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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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There are 129 Bills pending in House Education




SB 56Awarding National Board for Professional Teaching Standards salary bonus to certain teachers03/31/09
SB 57Relating to certain school coaches' requirements03/26/09
SB 257Creating nonvoting student member position on county boards of education04/01/09
SB 274Allowing county boards of education enter into lease-purchase agreements04/01/09
SB 513Relating to hiring, termination, transfer and reassignment of school personnel03/31/09
SB 635Relating to Process for Improving Education Council04/01/09
HB 2001Providing additional state minimum salary for certain teachers02/11/09
HB 2005Requiring schools to post and make available to the public the schedules of teachers and staff02/11/09
HB 2013Increasing salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals02/11/09
HB 2017Authorizing and encouraging county boards of education to share services of central office administrative personnel02/11/09
HB 2020Exempting children receiving an exemption from compulsory school attendance in favor of church school from standardized testing requirement02/11/09
HB 2024Reducing staff development programs for school personnel from eighteen hours to twelve hours02/11/09
HB 2031Permitting firework displays on public school property provided the State Superintendent and the Fire Marshal approve the display02/11/09
HB 2037Relating to requirements for PROMISE scholarships02/11/09
HB 2044Including Salem International University as an eligible institution and modifying provisions regarding eligible higher education institutions receiving PROMISE scholarship funds02/11/09
HB 2067Allowing a tax deduction for all prepaid tuition contracts or college savings plan02/11/09
HB 2085Providing county boards of education may study the economic feasibility of exercising an option of engaging in cooperative agreements with local public or regional transit authorities to transport students02/11/09
HB 2093Providing a framework to avoid imposition of policies and practices on the public schools that distract from a thorough and efficient education02/11/09
HB 2095Faculty Excellence Act02/11/09
HB 2096Requiring the subject of physics as a required course in all public secondary schools for graduation02/11/09
HB 2101Providing for a credit against the West Virginia personal income tax liability in the amount of payments made on student loans02/11/09
HB 2118Requiring the State Board of Education to promulgate rule implementing a tornado safety awareness plan in public schools02/11/09
HB 2119Changing the compulsory school attendance for children in the state from sixteen to eighteen years of age02/11/09
HB 2121Making armed assault or conspiracy to commit armed assault upon school property or school personnel or students a felony02/11/09
HB 2126Requiring that the State School Board ensure that no class size for grades seven through twelve be greater than twenty-five students to every one teacher02/11/09
HB 2131Providing West Virginia students with a partial PROMISE scholarship for schooling outside this state for the reason that no in-state institution offers a course for a major or a degree in the student's desired field02/11/09
HB 2132Relating to allowing bus operators for county school systems to carry-over years of experience operating buses for purposes of determining seniority02/11/09
HB 2147Reforming the school aid formula by reducing the regular levy deducted from county boards of education02/11/09
HB 2245Relating to the denial of course credits for unexcused absences in school02/12/09
HB 2249Allowing comparable credit at trade or vocational schools approved by the State Board to count towards service personnel pay rates02/12/09
HB 2256Exempting undergraduate students attending state colleges or universities for the first two years postgraduation, from the payment of state income tax02/12/09
HB 2258Providing full daily rate of pay for substitute teachers if they have in excess of ten instructional days in the same school year02/12/09
HB 2269Relating to approval of a student for homebound services and their rights02/12/09
HB 2271Relating to itinerant status for school service personnel02/12/09
HB 2277Providing for the use of neck braces by football players02/12/09
HB 2284Prohibiting individual county board of education members from acting on behalf of the board in an individual capacity unless authorized by law02/12/09
HB 2288Changing compulsory school attendance until age eighteen or until the student graduates02/12/09
HB 2297Establishing a secure residential school for juvenile status offenders02/12/09
HB 2311Allowing certain county boards of education to operate their schools on a four-day school week02/12/09
HB 2326Allowing county school boards to establish a four-day school week and collect fees for use of school buildings on the fifth day02/12/09
HB 2327Providing cost-of-living benefits to retired teachers funded from the severance tax collections on natural gas02/12/09
HB 2329Requiring all high schools include in their health classes a course in fetal development02/12/09
HB 2330Requiring that all decisions regarding certain reductions in full-time classified personnel workforce at state institutions of higher education be made on the basis of seniority02/12/09
HB 2331Allowing teachers who graduated from colleges and universities that are not accredited by associations recognized in West Virginia, to obtain a teaching certificate based on their certification in another state02/12/09
HB 2340Approving fee waivers for certain students and faculty and staff at institutions of higher education and providing that nonresident faculty and staff may get the exemption only up to the amount of in-state tuition02/13/09
HB 2341Requiring the State Board of Education to create a school drug safety program02/13/09
HB 2349Providing for continuing contract status for teachers and establishing dismissal and suspension procedures02/13/09
