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Bill Status - 2010 Regular Session

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There are 79 Bills pending in House Industry and Labor




SB 104Requiring employees selling alcohol take alcohol awareness course 02/24/10
SB 235Relating to Creative Communities Development Pilot Program03/03/10
SB 441Relating to residential solar energy systems tax credit02/25/10
HB 2009Business and occupation tax credit to electric power generators for the use of West Virginia coal01/13/10
HB 2066Prohibiting fractional pricing in the retail sale of gasoline01/13/10
HB 2081Requiring the superintendent or owner of a mine to sign the fire boss record book daily01/13/10
HB 2084Small Business Development Incentive Program for Internal Growth Act01/13/10
HB 2103Relating to drug and alcohol free mines01/13/10
HB 2113Providing overtime pay for all employees who are required to work holidays regardless if the holiday hours are in excess of a forty hour workweek01/13/10
HB 2124Providing a criminal penalty for transmitting bulk electronic mail messages which are unsolicited01/13/10
HB 2137Prohibiting out-of-state persons or business entities from soliciting business by written advertisement in this state under certain circumstances01/13/10
HB 2236Making the use of permanent replacements for striking workers an unfair labor practice in certain instances01/13/10
HB 2247Providing an employee the right to decline to work more than forty hours in a workweek01/13/10
HB 2259Relating to the creation and implementation of drug-free workplaces in coal mines01/13/10
HB 2264Requiring the Office of Miners Health and Safety to employ qualified diesel inspectors01/13/10
HB 2285Requiring that permanent and temporary battery charging stations in mines be ventilated directly to the return on a separate split of air01/13/10
HB 2295Requiring a certified person to examine underground mines after cutting and welding has been performed01/13/10
HB 2314Relating to a severance tax imposed on surface mining activities01/13/10
HB 2363Jobs Impact Statement Act01/13/10
HB 2375Removing the exemption from planning and zoning restrictions for mining and manufacturing activities and uses01/13/10
HB 2378Relating to the removal of the exemption for government employees performing electrical work on government property from having to possess an electrician's license01/13/10
HB 2425Requiring employers to provide health insurance to employees working on public improvement projects01/13/10
HB 2427Requiring contractors awarded state public works construction projects to meet time restrictions for the completion of a public works construction project01/13/10
HB 2430Providing workers' compensation coverage for certain employees who perform duties attendant to racing activities01/13/10
HB 2454Prohibiting discrimination based upon age and sexual orientation01/13/10
HB 2489Requiring mine operators to provide notice of hazardous chemical substances and lead exposure to its employees01/13/10
HB 2495Establishing the consumer's right to know regarding telemarketers and requiring certain vendors to use only persons authorized to work in the United States01/13/10
HB 2548Relating to telephone solicitation of consumers01/13/10
HB 2549Relating to the "Telephone Record Confidentiality Act"01/13/10
HB 2619Exempting existing churches from paying tax on propane and other forms of heating oil01/13/10
HB 2640Authorizing the Governor to appoint an additional member to the Surface Mine Board that represents the interest of labor01/13/10
HB 2715The Economic Fairness Act of 200901/13/10
HB 2751Exempting nonprofit corporations from paying prevailing wages in certain circumstances01/13/10
HB 2768Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage requirements01/13/10
HB 2784Establishing prevailing hourly rates to be used in connection with the construction of public improvements01/13/10
HB 2862Relating to towing companies notifying the DMV of abandoned vehicles01/13/10
HB 2871Verifying legal employment status of workers01/13/10
HB 2883West Virginia Right to Work Law01/13/10
HB 2905Increasing the distance required for surface mining activity in relation to cemeteries01/13/10
HB 2923Requiring the disclosure of subcontractors within a certain time of the close of bids for public construction contracts01/13/10
HB 2940Exempting funeral establishments and authorized representatives of the deceased from any sales tax regarding goods and services01/13/10
HB 3009Changing the definition of "construction" to only include projects whose total costs are more than $200,000 in the prevailing wage law01/13/10
HB 3023Relating to oil and gas surface owner's bill of rights01/13/10
HB 3081Coal-to-Liquid Act of 200901/13/10
HB 3129Creative Communities Development Act01/13/10
HB 3279Prohibiting any permits authorizing the construction, enlargement or modification of any coal mine waste01/13/10
HB 3280Relating to higher education capital facilities01/13/10
HB 3329Including additional information in the report submitted to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance by the Public Service Commission01/13/10
HB 4002Specifying that infrastructure projects providing broadband services facilities be included in infrastructure projects eligible for funding01/13/10
HB 4004Relating to small, women and minority-owned businesses01/13/10
HB 4010Providing that all employees have the right to review and copy the contents of their personnel file01/13/10
HB 4195Requiring paramedics to be on site at coal mines01/27/10
HB 4250Energy Efficient Building Act01/29/10
HB 4262West Virginia Renewable Energy Act02/01/10
HB 4274Residential Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit02/02/10
HB 4276Energy Efficient Building Act02/02/10
HB 4315Relating to the tax credit for residential solar energy systems02/03/10
HB 4331Establishing seniority rights for public employees02/04/10
HB 4337Specifying a minimum share of coalbed methane severance tax revenue02/04/10
HB 4338Requiring blasting contractors to notify the State Fire Marshal and local property owners before blasting02/04/10
HB 4433Relating to determining the appropriate penalty to impose against operators who fail to provide immediate notice upon the occurrence of a mining accident02/10/10
HB 4446Recategorizing recycled energy as a renewable energy resource02/11/10
HB 4492Renewable Portfolio Standards Sustainable Energy Act02/15/10
HB 4494Allowing the Environmental Protection Advisory Council to review, adopt and eliminate rules exceeding applicable federal standards02/15/10
HB 4503West Virginia Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit Act02/15/10
HB 4529Repealing certain sections of the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act02/18/10
HB 4547Coal-to-Liquid Act of 201002/18/10
HB 4558Making certain clarifications of the definition of the term employment as contained in this article02/18/10
HB 4566Providing guidelines for an appropriate relationship between oil and gas extractors and the owners of surface rights and mineral interests02/19/10
HB 4570Relating to dedication of severance tax proceeds02/19/10
HB 4588Creating the 2010 West Virginia Job Promotion, Evaluation and Reporting Act02/19/10
HB 4605Establishing that the environmental regulation of business activities performed within the state is not subject to federal regulation02/22/10
HB 4612Relating to imposing a severance tax on the generation of wind power into a renewable energy resource02/22/10
HB 4618Requiring greater information to be submitted by the Public Service Commission annually regarding the quality of service provided by utilities and persons subject to its jurisdiction02/22/10
HB 4620Requiring that cutter heads, long wall shears and other mining machines automatically shut-off when the methane level reaches one percent02/22/10
HB 4638Relating to air pollution control02/22/10
HB 4645Relating to the West Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)02/22/10
HB 4651Permitting surface owners to purchase the mineral interests that lay below the property when the mineral interest becomes subject to a tax lien02/22/10
HB 4660Setting forth disability benefits for employees that receive a foreseeable injury in an inherently dangerous function required by their employer but outside scope of employment02/22/10
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