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Bill Status - 2014 Regular Session

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There are 36 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 21Reducing student-to-teacher ratio in public schools and increasing certain aides' pay01/08/14
SB 25Requiring Senate advise and consent for State Superintendent of Schools appointment01/08/14
SB 41Providing resident tuition rates for children of WV institution graduates01/08/14
SB 52Creating pilot program incorporating Khan method of teaching mathematics01/08/14
SB 55Creating licensed school psychologist-pupil ratio01/08/14
SB 60Providing only notice of county board of education financial statement availability be published01/08/14
SB 93Amending public school support computation of local share01/08/14
SB 98Relating to student-school nurse staffing ratio01/08/14
SB 207Transferring Division of Early Care and Education and Head Start State Collaborative to Department of Education and Arts01/08/14
SB 219Establishing public competitive learning academies01/08/14
SB 227Creating Higher Education Community School Law01/08/14
SB 274Providing for college graduate tax credit01/08/14
SB 276Providing salary increases for certain public school teachers and reading specialists01/08/14
SB 277Relating to temporary reassignment of injured or ill school service personnel01/08/14
SB 284Relating to county board of education employee personal leave accrual 01/08/14
SB 303Providing salary increase for teachers01/08/14
SB 308Creating Shale Research, Education, Policy and Economic Development Center at WVU01/09/14
SB 309Redefining "eligible institutions" to receive PROMISE scholarship funds01/09/14
SB 332Reducing certain allowances in computation of local share01/10/14
SB 398Providing certain state public schools obtain impounded dogs and cats for curriculum furtherance01/21/14
SB 412Defining "dyslexia" for education purposes02/12/14
SB 413Requiring Department of Education provide professional development opportunities regarding dyslexia01/22/14
SB 429Relating to public school curricular standards and assessments01/24/14
SB 479Providing vocational certification, licensure or college credit for military training and experience02/04/14
SB 528Requiring promulgation of legislative rule establishing level of capital project for certain higher education institutions02/10/14
SB 536Granting in-state tuition to honorably discharged and injured veterans02/11/14
SB 537Providing state institutions may apply for alternative fee and tuition schedule02/11/14
SB 546Granting in-state tuition to military eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill02/12/14
SB 560Including WVSU in Research Trust Fund; other provisions02/13/14
SB 573Establishing cook-meal ratios for full-day and half-day school cooks 02/13/14
SB 605Creating Water Sustainability Institute02/17/14
SB 622Creating Water Sustainability Institute02/17/14
HB 4336Relating to state control of county schools02/11/14
HB 4394Relating to the filling of professional personnel positions in the public schools02/17/14
HB 4501Providing that law-enforcement officers employed as school security be allowed to carry firearms on school property under certain conditions02/27/14
HB 4555Requiring county boards of education to provide released time for professional educators and service personnel when serving in an elected municipal or county office02/27/14
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