C. area and the federal government about West Virginia coal01/09/14
HB 2313Permitting surface owners to purchase the mineral interests that lay below the property when the mineral interest becomes subject to a tax lien01/09/14
HB 2316Awarding credits for use of alternative and renewable energy resources01/09/14
HB 2323West Virginia Energy Efficiency Act01/09/14
HB 2348Creating and implementing a fund to encourage the development and use of renewable forms of energy01/09/14
HB 2358Stopping accelerated rate recovery because of adverse effects of constructing transmission facilities and revising the definition of need01/09/14
HB 2363Prohibiting fractional pricing in the retail sale of gasoline01/09/14
HB 2436Relating to liquefied petroleum gas-consuming equipment and appliances01/09/14
HB 2535Creating the "Intrastate Coal and Use Act" and the "Intrastate Oil and Natural Gas and Use Act"01/09/14
HB 2564Delaying implementation of the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act01/09/14
HB 2598Exempting heating oil for residential use from the Motor Fuel Excise Tax01/09/14
HB 2609Relating to the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act02/14/14
HB 2795Reallocating and dedicating three percent of oil and gas severance tax revenues01/09/14
HB 2826Relating to the state's jurisdiction over reclaimed sites of bond-forfeited surface mining operations01/09/14
HB 2862Relating to informal conferences on surface mining permit applications01/09/14
HB 2875Relating to residential solar energy tax credits01/09/14
HB 2925Relating to alternative fuel initiatives01/09/14
HB 2998Requiring natural gas lessors to provide surface owners the ability to purchase gas from those wells01/09/14
HB 3072West Virginia coal employment enhancement act01/09/14
HB 3075Permitting the disposal of drill cuttings and associated drilling mud generated from well sites in solid waste landfills01/09/14
HB 3080Relating to alternative and renewable energy portfolio standards01/09/14
HB 4152Requiring all operators of the underground facilities in this state to participate in the one-call system01/14/14
HB 4291Relating to civil penalties and civil administrative penalties for violations of the Water Pollution Control Act by coal mining01/24/14
HB 4367West Virginia Energy Efficiency Resource Act01/29/14
HB 4382Establishing the Legislative Oversight Commission on Energy Workers Safety01/31/14
HB 4429Requiring that mining equipment being transported or trammed underground be done by qualified personnel under supervision of a certified foreman02/06/14
HB 4468Authorizing local units of government to adopt property assessed clean energy programs02/11/14
HB 4469Requiring the Director of the Division of Energy to develop an energy independence policy that ensures all oil, gas and coal produced in the state to be first used within the state before being exported02/11/14
HB 4558Relating to oil and gas conservation02/17/14
HB 4570Relating to underground coal mines02/17/14
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