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Senate District Maps - 2010 Plan


The 34 member West Virginia Senate is broken into 17 districts with two members each. The Senators are elected to staggered 4-year terms which means that half of the 81st Legislature's Senators still represent the 2000 year census district alignments. In 2015, at the start of the 82nd Legislature, all Senators will represent the 2010 year census districts upon their elections or re-elections.

Senate Redistricting Information
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Senate District - 01

Ryan Ferns (R - Ohio)
Jack Yost (D - Brooke)

District Counties:

Senate District - 02

Jeffrey Kessler (D - Marshall)
Kent Leonhardt (R - Monongalia)

District Counties:
Calhoun, Doddridge, Gilmer (part), Marion (part), Marshall (part), Monongalia (part), Ritchie, Tyler

Senate District - 03

Donna Boley (R - Pleasants)
Bob Ashley (R - Roane)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Pleasants, Roane (part), Wirt, Wood

Senate District - 04

Mitch Carmichael (R - Jackson)
Mike Hall (R - Putnam)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Jackson, Mason, Putnam (part), Roane (part)

Senate District - 05

Robert Plymale (D - Wayne)
Mike Woelfel (D - Cabell)

District Counties:
Cabell, Wayne (part)

Senate District - 06

William Cole (R - Mercer)
Mark Maynard (R - Wayne)

District Counties:
McDowell (part), Mercer, Mingo (part), Wayne (part)

Senate District - 07

Art Kirkendoll (D - Logan)
Ron Stollings (D - Boone)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Boone, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo (part), Wayne (part)

Senate District - 08

Ed Gaunch (R - Kanawha)
Chris Walters (R - Putnam)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part), Putnam (part)

Senate District - 09

Sue Cline (R - Wyoming)
Jeff Mullins (R - Raleigh)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
McDowell (part), Raleigh, Wyoming

Senate District - 10

William Laird (D - Fayette)
Ronald Miller (D - Greenbrier)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe, Summers

Senate District - 11

Greg Boso (R - Nicholas)
Robert Karnes (R - Upshur)

District Counties:
Grant (part), Nicholas, Pendleton, Pocahontas, Randolph, Upshur, Webster

Senate District - 12

Douglas Facemire (D - Braxton)
Mike Romano (D - Harrison)

District Counties:
Braxton, Clay, Gilmer (part), Harrison, Lewis

Senate District - 13

Roman Prezioso (D - Marion)
Robert Beach (D - Monongalia)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Marion (part), Monongalia (part)

Senate District - 14

Bob Williams (D - Taylor)
Dave Sypolt (R - Preston)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Barbour, Grant (part), Hardy, Mineral (part), Monongalia (part), Preston, Taylor, Tucker

Senate District - 15

Craig Blair (R - Berkeley)
Charles Trump (R - Morgan)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part), Hampshire, Mineral (part), Morgan

Senate District - 16

Herb Snyder (D - Jefferson)
John Unger (D - Berkeley)
(2000 Plan)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part), Jefferson

Senate District - 17

Corey Palumbo (D - Kanawha)
Tom Takubo (R - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part)

House District Maps - 2010 Plan


House District - 01

Pat McGeehan (R - Hancock)
Mark Zatezalo (R - Hancock)

District Counties:
Brooke (part), Hancock

House District - 02

Ryan Weld (R - Brooke)

District Counties:
Brooke (part), Ohio (part)

House District - 03

Shawn Fluharty (D - Ohio)
Erikka Storch (R - Ohio)

District Counties:
Ohio (part)

House District - 04

Michael Ferro (D - Marshall)
David Evans (R - Marshall)

District Counties:

House District - 05

Dave Pethtel (D - Wetzel)

District Counties:
Monongalia (part), Wetzel

House District - 06

William Romine (R - Tyler)

District Counties:
Doddridge, Pleasants (part), Tyler

House District - 07

Lynwood Ireland (R - Ritchie)

District Counties:
Pleasants (part), Ritchie

House District - 08

Bill Anderson (R - Wood)

District Counties:
Wood (part)

House District - 09

Anna Border-Sheppard (R - Wood)

District Counties:
Wirt, Wood (part)

House District - 10

Mike Azinger (R - Wood)
John Kelly (R - Wood)
Frank Deem (R - Wood)

District Counties:
Wood (part)

House District - 11

Martin Atkinson (R - Roane)

District Counties:
Jackson (part), Roane (part)

House District - 12

Steve Westfall (R - Jackson)

District Counties:
Jackson (part)

House District - 13

Scott Cadle (R - Mason)
Michael Ihle (R - Jackson)

District Counties:
Jackson (part), Mason (part), Putnam (part)

House District - 14

Jim Butler (R - Mason)

District Counties:
Mason (part), Putnam (part)

House District - 15

Geoff Foster (R - Putnam)

District Counties:
Putnam (part)

House District - 16

Jim Morgan (D - Cabell)
Carol Miller (R - Cabell)
Sean Hornbuckle (D - Cabell)

District Counties:
Cabell (part), Lincoln (part)

House District - 17

Doug Reynolds (D - Cabell)
Matthew Rohrbach (R - Cabell)

District Counties:
Cabell (part), Wayne (part)

House District - 18

Kelli Sobonya (R - Cabell)

District Counties:
Cabell (part)

House District - 19

Kenneth Hicks (D - Wayne)
Don Perdue (D - Wayne)

District Counties:
Wayne (part)

House District - 20

Justin Marcum (D - Mingo)

District Counties:
Logan (part), Mingo (part)

House District - 21

Phyllis White (D - Mingo)

