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There are 38 Bills pending in House Agriculture and Natural Resources




HB 4169Establish food desert produce pilot program01/10/24
HB 4218Relating to the cultivation of medical cannabis01/10/24
HB 4321To create a new hunting license stamp for upland game bird01/10/24
HB 4522Relating to rules for hunting antlered deer01/10/24
HB 4570Relating to the beginning and expiration of hunting and fishing licenses01/10/24
HB 4575Relating to warrantless entry of private lands01/10/24
HB 4576Make first day of gun season for deer to Saturday before Thanksgiving holiday01/10/24
HB 4605Agricultural Right to Repair Act01/11/24
HB 4625Repeal the code provisions requiring auctioneers to be licensed and for auctions to be conducted by a licensed auctioneer01/11/24
HB 4655Establishing an animal abuser registry01/12/24
HB 4686Relating to the hunting of coyotes01/12/24
HB 4692Relating generally to hunting and fishing01/12/24
HB 4736Creating the West Virginia Farm Fresh Dairy Act01/15/24
HB 4739To allow landowners to pay hunters to hunt their property01/15/24
HB 4871To allow youth and handicapped hunters to harvest a buck deer or doe during youth/handicapped special hunts01/17/24
HB 4915Creating Adopt-A-Trail volunteer programs for public land under DNR jurisdiction01/18/24
HB 4917To provide an optional pop up window to sign up for NRA or USCCA firearms safety classes when purchasing a hunting or fishing license online.01/18/24
HB 4935Providing increased protections for the welfare of domestic animals01/19/24
HB 4944Relating to the tax exemption of a citizen who paid to have a cat or dog spayed or neutered.01/19/24
HB 4992To eliminate the restriction of hunting bears over bait01/22/24
HB 5008Providing that hunting and fishing licenses expire a year from the date of issue rather than the end of the calendar year01/23/24
HB 5033Allowing the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to stock “F1” fingerling bass, otherwise known as tiger bass, into West Virginia public lakes01/23/24
HB 5066Prohibit e-bikes from being used for hunting 01/24/24
HB 5070Provide 25% Discount to WV Residents using State Parks01/25/24
HB 5115Relating to the valuation of farm property01/25/24
HB 5146Increase penalties for abuse of or cruelty to animals01/25/24
HB 5171Farm Direct Feed Sales Exemption01/25/24
HB 5173Relating to the election rather than appointment of members of the Parks and Recreation Commission of a county with a population greater than one hundred and fifty thousand.01/25/24
HB 5224Exempting honorably discharged Veterans from “Hunter Safety Course” requirement for WV Hunting License01/26/24
HB 5231Relating to use of leashed dogs for tracking mortally wounded deer, elk, turkey, wild boar or bear01/26/24
HB 5283Prohibiting certain foreign ownership of land 01/29/24
HB 5322Local Meat Processing Economic Development Act01/29/24
HB 5334Homestead Water Self-Sufficiency Act01/29/24
HB 5353Prohibiting foreign adversaries from the purchase or ownership of agricultural land in this state01/30/24
HB 5376To extend hunting/fishing rights on private property, without a license, to grandchildren of the land owner01/31/24
HB 5401To move Muzzle Loader deer season to one week prior to rifle deer season in November.02/01/24
HB 5533Relating to clarifying the Right to Farm Act relating to residential agricultural operations and the protection of agriculture02/09/24
HB 5584To require bag limits to be set by biologists at the DNR and not the commission02/12/24
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