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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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There are 43 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 1Revising immunization requirements for school children02/11/09
SB 28Requiring Commissioner of Public Health assess health impact of certain rules proposed by Department of Environmental Protection02/11/09
SB 33Relating to parental notification for unemancipated minor obtaining abortion 02/11/09
SB 38Allowing pharmacists to refuse dispensing certain abortion-related prescriptions 02/11/09
SB 39Prohibiting certain state medical facilities from performing abortions 02/11/09
SB 50Requiring women seeking abortion opportunity to view fetus ultrasound image 02/11/09
SB 54Requiring abortion-related statistics' collection02/11/09
SB 90Allowing federal adjusted gross income deduction for health insurance expenses 02/11/09
SB 102Providing certain ventilator patients Medicaid coverage 02/11/09
SB 110Exempting insurance burial policies from Medicaid assignment 02/11/09
SB 135Providing certain fetuses anesthesia 02/11/09
SB 138Prohibiting gender-based abortions02/11/09
SB 140Prohibiting subsidies to entities performing abortions 02/11/09
SB 290Requiring tobacco products sold in factory-wrapped packaging only02/18/09
SB 312Requiring smoke-free medical facilities02/20/09
SB 343Relating to Management of Pain Act02/24/09
SB 387Relating to mental hygiene guardians and conservators02/26/09
SB 389Clarifying pharmacists and pharmacies as health care providers02/26/09
SB 406Requiring Department of Health and Human Resources provide list of certain contaminated properties03/02/09
SB 411Creating temporary health information technology reinvestment fee 03/02/09
SB 433Creating Juvenile Services Status Offender Fund03/04/09
SB 455Creating Protect Children from Dangerous Lighters Act03/04/09
SB 491Requiring handrails in handicap restrooms03/06/09
SB 520Creating Prescription Record Privacy Act03/09/09
SB 529Relating to certain nursing care provisions03/10/09
SB 547Prohibiting tobacco sales in pharmacies03/11/09
SB 570Requiring Board of Optometry promulgate rules limiting practice 03/12/09
SB 586Relating to Emergency Medical Services Act03/13/09
SB 599Regulating X ray second readings03/16/09
SB 604Raising mental health refusal age of consent03/16/09
SB 606Including salvia divinorum as hallucinogenic controlled substance03/16/09
SB 628Creating Unintentional Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team03/18/09
SB 664Expanding nurse practitioners' prescriptive authority03/23/09
SB 685Relating to Medicaid fraud03/23/09
SB 688Prohibiting interstate transport of minor for abortion without parental consent03/23/09
SB 696Providing tax credit for certain medical providers03/23/09
SB 697Relating to mandatory immunization exemptions03/23/09
SB 703Relating to certain abortion reporting requirements03/23/09
SB 717Requiring parental notification for unemancipated minor obtaining abortion03/23/09
SB 731Increasing Department of Health and Human Resources Secretary's certain rule-making authority 03/23/09
SB 733Creating WV Official Prescription Program Act03/23/09
SB 742Increasing physician assistant's prescriptive authority03/23/09
HB 2415Identifying salvia divinorum as a hallucinogen and adding it to the list of controlled substances 04/01/09
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