Committee Substitute House Bill 2878 History

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H. B. 2878(By Delegates Miller, Manchin, Espinosa, Skinner, Hornbuckle, Lane, Hill,

Stansbury, Rowe, Williams and Upson)

[Originating in the Committee on Government Organization.]

                                                            [February 27, 2015]


A BILL to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new section, designated §31D-1-131, relating to creating a one-stop electronic business portal in West Virginia.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

            That the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, be amended by adding thereto a new section, designated §31D-1-131, to read as follows:


§31D-1-131. One-stop electronic state business portal.

            (a) The Secretary of State shall establish a web-based business portal to facilitate interaction among businesses and governmental agencies in West Virginia. The web-based business portal shall provide a single point-of-entry to state government for businesses based in the state and for businesses looking to establish a presence in the state. The web-based business portal shall:

            (1) Provide guidance to users who want to start, operate or expand a business in the state;

            (2) Permit e-payments and provide businesses information about transaction statuses in a paperless environment;

            (3) Provide business owners with the option to electronically:

            (A) Make application, including the payment of fees, for permits and licenses;

            (B) Make application, including the payment of fees, for the renewal of permits and licenses;

            (C) File annual reports;

            (D) Pay unemployment taxes;

            (E) Pay workers’ compensation premiums;

            (F) Pay sales and use taxes; and

            (G) Pay any other fees or remittances that the business owners are subject to under state law.

            (4) Provide businesses with downloadable access to all editable forms that are necessary for compliance with all reporting and filing requirements with the following agencies:

            (A) West Virginia State Tax Department;

            (B) Workforce West Virginia;

            (C) West Virginia Insurance Commissioner;

            (D) West Virginia Division of Labor; and

            (E)West Virginia Secretary of State.

            (5) Provide for the electronic filing of documents by city, county and local governments.

            (b) The Secretary of State shall establish a consolidated call center to be staffed by trained and knowledgeable persons who are able to assist businesses obtain information and services relating to compliance with state law.

            (c) The Secretary of State shall:

            (1) Develop the requirements of the web-based business portal by August 31, 2015, including but not limited to:

            (A) Establishing, through cooperative efforts, the standards and requirements necessary to design, build, implement and maintain the business portal; and

            (B) Establishing the standards and requirements necessary for a state or local agency to participate in the business portal;

            (2) Coordinate and cooperate with the appropriate entities to facilitate the payment by businesses of any payments or remittances made pursuant to this section, via the web-based business portal; and

            (3) Propose rules for legislative approval, in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, to implement the provisions of this article.



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