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Release Date: 04/03/2017
Contact: Delegate Overington at 304-340-3148 or 304-274-1791

John Overington

Delegate Overington Releases Annual Poll Results

Charleston, WV - Delegate John Overington (R-Berkeley) has announced the results of his 33rd annual Citizens’ Poll to which over 200 constituents responded. Delegate John Overington has conducted the Citizens’ Poll every January since taking office in 1985. The questions on the poll change each year to reflect a variety of issues including topics the Legislature is considering and those of interest to the people in District 62 which he represents.

“I look forward to reading the responses to learn first-hand how my constituents feel about issues dealing with State Government. I especially enjoy reading the written comments that many provide” said Overington. “People want to know that their elected officials are listening to them and that they are representing their views and interests. I was elected to serve the majority of the people in my district which includes the northern part of Berkeley County – not special interest groups or lobbyists in Charleston, and their input and feedback are important to me.”

Eleven percent of the respondents feel West Virginians are taxed too little while 60% feel that taxation is about right. Twenty-nine percent believe West Virginians are taxed too much.

Polls results reflect the following in percentages: Yes No

1. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use? 43 57

2. A bathroom bill restricting users to their anatomical gender? 62 38

3. Reinstating the death penalty for first degree murder? 71 29

4. Allowing felons to vote after being released from incarceration? 59 41

5. Expanding the number of slot machines at local establishments? 31 69

6. A road bond for state highways? 74 26

7. Requiring photo ID for voting? 73 27

8. Additional taxes such as on food or sales tax to increase the salaries of state workers? 22 78

9. A voluntary income tax checkoff to be used for spaying and neutering to reduce unwanted dogs and cats? 69 31

10. Allowing parents to lawfully carry concealed firearms in their vehicle when picking up/dropping off students? 62 38

11. The federal government paying for the cost of refugees they send to our state? 82 18

12. Repealing the law passed last term to expand the sale of fireworks in West Virginia? 44 56

13. Reducing the size of state government to make up for the projected $400 million budget shortfall? 82 18

14. Lawsuits disclosure of settlements so the public knows what the injured party and lawyers received? 74 26

15. Education savings accounts to assist parents in sending their children to private schools? 60 40

16. Increased penalties for those who sell drugs in our state? 86 14

17. Returning corporal punishment (school paddling) with school oversight and parental approval/signoff? 55 45

For more information, please visit Delegate Overington's Website. You can also reach the Delegate during the legislative session which ends April 8 by email at

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