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Bill Status - 2010 Regular Session

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There are 133 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 10Transferring certain cash balances between funds administered by Commissioner of Highways02/24/10
SB 12Relating to regional water and wastewater authorities 03/08/10
SB 220Authorizing certain bond issuers receive federal subsidy bond credit payments 02/24/10
SB 324Establishing tax credit for repayment of certain student loans03/03/10
SB 368Authorizing excess Courtesy Patrol funds be transferred to Tourism Promotion Fund03/02/10
SB 389Relating to eligibility of certain felons to receive certain federally funded benefits03/05/10
SB 458Distributing minimum share of severance tax to coalbed methane-producing counties03/04/10
SB 463Relating to public records management and preservation03/04/10
SB 478Relating to Purchasing Division functions03/09/10
SB 488Authorizing Marketing and Communications Office promote and sell state-related items03/03/10
SB 489Determining status of recycling goals03/05/10
SB 493Creating Twenty-First Century Business Technologies Property Valuation and Tax Credit Acts03/03/10
SB 505Updating Logging Sediment Control Act03/05/10
SB 506Imposing penalties for falsifying State Police Retirement Fund records02/25/10
SB 550Establishing driver's license restoration program03/05/10
SB 606Creating WV Ski Resort Industry Commission03/03/10
SB 657Creating WV Traumatic Brain Injury Act03/04/10
HB 2007Reducing the federal adjusted gross income for motor fuel expenses incurred in commuting to and from one's occupation01/13/10
HB 2014Eliminating the severance tax and the health care provider tax on behavior health providers01/13/10
HB 2042Providing a tax credit for Ad Valorem tax paid on Manufacturing Inventory01/13/10
HB 2045Relating to funeral and cremation expenses for indigent persons01/13/10
HB 2068Excluding federal interest income when applying the income exclusion available to those sixty-five years of age or older and to persons permanently and totally disabled01/13/10
HB 2090Providing a housing supplement for members of the State Police01/13/10
HB 2097Permitting deed of trust or mortgage interest paid on a taxpayers' personal residences to be used for personal income tax purposes01/13/10
HB 2150Making a supplementary appropriation to the Division of Veterans' Affairs01/13/10
HB 2242Creating sales and use tax exemptions for purchases of design and engineering services and materials and equipment directly used in construction of new or replacement amusement rides01/13/10
HB 2250Salary increases for public employees based upon residential housing costs01/13/10
HB 2252Providing a tax credit to landlords who rent to parolees01/13/10
HB 2274Relating to the distribution of the State Treasurer's "Road Fund"01/13/10
HB 2276Income tax deduction for gifts to West Virginia charities01/13/10
HB 2281Relating to a tax exemption on certain sales of clothing01/13/10
HB 2286Allowing for an adjusted gross income of a taxpayer for contributions to the maintenance and improvement of state, county and municipal parks01/20/10
HB 2291Imposing an excise tax on the sale or rental of obscene materials01/13/10
HB 2304Exempting from personal property taxation, the equipment, inventory and raw materials of crafts people who have had their work evaluated and accepted or juried and accepted by the West Virginia arts and crafts guild01/13/10
HB 2310Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Education and the Arts - Division of Culture and History01/13/10
HB 2320Providing for a modification to federal adjusted gross income for expenses incurred by organ donors01/13/10
HB 2321Extending the alternative-fuel motor vehicle tax credit for ten years and making the credit retroactive from the expiration date of the initial credit01/13/10
HB 2322Authorizing a corporation net income tax credit for reducing charges for home heating fuel and propane gas provided to low-income residents01/13/10
HB 2361Requiring lobbyists and lawyers providing lobbying services to pay service tax01/13/10
HB 2367Raising the state salary level to at least one hundred twenty-five percent above the Federal Poverty Guidelines01/13/10
HB 2391Providing a loan forgiveness program for nurses01/13/10
HB 2395Subtracting social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income01/13/10
HB 2433Increasing the amount of annual and incremental salary increases for eligible state employees01/13/10
HB 2476Reducing the corporate net income tax rate to five point nine percent effective the first day of July, two thousand nine01/13/10
HB 2499Requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to remediate any waste tire pile in the state consisting of more than twenty-five tires01/28/10
