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There are 45 Bills pending in House Pensions and Retirement




HB 2011Providing correctional officers may retire with full benefits after twenty years of actual and honorable service02/11/09
HB 2041Exempting the retirement benefits of certain annuitants under the State Teachers Retirement System from state income tax02/11/09
HB 2048Providing for the continuance of medical coverage for the spouse of a deceased retired public employee for any period previously purchased with accumulated leave02/11/09
HB 2087Changing the definition of final average salary to thirty-six consecutive months for calculating retirement02/11/09
HB 2089Allowing certain public employees to pay back retirement benefits02/11/09
HB 2105Relating to prohibiting legislators from enrolling in the state retirement system02/11/09
HB 2116Increasing the multiplier for a retirement annuity in the public employees retirement system, and deleting language which allows increases in annuity payments for retired Legislators relative to salary increases02/11/09
HB 2142Allowing municipal police and fire pension plans to use the actuarial examination by the State in lieu of obtaining its own actuary02/11/09
HB 2246Providing a cost-of-living provision for certain persons retired under the teachers retirement system02/12/09
HB 2261Exempting Division of Natural Resources conservation officers' retirement pensions form state income tax02/12/09
HB 2287Crediting a deceased teacher's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse and other dependents02/12/09
HB 2323Granting public employees credit toward their West Virginia public employee retirement benefits for service in the Peace Corps02/12/09
HB 2338Eliminating the six month waiting period for those in the Teachers Retirement System to receive disability retirement benefits02/13/09
HB 2345Exempting from state and personal income tax the benefits a retired teacher receives from the State Teachers Retirement System under certain circumstances02/13/09
HB 2385Relating to the Public Employees Retirement System and the Teachers Retirement System; and providing a one-time supplement for annuitants and survivor beneficiaries after being retired five consecutive years02/13/09
HB 2390Allowing the purchase of service credit in the State Teachers Retirement System for temporary employment under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA)02/13/09
HB 2398Providing that certain mental hygiene commissioners are eligible for membership in the Public Employees Retirement System02/13/09
HB 2410Providing a one-time bonus payable in July of every year for retired public school teachers and state retirees02/16/09
HB 2426Reducing state income tax for state correctional officer retirees02/16/09
HB 2475Permitting retired state employees to transfer from Medicare to coverage through the West Virginia Public Employees Act02/16/09
HB 2483Exempting the first twenty thousand dollars of state pensions and social security benefits from West Virginia personal income tax02/16/09
HB 2560Increasing benefits of retired state personnel and retired teachers02/17/09
HB 2577Allowing a public school employee or retiree who missed work as a result of pregnancy to purchase up to one year of service credit in the teachers retirement system02/18/09
HB 2645Providing one-time supplements to all annuitants when they reach the age of seventy02/18/09
HB 2708Exempting certain income received by retired federal employees from the personal income tax02/20/09
HB 2709Providing a cost-of-living provision for certain persons retired under the Teachers Retirement System02/20/09
HB 2711Providing that correctional officers may retire with full benefits after twenty years of service02/20/09
HB 2726Providing a cost-of-living provision for certain persons under the Teachers Retirement System02/20/09
HB 2727Providing a cost-of-living provision for disabled public employee retirement annuitants02/20/09
HB 2778Preventing a reduction in the annuity of a person who retires with disability retirement at age sixty-five02/24/09
HB 2791Relating to any income derived from the West Virginia Teachers Retirement System and any other income received by active public school teacher or service personnel being subtracted from federal adjusted gross income02/24/09
HB 2793Reducing state income tax liability for certain retired public employees02/24/09
HB 2861Repealing the one hundred forty day limitation that a retired school teacher may teach in public schools02/27/09
HB 2959Prohibiting premium subsidies in the Public Employees Insurance Agency health plans for retirees who were hired on or after January 1, 201003/05/09
HB 2963Permitting the period of service by veterans of the conflicts in Granada, Lebanon and the Panama Canal be allowed as military service credit for persons who are eligible for public employees retirement benefits03/05/09
HB 3092Providing that certain beneficiaries in the State Teachers Retirement System receive an annuity when an eligible spouse has not redeemed the accumulated contributions03/12/09
HB 3102Requiring sex offenders to pay a fee which is to be deposited into the State Police Retirement Fund03/12/09
HB 3119Providing one-time supplements to all annuitants of the Public Employees' Retirement and Teachers' Retirement Systems at the time they reach the age of seventy03/13/09
HB 3145Giving municipalities with less than twenty-five employees the right to buy into becoming employees pursuant to the West Virginia Public Employees Retirement Act and the Public Employees Insurance Act03/13/09
HB 3153Specifying that federal civil service system retirement income derived from military retirement system pensions that have been converted to federal civil service system pensions is treated as military retirement income for purposes of the modifications to federal adjusted gross income 03/16/09
HB 3220Relating to service credit in State Teachers Retirement System03/18/09
HB 3242Changing the buyback calculation in the Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System to the State Teachers Retirement System voluntary transfer03/19/09
HB 3245Providing that nay service in the United States Armed Forces up to two years is credited service toward retirement for members of the Public Employees Retirement System03/19/09
HB 3273West Virginia Correctional Officer Retirement System Act03/20/09
HB 3289Stating circumstances permitting service credit purchase by members of the Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System in the State Teachers Retirement System03/23/09
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