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(By Delegates Poore, Marshall, Pethtel, Ferro,

Varner, Hamilton, Sobonya, C. Miller and Storch)


[Introduced February 9, 2012.]



Designating that the month of May be proclaimed as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month beginning in 2012.

    Whereas, Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease most commonly affecting people of all ages and races worldwide. Studies have shown that Sarcoidosis affects young adults of both sexes, with mores cases in females. The disease occurs at a higher rate among African Americans and people of European descent; and

    Whereas, Many people with Sarcoidosis will experience nonspecific symptoms of fever, fatigue, weight loss, night sweats and an overall feeling of malaise. These symptoms most often result in the disease going untreated. The disease most commonly targets the lungs and lymph nodes, but may occur in the eyes, skin or any other area of the body and it causes the immune system to attack the body’s own tissues; and

    Whereas, While progress has been made in understanding Sarcoidosis, the cause is unknown and it is likely that there may be more than one cause. There is no cure for Sarcoidosis. Declaring a Sarcoidosis Awareness Month will encourage the citizens of West Virginia to gain a greater understanding of this disease; and

    Whereas, It will bring about awareness to those persons living with the disease and their families. It will help to educate the physicians and the medical staffs that treat persons with this disease; and

    Whereas, It will encourage support education programs and the funding of research programs to find a cure; therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Delegates:

            That the House of Delegates hereby designates the month of May be proclaimed as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month beginning in 2012.

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