HB 2540Dedicating a portion of revenue generated from certain severance taxes for the benefit of counties from which the revenue was generated01/13/10
HB 2554Abolishing the business and franchise tax01/13/10
HB 2606Exempting county school boards of education school buses from paying tolls for transit over the West Virginia Turnpike or any parkways authority project01/13/10
HB 2618Compensating state troopers for call-back time01/13/10
HB 2622Relating to the reduction of state income taxes for certain state and federal retirees by increasing the exemption on retirement income01/13/10
HB 2624Subtracting social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income to determine West Virginia adjusted gross income for purposes of personal income tax01/13/10
HB 2635Allowing the federal adjusted gross income deduction for the amount spent for medical expenses01/13/10
HB 2639Allowing for more teachers to be reimbursed for approved course work01/27/10
HB 2642Reverting the 911 fee on wireless telephones from three dollars to seventy-five cents01/13/10
HB 2650Eliminating the sales tax on food effective the first day of July, two thousand nine01/13/10
HB 2669Providing an exemption from gross income for certain members of volunteer fire departments01/13/10
HB 2681Eliminating the food tax, increasing the tax on nonintoxicating beer, increasing the cigarette tax, increasing the noncigarette tobacco products tax..etc...01/13/10
HB 2729Creating the West Virginia Addictions Treatment and Recovery Fund01/13/10
HB 2809Exempting all gallons of gasoline and propane gas for any church, religious sect, society or denomination from the excise tax01/13/10
HB 2810Providing salary increases for deputies with college degrees02/04/10
HB 2888Requiring the DHHR to provide matching funds for trust income disbursed to support autistic minors01/13/10
HB 2890Providing low-income workers with a refundable state tax credit01/13/10
HB 2914Relating to West Virginia State Police receiving on-call and off-duty pay01/13/10
HB 2930Including volunteer firefighters within the Public Employees Insurance Act01/13/10
HB 3004Permitting individual taxpayers a modification to state income tax for medical expenses exceeding two percent of their federal adjusted gross income01/13/10
HB 3111Requiring county commissions to hold one monthly meeting in the evening01/13/10
HB 3123Relating to donation and transfer of surplus personal computers and other information systems, technology and equipment for educational purposes02/10/10
HB 3156Establishing the West Virginia Voluntary Employee Retirement Accounts Program01/13/10
HB 3175Adjusting the State Rail Authority's contract authority due to inflation01/13/10
HB 3204Allowing a credit against state personal income tax for the purchase of a new wood or pellet stove01/28/10
HB 3243Relating to consumers sales and service tax on motor vehicles01/13/10
HB 3262Relating to health care provider tax01/13/10
HB 3316Decreasing the corporate income tax rate beginning in the year 201201/13/10
HB 3317Relating to public records management and preservation02/12/10
HB 4008Green Buildings Act02/19/10
HB 4019Increasing the maximum cash award the Employee Suggestion Award Board may make01/15/10
HB 4022Exempting funeral procession from paying tolls while traveling on the West Virginia Turnpike01/21/10
HB 4028Updating the meaning of federal taxable income and certain other terms used in the West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/14/10
HB 4030Updating the meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in the West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act01/14/10
HB 4041Authorizing the School Building Authority to issue bonds in the maximum aggregate amount of $500 million outstanding at any time01/22/10
HB 4129Clarifying that municipalities and counties are able to increase the rate of property taxes by more than ten percent in a given year when an election is held02/11/10
HB 4136Relating to delinquent land sales by the sheriff02/17/10
HB 4150West Virginia Partnership to Promote Community Well-Being Act01/29/10
HB 4153Creating an Office for Oral Health under the Bureau for Public Health01/26/10
HB 4160Providing a tax incentive to dental practitioners to perform dental services at no cost to indigent patients02/04/10
HB 4180Clarifying the authority of the West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board to determine the participating employer contribution rate under the provisions of the Deputy Sheriff Retirement System02/04/10
HB 4184Relating to mandatory anti-racial profiling training for certain law-enforcement officers02/19/10
HB 4190Clarifying an exception that allow sheriffs to collect property taxes in more than two installments01/27/10
HB 4192Creating the West Virginia Ski Resort Industry Commission02/17/10
