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Bill Status - 2014 Regular Session

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There are 31 Bills pending in House Industry and Labor




SB 316Relating to tolling with regard to civil actions01/31/14
HB 2003Providing an employee the right to decline to work more than forty hours in a workweek01/09/14
HB 2010Prohibiting employers and labor unions from requiring employees to become or remain members of labor unions as a condition of employment01/09/14
HB 2021Requiring the Mine Foreman Examiner review the employment history and certify that the applicant for the position of underground assistant mine foreman has met the requirements01/09/14
HB 2045Authorizing the Governor to appoint an additional member to the Surface Mine Board that represents the interest of labor01/09/14
HB 2047Verifying legal employment status of workers01/09/14
HB 2054The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act01/09/14
HB 2085Exempting certain construction projects performed on behalf of county or municipal governments from the prevailing wage laws01/09/14
HB 2175Requiring certain licensees to take continuing education in green building01/09/14
HB 2445Providing permanent total disability recipients annual cost-of-living allowances01/09/14
HB 2464Relating to assessment of personal property of transients01/09/14
HB 2557Extending or clarifying protections under the state's Whistle-Blower Law01/09/14
HB 2575Setting West Virginia prevailing wage rates by county01/09/14
HB 2576Repealing requirements that prevailing wages be paid in connection with the construction of public improvements01/09/14
HB 2596Establishing the West Virginia Right to Work Law01/09/14
HB 2752Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage requirements01/09/14
HB 2753Establishing prevailing hourly rates to be used in connection with the construction of public improvements01/09/14
HB 2953Raising the minimum wage01/09/14
HB 3034Requiring underground mines fire boss examinations include examining the air quantity01/09/14
HB 3053Relating to the labor-management relations act for the private sector01/09/14
HB 3093Relating to certification requirements for applicators who paint state bridges01/09/14
HB 3102Raising the minimum wage01/09/14
HB 4224Making changes to the definition of electrical contractor01/17/14
HB 4227Requiring certification of correctness as to design, construction and performance of domestic and commercial liquefied petroleum gas-consuming equipment01/17/14
HB 4241Requiring employers subject to the jurisdiction of the Office of Miner's Health, Safety and Training to implement an alcohol abuse policy and program01/21/14
HB 4323Establishing requirements for prior review of all privatization proposals01/24/14
HB 4353Requiring completion of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved 10-hour construction safety program prior to beginning work01/28/14
HB 4386Establishing seniority rights for public employees01/31/14
HB 4566Relating to workers' compensation death and disability benefits02/17/14
HB 4571Requiring the Commissioner of Labor to conduct a study on workplace accidents at construction sites02/17/14
HB 4615Relating to wage payment and collection02/17/14
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