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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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There are 51 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 13Expanding Route 2 and Interstate 68 Authority territory03/02/09
SB 26Increasing tax on alcohol purchases outside corporate municipal limits 02/11/09
SB 42Requiring each magisterial district have equal number of members on county planning commissions02/11/09
SB 44Adding magistrate deputy clerk for Braxton County02/11/09
SB 46Placing Science and Cultural Center under General Services Division's authority02/11/09
SB 93Authorizing municipalities to enter into energy-savings contracts 02/11/09
SB 129Requiring background checks on real estate licensing applicants 02/11/09
SB 247Authorizing nonbase building salary enhancement for certain state employees02/12/09
SB 268Permitting Class III municipalities' participation in Tax Increment Financing Act02/16/09
SB 275Relating to certain qualifications for procuring surveying services 02/17/09
SB 300Authorizing counties and municipalities enter into energy-savings contracts02/19/09
SB 313Expanding number of hours temporary state personnel may work02/20/09
SB 394Regulating exotic entertainment business locations02/26/09
SB 401Creating State Gaming and Alcohol Commission02/27/09
SB 402Creating WV Convention and Visitors Bureau Accreditation Board02/27/09
SB 409Relating to limitations on expending hotel occupancy tax proceeds03/02/09
SB 412Creating Governor's Office of Health Enhancement and Lifestyle Planning03/02/09
SB 427Clarifying Board of Medicine as autonomous board03/03/09
SB 432Relating to certain law-enforcement officers' probationary period03/03/09
SB 437Clarifying General Services Division Director's powers, duties and qualifications03/04/09
SB 441Authorizing certain municipalities impose barge-mooring taxes03/04/09
SB 471Requiring county clerks file certain biannual reports 03/05/09
SB 477Requiring licensing for subsurface property rights leasing03/05/09
SB 486Relating to reinstating former police chiefs to previously held positions03/06/09
SB 508Creating Department of Miners Health, Safety and Training03/09/09
SB 511Relating to procurement of certain engineering services03/09/09
SB 531Relating to Professional Surveyors Act03/10/09
SB 541Requiring annual legislative audit of Parkways Authority03/11/09
SB 548Consolidating Records Management and Preservation Advisory Committee with Records Management and Preservation Board03/11/09
SB 551Creating Athletic Trainers Registration Act03/11/09
SB 555Allowing certain warehouse owners store certain alcohol03/12/09
SB 559Creating Governor's Commission on Reorganization of Tamarack03/12/09
SB 567Electing magistrates by divisions03/12/09
SB 589Dedicating portion of severance taxes for counties and municipalities03/16/09
SB 597Establishing salary schedule for certain Alcohol Beverage Control Commission employees03/16/09
SB 603Relating to Bureau for Public Health's commissioner and state health officer03/16/09
SB 649Increasing Capitol Building Commission membership04/03/09
SB 656Authorizing Mercer County Commission to appoint emergency operations center board03/20/09
SB 660Requiring annual Parkways Authority audit03/20/09
SB 721Allowing municipalities spend certain excise tax revenue to demolish condemned buildings03/23/09
SB 734Allowing county commissions impose fire service fee03/23/09
HB 2091Requiring public notice of state plan amendments prior to submission and increasing the membership of the Medicaid Advisory Board03/27/09
HB 2388Expanding the membership of the Racing Commission and reorganizing the administrative functions04/02/09
HB 2403Updating the law governing professional licensing boards in general02/27/09
HB 2529Relating to the practice of environmental health science and public health sanitation02/27/09
HB 2533Updating the law governing the practice of veterinary medicine02/27/09
HB 2626Requiring licensure of pharmacy benefit managers04/01/09
HB 2767Changing the membership of the PEIA Financial Board04/10/09
HB 2957Requiring the county extension service to collect applicable data regarding the locations of all cemeteries within West Virginia03/31/09
HB 2986Imposing a tax of $50 on the transfer of real estate valued at $25,000 or more within the incorporated limits of any municipality04/02/09
HB 3276Amending the professional surveyors act04/02/09
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