HB 4203Encouraging county extension services to collect data regarding the locations of all cemeteries within the state02/09/10
HB 4213Providing that municipal employees may receive up to two years of retirement service credit for military service02/11/10
HB 4246Creating a tax credit for new or converted qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles02/05/10
HB 4252Reducing state income taxes for state and federal retirees by increasing the exemption on retirement income in calculating the federal gross income for state personal income tax purposes02/18/10
HB 4253Increasing the barrel tax on nonintoxicating beer02/01/10
HB 4256Creating a sales tax holiday for purchases of guns and ammunition during the month of November02/01/10
HB 4279Renaming the West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority02/02/10
HB 4283Exempting recreational vehicles owned by a resident of this state who is seventy years of age or older from ad valorem taxes02/02/10
HB 4286Extending the provision allowing increases in DNR license and stamp fees02/18/10
HB 4303Clarifying that the Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board may offset annual retiree premium increases02/02/10
HB 4307Plastic Shopping Bag Excise Tax Act02/03/10
HB 4311Authorizing the Marketing and Communications office of the Department of Commerce to promote and sell West Virginia related items02/03/10
HB 4319Relating to publication of the State Register02/10/10
HB 4351Relating to the administration of sales and use tax02/04/10
HB 4358Exempting special fuel and propane used for home heating purposes from the motor fuel excise tax02/05/10
HB 4368Creating an Equal Pay Coordinator within the Governor's Office to ensure pay equity among state employees02/24/10
HB 4371Increasing allowable tax credits for qualified rehabilitated buildings investment02/05/10
HB 4384Stay Home in West Virginia and Work Tax Incentive02/08/10
HB 4389Exempting sales of personal tangible property and services by public and private schools from consumer sales tax and service02/10/10
HB 4390Relating to information to be obtained from landowners by assessor02/23/10
HB 4392Requiring the Consolidated Public Retirement Board to deduct from monthly benefits to retirees sums to pay retiree association dues and to provide retiree associations or organizations lists of plan beneficiaries and addresses02/11/10
HB 4404Imposing penalties for falsifying retirement records under the West Virginia State Police Death, Disability and Retirement Fund02/18/10
HB 4409Creating the Workers' Lifetime Total Disability Fund and the Supplemental Personal Needs Allowance Fund02/09/10
HB 4430Requiring the Public Employees Insurance Agency and its contractors, under certain circumstances, to advertise that they are seeking bids prior to accepting bids02/10/10
HB 4432Providing for actual costs to be paid for municipal audits and reducing the cap on audits for Class IV municipalities02/18/10
HB 4438Creating a commission to develop a pilot program to help at-risk youth in West Virginia02/11/10
HB 4449Special Mine Safety Property Valuation Act02/18/10
HB 4456West Virginia Commercial Patent Incentives Tax Act02/11/10
HB 4458Lottery Revenue Bond Act02/18/10
HB 4464Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act02/17/10
HB 4476Increasing the amount for a title examination when a person redeems real property02/12/10
HB 4502Increasing the amount of net terminal income allocated to the Cultural Facilities and Capitol Resources Matching Grant Program Fund02/23/10
HB 4511Relating to the consumers sales and service tax exemption for sales of livestock02/24/10
HB 4514Eliminating the sales tax on food02/16/10
HB 4544Community-Based Services Act02/24/10
HB 4548Providing a personal income tax exemption for living organ donors02/18/10
HB 4549Relating to the sale of municipal public utility02/23/10
HB 4583Permitting municipalities and counties to use proceeds from the hotel occupancy tax to fund public libraries02/24/10
HB 4601Relating to the method of appraising certain affordable multifamily rental housing property for ad valorem property tax purposes02/22/10
HB 4606Providing a different procedure for determining the credit for utility taxpayers with net operating loss carryovers02/22/10
HB 4609Exempting veterans' organizations from consumers sales and service tax02/22/10
HB 4614Providing an excise tax on transfers of utilities02/22/10
HB 4656Enabling counties, municipalities, the state and county boards of education to deposit public funds into deposit accounts that are swept periodically into multiple federally insured deposit accounts02/22/10
HB 4658Capping the Medical Services Trust Fund and redirecting excess funding02/24/10
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