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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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There are 46 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 18Reducing ratio of school nurses to students02/11/09
SB 47Increasing fees for certain higher education students 02/11/09
SB 59Requiring principals take responsibility and control over teacher's classroom performance02/11/09
SB 67Allocating funding for transporting students to certain activities 02/11/09
SB 70Removing scholarship funds' cap for dependent children of deceased State Police 02/11/09
SB 74Allowing county school boards' substitute service personnel placement flexibility 02/11/09
SB 80Awarding National Board for Professional Teaching Standards salary bonus to certain school leaders 02/11/09
SB 82Creating State Police Higher Education Security Act02/11/09
SB 100Allowing school districts certain substitute teacher hiring flexibility in critical need areas02/11/09
SB 111Requiring Legislative Auditor evaluate Secondary Schools Activities Commission 02/11/09
SB 114Relating to teachers' professional development and preparation days 02/11/09
SB 121Setting school athletic director standards 02/11/09
SB 125Requiring boards of education hire best qualified candidate for extracurricular activities 02/11/09
SB 245Requiring state participation in Yellow Ribbon G. I. Education Enhancement Program03/02/09
SB 269Relating to supplemental funding provision for limited English proficient students' alternative programs02/16/09
SB 270Relating to Public School Support Plan02/16/09
SB 296Requiring State Board of Education create school drug safety program02/19/09
SB 316Relating to Smart 529 college savings plan02/20/09
SB 376Creating School Innovation Zones Act02/25/09
SB 381Prohibiting certain family members from serving simultaneously on county boards of education02/25/09
SB 383Relating to retired coaches02/25/09
SB 386Creating critical skills instructional support programs for certain students02/26/09
SB 422Creating Higher Education Community School Law03/03/09
SB 550Relating to certain retired college teachers' employment03/11/09
SB 557Relating to county school boards' members qualifications03/12/09
SB 566Providing foundation allowance for professional student support personnel03/12/09
SB 576Creating Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act03/13/09
SB 579Relating to school service personnel salary schedules, pay grades and seniority status03/13/09
SB 602Establishing teacher dress code03/16/09
SB 611Relating to higher education institutional board of governors03/17/09
SB 618Relating to regional education service agencies' foundation allowance03/17/09
SB 646Updating definitions relating to retired substitute teachers 03/19/09
SB 651Increasing teacher salaries03/20/09
SB 705Relating to limiting professional personnel transfers03/23/09
SB 720Providing State Teachers Retirement System credit for county board of education service03/23/09
SB 723Increasing PROMISE Scholarship funding03/23/09
SB 736Relating to Community and Technical College at West Virginia University Institute of Technology 03/23/09
SB 738Requiring higher education institutions use Educational Information System student identifier03/23/09
SB 739Relating to county school board members' qualifications, training and duties03/23/09
SB 743Relating to Higher Education Policy Commission03/23/09
SB 750Relating to teacher certification and shortages03/23/09
SB 757Requiring Higher Education Policy Commission, Council for Community and Technical College Education and State Board of Education enter into state data-sharing compact03/23/09
HB 2241Relating to credit card solicitation on college campuses03/30/09
HB 2985Providing information on the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind to the guardian of a child with a visual or auditory impairment03/19/09
HB 3043Prohibiting extended coverage upon retirement based on years of service for new higher education employees04/01/09
HB 3105Establishing drug free zones at regularly designated school bus stops04/01/09
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