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Release Date: 02/17/2015
Contact: House Minority Leader Tim Miley at (304) 340-3240

Timothy Miley

Constituents Make a Statement: Survey Results

Results from a recent survey put forth by House Minority Leader Tim Miley is contrary to what House Republicans are publically promoting. Though not a professional survey, constituents were offered a chance to state their opinions on issues lawmakers will be considering in the coming weeks. The questions queried constituents to see if they supported or opposed topics that have generated much controversy since the legislative session began under Republican leadership for the first time in more than 80 years. “The survey of constituents reflected what I believed all along, that West Virginians generally oppose charter schools, right to work legislation and abolishing or limiting the prevailing wage,” stated Minority Leader Miley. “It is unfortunate that the new Republican majority in the House of Delegates is not listening to its constituents but, instead, insists on pursuing such an extreme and radical agenda.”

The survey was released through social media and shared by a number of participants. “Between my public Facebook account and Twitter account, both of which are followed by Republicans and Democrats, we received over 700 responses.” Miley said. “Of the responses received, survey participants opposed charter schools by a 2 to 1 margin, 63% opposed changing prevailing wages and 67% opposed right to work legislation. Other questions inquired about teacher pay raises, budget cuts and economic development suggestions.

Results of this survey will be forwarded to House Leadership in the coming days with a request from House Democrats that these issues be tabled until further studies of their effects can be done. “We as Democrats have requested on a number of occasions that the House Leadership stop trying to pass these extreme bills that will only hurt working West Virginia families. They hurt the average West Virginian and not one of them creates a job.”

“Instead, we’ve asked that the House Republican leadership focus on bills that will improve our state’s infrastructure, address the severe drug addiction problem facing all of our communities, and provide assistance to out-of-work constituents to become retrained for other employment opportunities.”

“I am grateful of the many responses that have been received and I will take these suggestions and work hard to protect West Virginia families from the radical Republican agenda.” Miley said. “I will review all of the written responses and craft additional legislation in the coming weeks to further economic development as a direct result of this survey. The peoples’ opinions matter.”

Full results can be reviewed here.

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