District Counties:
McDowell (part), Mingo (part), Wyoming (part)

House District - 22

Jeff Eldridge (D - Lincoln)
Michel Moffatt (R - Putnam)

District Counties:
Boone (part), Lincoln (part), Logan (part), Putnam (part)

House District - 23

Joshua Nelson (R - Boone)

District Counties:
Boone (part)

House District - 24

Rupert Phillips (D - Logan)
Ralph Rodighiero (D - Logan)

District Counties:
Boone (part), Logan (part), Wyoming (part)

House District - 25

Frank Blackwell (D - Wyoming)

District Counties:
McDowell (part), Mercer (part), Wyoming (part)

House District - 26

Clif Moore (D - McDowell)

District Counties:
McDowell (part), Mercer (part)

House District - 27

Joe Ellington (R - Mercer)
Marty Gearheart (R - Mercer)
John Shott (R - Mercer)

District Counties:
Mercer (part), Raleigh (part)

House District - 28

John O'Neal (R - Raleigh)
Roy Cooper (R - Summers)

District Counties:
Monroe (part), Raleigh (part), Summers (part)

House District - 29

Rick Moye (D - Raleigh)

District Counties:
Raleigh (part)

House District - 30

Mick Bates (D - Raleigh)

District Counties:
Raleigh (part)

House District - 31

Lynne Arvon (R - Raleigh)

District Counties:
Raleigh (part), Wyoming (part)

House District - 32

Kayla Kessinger (R - Fayette)
Tom Fast (R - Fayette)
David Perry (D - Fayette)

District Counties:
Clay (part), Fayette, Kanawha (part), Nicholas (part), Raleigh (part)

House District - 33

Roger Hanshaw (R - Clay)

District Counties:
Calhoun, Clay (part), Gilmer (part)

House District - 34

Brent Boggs (D - Braxton)

District Counties:
Braxton, Gilmer (part)

House District - 35

Chris Stansbury (R - Kanawha)
Andrew Byrd (D - Kanawha)
John McCuskey (R - Kanawha)
Eric Nelson (R - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part)

House District - 36

Nancy Guthrie (D - Kanawha)
Brad White (R - Kanawha)
Larry Rowe (D - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part)

House District - 37

Mike Pushkin (D - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part)

House District - 38

Patrick Lane (R - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part), Putnam (part)

House District - 39

Ron Walters (R - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part)

House District - 40

Tim Armstead (R - Kanawha)

District Counties:
Kanawha (part)

House District - 41

Jordan Hill (R - Nicholas)

District Counties:
Greenbrier (part), Nicholas (part)

House District - 42

Ray Canterbury (R - Greenbrier)
George Ambler (R - Greenbrier)

District Counties:
Greenbrier (part), Monroe (part), Summers (part)

House District - 43

Denise Campbell (D - Randolph)
William Hartman (D - Randolph)

District Counties:
Pocahontas, Randolph (part)

House District - 44

Dana Lynch (D - Webster)

District Counties:
Nicholas (part), Randolph (part), Upshur (part), Webster

House District - 45

Bill Hamilton (R - Upshur)

District Counties:
Upshur (part)

House District - 46

Peggy Smith (D - Lewis)

District Counties:
Lewis, Upshur (part)

House District - 47

Danny Wagner (R - Barbour)

District Counties:
Barbour, Tucker (part)

House District - 48

Patsy Trecost (D - Harrison)
Timothy Miley (D - Harrison)
Danny Hamrick (R - Harrison)
Terry Waxman (R - Harrison)

District Counties:
Harrison, Taylor (part)

House District - 49

Amy Summers (R - Taylor)

District Counties:
Marion (part), Monongalia (part), Taylor (part)

House District - 50

Linda Longstreth (D - Marion)
Tim Manchin (D - Marion)
Mike Caputo (D - Marion)

District Counties:
Marion (part)

House District - 51

Joe Statler (R - Monongalia)
Brian Kurcaba (R - Monongalia)
Barbara Fleischauer (D - Monongalia)
Cindy Frich (R - Monongalia)
Bill Flanigan (R - Monongalia)

District Counties:
Monongalia (part)

House District - 52

Steven Shaffer (D - Preston)

District Counties:
Preston (part)

House District - 53

Randy Smith (R - Preston)

District Counties:
Preston (part), Tucker (part)

House District - 54

Allen Evans (R - Grant)

District Counties:
Grant, Mineral (part), Pendleton (part)

House District - 55

Isaac Sponaugle (D - Pendleton)

District Counties:
Hardy, Pendleton (part)

House District - 56

Gary Howell (R - Mineral)

District Counties:
Mineral (part)

House District - 57

Ruth Rowan (R - Hampshire)

District Counties:
Hampshire (part), Mineral (part)

House District - 58

Daryl Cowles (R - Morgan)

District Counties:
Hampshire (part), Morgan (part)

House District - 59

Saira Blair (R - Berkeley)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part), Morgan (part)

House District - 60

Larry Faircloth (R - Berkeley)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part)

House District - 61

Walter Duke (R - Berkeley)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part)

House District - 62

John Overington (R - Berkeley)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part)

House District - 63

Michael Folk (R - Berkeley)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part)

House District - 64

Eric Householder (R - Berkeley)

District Counties:
Berkeley (part)

House District - 65

Jill Upson (R - Jefferson)

District Counties:
Jefferson (part)

House District - 66

Paul Espinosa (R - Jefferson)

District Counties:
Jefferson (part)

House District - 67

Stephen Skinner (D - Jefferson)

District Counties:
Jefferson (part)

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