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Thursday, March 9, 2017

2869.   By Del. Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Hanshaw and Ambler - Providing for paid leave for certain state officers and employees during a declared state of emergency (FN) - To the Judiciary

2870.   By Del. G. Foster and Hanshaw - Addressing certain cross references in the code that are no longer correct with regard to definitions of child abuse and neglect, child abuse or neglect, juvenile offender, delinquent, child abuse and domestic violence - To the Judiciary

2871.   By Del. Walters, Nelson, Gearheart, Householder and Overington - Eliminating the mandated employer versus employee cost share of eighty percent employer, twenty percent employee for Public Employee Insurance Agency - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

2872.   By Del. Espinosa, Upson, Moore, Wilson, Zatezalo, Householder, Dean, Blair, Folk, McGeehan and Storch - Relating to changes in distribution of net terminal income, excess net terminal income and excess lottery fund (FN) - To Finance

2873.   By Del. Rowe - Relating to alternate sentencing for nonviolent felony offenders (FN) - To the Judiciary then Finance

2874.   By Del. Lynch, Longstreth, Moye, Marcum, Dean, Pyles, Iaquinta, Ferro, Williams, Hollen and Phillips - Relating to the definition of Managed Timberland - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

2875.   By Del. Westfall - Relating to the adoption of instructional educational resources - To Education

2876.   By Del. Rowe, Frich, Caputo, Pyles and White - Creating a loan tuition forgiveness program - To Education then Finance

2877.   By Del. White and Westfall - Relating to fees collected to conduct criminal background checks - To the Judiciary

2878.   By Del. Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) and Miley [By Request of the Executive] - Increasing the amount of authorized Federal Grant Anticipation Notes the Division of Highways may apply for (FN) - To Finance

2879.   By Del. Miley [By Request of the Executive] - Authorizing the Governor to issue executive orders to furlough state employees - To Government Organization then Finance

2880.   By Del. Howell, Frich, Dean, Harshbarger, Hill, G. Foster, Martin, Hamrick, Arvon, Criss and Sypolt - Relating to a comprehensive inventory of state-managed areas open to off-highway vehicles - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Government Organization

2881.   By Del. Howell, Frich, Dean, Hill, G. Foster, Martin, Hamrick, Arvon, Criss, Lewis and Rohrbach - Establishing minimum safety standards for the design of any robot operated in the state - To Industry and Labor then Government Organization

2882.   By Del. Howell, Walters, Hamrick, Householder, Butler, Lewis, Atkinson, Maynard, Ward, Lynch and Criss - Changing the frequency with which vehicles must be inspected - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

2883.   By Del. Householder, O'Neal, Sypolt, Upson, G. Foster, Blair and Higginbotham - The Freedom to Prosper Act - To Political Subdivisions then the Judiciary

2884.   By Del. Overington, Moore, Householder, Espinosa, Cowles, Blair, Upson, Barrett, Frich, Statler and Wilson - Requiring funding by the West Virginia Library Commission to local libraries be based on the population served by each respective library (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2885.   By Del. Rowe, Pyles and Pushkin - Relating to designation of social workers in the Department of Health and Human Services - To Education then Finance

2886.   By Del. Espinosa, Moye, Cooper, Wilson, Dean, R. Romine and Westfall - Relating to generally applied associate of science degrees that target workforce needs - To Education

2887.   By Del. Espinosa, Statler, Walters, Upson, Blair, Wilson, Cooper and Higginbotham - Relating to retirement and separation incentives (FN) - To Education

2888.   By Del. Walters, Howell, Phillips, Folk, Hamrick, Frich and Wilson - Removing the restriction on liquor licensees from having speakers outside or playing music outdoors - To Political Subdivisions then the Judiciary

2889.   By Del. Howell, Shott, Hamrick, Arvon, Storch, Ward, Lewis, Maynard, Ferro, Lynch and Criss - Allowing military veterans with certain military ratings to qualify for examinations required of a probationary police officer - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Government Organization

2890.   By Del. Lovejoy, Sobonya, C. Romine, Rohrbach, Hornbuckle, Canestraro, Thompson, Hicks, Isner and Baldwin - Establishing a Library Facilities Improvement Fund that will serve to support library facilities construction, maintenance and improvement projects - To Finance

2891.   By Del. R. Miller, Canestraro, Hollen, Summers, Marcum, Robinson, Eldridge and Isner - Including electronic communications to and from inmates with the types of communications that the Division of Corrections currently monitors and may record (FN) - To the Judiciary

2892.   By Del. Folk and McGeehan - Removing requirement that persons who pass the bar in West Virginia be members of the West Virginia State Bar in order to practice - To the Judiciary

2893.   By Del. Westfall - Relating to the Land Division of the Department of Agriculture - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

2894.   By Del. Hill, Martin, Atkinson and Caputo - Relating to the collection of taxes on wine and intoxicating liquors (FN) - To the Judiciary then Finance

2895.   By Del. Brewer, Ferro, Boggs, Caputo, Moye, Eldridge, Hartman, Diserio, Pushkin, Williams and Rodighiero - Restoring employees’ rights associated with agreeing to be represented by a labor organization - To Industry and Labor then the Judiciary

2896.   By Del. G. Foster, Lane, Paynter, Butler, Rowe and Criss - Requiring a warning light to be erected on certain roads to warn of a traffic light ahead - To Roads and Transportation then the Judiciary

2897.   By Del. Criss and Lane - Raising the amount required for competitive bidding of construction contracts by the state and its subdivisions - To Industry and Labor then Government Organization

2898.   By Del. Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) - Authorizing the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to request and obtain criminal background checks of employees of the Legislature - To the Judiciary

2899.   By Del. Miley [By Request of the Executive] - Reorganizing the Division of Tourism - To Government Organization then Finance

2900.   By Del. Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) and Miley [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to the Office of Technology - To Government Organization then Finance

2901.   By Del. Sponaugle, Caputo, Hartman, Phillips, McGeehan, A. Evans, Longstreth, Baldwin, Iaquinta, Butler and Williams - Giving all honorably discharged veterans ten extra points when successfully completing a civil service examination - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Government Organization

2902.   By Del. Atkinson, Cooper, Ambler, Ward, Hollen, Wagner, Sypolt, Kelly, Eldridge, R. Miller and Criss - Requiring county school boards to provide adequate mental health and counseling services - To Education then Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

2903.   By Del. G. Foster, N. Foster, Higginbotham, Butler and Maynard - Limiting the maximum number of appointees to certain county and municipal bodies - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization

2904.   By Del. Ellington - Reorganizing the West Virginia Health Care Authority - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

2905.   By Del. Kessinger, Isner, Gearheart, Blair and Byrd - Relating to animal cruelty - To the Judiciary

2906.   By Del. Kessinger, Hill and Lane - Emergency Medical Services Act of 2017 (FN) - To Government Organization


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