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Bill Status - 2014 Regular Session

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There are 45 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 37Creating personal income tax checkoff for Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp02/04/14
SB 46Creating informal dispute resolution process to certain behavioral health providers02/04/14
SB 62Relating to referral of drug court participants having co-occurring addiction and mental health issues02/07/14
SB 83Providing personal income tax deduction for spaying or neutering pets02/11/14
SB 96Creating Creative Communities Development Act02/13/14
SB 255Increasing fire and casualty insurance policies surcharge to benefit fire departments02/18/14
SB 280Expanding Military Incentive Program to all economically disadvantaged veterans01/28/14
SB 297Permitting certain state employees receive higher salary as appointive state officer02/06/14
SB 302Creating Tax Revenue Act 01/08/14
SB 312Creating Project Launchpad Act02/06/14
SB 326Fixing technical error relating to motor fuel excise tax01/10/14
SB 333Updating terms in Personal Income Tax Act01/10/14
SB 342Making supplementary appropriation of unappropriated moneys to DHHR, MAPS and Department of Veterans' Assistance01/14/14
SB 343Making supplementary appropriation of federal funds to Department of Commerce, Workforce Investment Act01/14/14
SB 347Making supplementary appropriation of unappropriated moneys to various accounts01/14/14
SB 348Supplementing, amending, decreasing and increasing appropriations from State Road Fund to DOH01/14/14
SB 411Raising minimum wage02/05/14
SB 433Exempting certain precious metal sales from consumers sales tax01/27/14
SB 453Relating to TRS02/14/14
SB 510Including state land grant institutions in Research Trust Fund02/14/14
SB 512Providing for personal income tax checkoff for Cedar Lakes Foundation02/07/14
SB 513Relating to cost reimbursement of servicing high-cost/high-acuity special needs students02/14/14
SB 515Repealing section relating to state aid for students of veterinary medicine02/10/14
SB 534Increasing excise tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products02/11/14
SB 538Adopting federal definition of "disabled veteran" for civil service and state contract bidding02/19/14
SB 543Creating Jobs Impact Statement Act02/19/14
SB 556Providing complimentary certified veterans' death certificates under certain circumstances02/26/14
SB 562Relating to training and compensation of county board of education members serving on RESAs02/20/14
SB 566Relating to domestic violence victims' eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits02/19/14
SB 571Distributing portion of Greyhound Breeder Development Fund previously dedicated to training facility construction02/19/14
SB 577Making Department of Corrections and DHHR subject to OSHA02/25/14
SB 580Permitting wine sales at certain college and university sports stadiums02/19/14
SB 598Providing excess Courtesy Patrol funds revert to Tourism Promotion Fund02/24/14
SB 599Providing exemption from skilled nursing bed moratorium for speciality skilled nursing beds02/18/14
SB 604Creating Coal Employment Enhancement Act02/19/14
SB 610Requiring health insurance coverage for certain nonnarcotic pain relief systems02/19/14
SB 613Expanding definition of "eligible safety property" in Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit Act02/19/14
HB 4137Relating to more equitable distribution to county boards of reimbursement of the costs of serving certain special needs students02/25/14
HB 4221Permitting teachers under the State Teachers Retirement System to teach college level courses without loss of benefits03/03/14
HB 4225Providing for emergency contact information on driver's license records with the Division of Motor Vehicles03/05/14
HB 4375West Virginia Voluntary Employee Retirement Accounts Program03/03/14
HB 4409Creating the Valued Employee Retention program03/03/14
HB 4412Relating to special one-day licenses for charitable events to sell nonintoxicating beer or wine02/27/14
HB 4416Exempting certified professional estimator services from consumers sales tax02/27/14
HB 4537West Virginia CARES Act03/04/14
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