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(By Mr. Speaker, Mr. Thompson, and Delegates Ennis, Azinger, Beach, Brown, Butcher, Cann, Canterbury, Caputo, Evans, Ferro, Fragale, Frazier, Givens, Hartman, Hutchins, Klempa, Kominar, Manypenny, McGeehan, Michael, Moore, Pethtel, Ross, Shook, Spencer, Talbott, Varner and White)

Declaring that the month of May be proclaimed as Lyme Disease Awareness Month beginning in 2009.

Whereas, Lyme disease is a multisystem disease caused by a corkscrew shaped bacteria and is transmitted by infected ticks that are carried by squirrels, deer, birds and other forms of wildlife and domestic animals into the back yards and homes of the citizens of West Virginia, as well as outlying fields and forests where they work and seek recreation; and
Whereas, The reported cases of Lyme disease in West Virginia increased three hundred percent from twenty-eight cases in 2006 to eighty-four cases in 2007. Lyme disease mimics many other diseases and is called the second "great imitator" after syphilis. Patients are often misdiagnosed with more familiar conditions including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gherig's disease or Parkinson's disease, for which there is no cure, only palliative remedies. Manifestations of cognitive and memory impairment from neurological Lyme disease are commonly misdiagnosed as depression or other mental conditions; and
Whereas, Lyme disease is a developing epidemic that presents a major health threat to all West Virginians and as the ticks that transmit this disease are most active in Spring and early Summer, when people are most likely to be outdoors, the peak time for contracting the disease is between April and June, hence the reason for designating May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month; therefore, be it
Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:
That the month of May be proclaimed as Lyme Disease Awareness Month beginning in 2009.
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