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Release Date: 09/15/2017
Contact: Jared Hunt at (304) 340-3323

Tim Armstead

Speaker Armstead Responds to State Supreme Court's Right-to-Work Injunction Ruling

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – House Speaker Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha, today issued the following statement after the state Supreme Court dissolved a preliminary injunction against the state’s right-to-work law, the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act.

“I’m glad the state Supreme Court has dissolved this injunction and allowed West Virginia to once again join the majority of states as a right-to-work state,” Speaker Armstead said. “In doing so, the court recognized that the unions’ arguments were baseless and that no court in this country has ever struck down this type of law.

“We are also pleased that the court recognizes the role of the Legislature in crafting the laws of our state,” Speaker Armstead said. “We studied this issue for more than a year before passing the law, including commissioning a WVU study to assess its economic benefits. We know job creators consider right-to-work laws an important factor in investing in any state, and I believe this law will help us put West Virginians back to work.

“I remain confident that the law will ultimately be upheld once its merits are considered in full, and hope the court finishes consideration of this matter quickly.”

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