HB 2352Providing nonsupervisory employees of the West Virginia State Board of Education with the same protections against summary dismissal as are applicable to employees of county boards of education02/13/09
HB 2370Providing for increased compensation for aides and paraprofessionals with large numbers of pupils in kindergarten and grades one through six02/13/09
HB 2376Allowing a school service mechanic to have experience, training and certifications considered towards his or her pay rate02/13/09
HB 2379Salary increases for school service employees based upon residential housing costs02/13/09
HB 2381Relating to the employment and compensation of school service personnel02/13/09
HB 2384Allowing the State Superintendent of Schools to designate certain geographical areas as a "School Choice Zone"02/13/09
HB 2392Setting standards for assignment of high school athletic directors02/13/09
HB 2397Providing a salary supplement for providers of medicaid eligible services in the public schools02/13/09
HB 2399Providing for tuition and fee waiver for certain child survivors of domestic violence deaths02/13/09
HB 2402Relating to the annual school calendar02/13/09
HB 2435Creating a new pay grade classification of "bus operator II"02/16/09
HB 2437Relating to the use of personal leave days by a surviving spouse of a deceased employee of a school board02/16/09
HB 2453Providing a tax credit for scholarship donations02/16/09
HB 2481Giving state institutions of higher education more flexibility in the planning and operation of their schools02/16/09
HB 2500Establishing school service personnel class title and pay grade for the positions of "Administrative Assistant" and "Legal Secretary"02/17/09
HB 2508Permitting county board of education the power to employ the most qualified person to be athletic and other extracurricular coaches02/17/09
HB 2510Allowing guidance counselors to compete equally for all guidance counselor positions02/17/09
HB 2513Pay incentives for teachers who teach in their core field degree02/17/09
HB 2515Consolidating purchasing by county boards of education02/17/09
HB 2519Allowing fireworks displays on public school property upon approval of the State Superintendent of Schools and the State Fire Marshal02/17/09
HB 2542"Jason Flatt Act of 2009"02/17/09
HB 2550Extending the provisions of the Higher Education Flexibility Act02/17/09
HB 2551Instituting a "Celebrate Freedom Week" and requiring the instruction in the study of the Declaration of Independence and other American historical documents02/17/09
HB 2558Exempting from taxation certain property owned by a nonprofit organization02/17/09
HB 2559Directing the State Board of Education to determine what principal and teacher reports are unnecessary02/17/09
HB 2580Directing the State Board of Education to develop a program of instruction on macroeconomics02/18/09
HB 2582Establishing a corporate tax credit up to fifty percent of the corporation's net income tax for contributions to scholarship funds02/18/09
HB 2589Relating to persons who do not qualify for professional certificates who are issued certificates to serve in the public schools as athletic coaches02/18/09
HB 2599Changing the PROMISE Scholarship Program to the PROMISE Forgivable Student Loan Program and establishing deferment and forgiveness conditions02/18/09
HB 2604West Virginia Public School Employment Relations Act02/18/09
HB 2617Waving tuition and fees for members of the WV State Police02/18/09
HB 2631West Virginia Public School Employment Relations Act02/18/09
HB 2670Giving all school personnel, including teachers and service personnel and retired teachers a raise02/19/09
HB 2700Protecting academic freedom in higher education02/20/09
HB 2714Specifying the types of topics that are to be covered in school programs on personal finance02/20/09
HB 2718Authorizing public school teachers to purchase one personal computer and related devices per year from the state contract for use outside the classroom02/20/09
HB 2730Authorizing a tax credit for new teachers in critical needs areas02/20/09
HB 2732Requiring county boards of education to employ a certified library media specialist in each county school02/23/09
HB 2749Permitting home school children to participate in athletic and other extracurricular activities of secondary schools02/23/09
HB 2804Preventing a professional educator from taking a coaching position away from a current coach02/25/09
HB 2834Capping the amount of a PROMISE scholarship, dissolving the PROMISE Board, and reconstituting the Financial Aid Advisory Board02/26/09
HB 2865Exempting certain children from having to provide the otherwise appropriate written excuse from a physician or school nurse for a prolonged absence02/27/09
HB 2872Allowing county school boards to enter into energy-saving contracts02/27/09
HB 2921Relating to tuition and fee waivers for members of the West Virginia State Police to attend a college or university03/03/09
HB 2922Prohibiting credit card solicitation of students on college campuses03/03/09
HB 2955Removing West Virginia University of Technology from the merger with West Virginia University03/05/09
HB 2984Relating to the hiring of substitute service personnel by county school boards03/09/09
HB 3006Relating to the hiring, termination, transfer and reassignment of teachers and school personnel03/09/09
HB 3025Raising the county board of education pay to that of the county commissioners03/10/09
HB 3026Providing a two-tiered personal income tax credit to parents or legal guardians who provide home or private, primary or secondary education for their children03/10/09
HB 3031Protecting academic speech of professional educators03/10/09
HB 3064Providing that persons sixty-five years of age or older may be admitted to athletic and other extracurricular activities of secondary schools without payment of admission fees03/11/09
HB 3085Allowing male teachers to use sick leave to attend prenatal care appointments with spouse03/12/09
HB 3093Relating to the definition of a transfer for classroom teachers03/12/09
HB 3109Requiring reporting of assaults, batteries and other incidents on school property03/13/09
HB 3137Special Needs Scholarship Program03/13/09
HB 3138Providing paid childbirth leave for higher education personnel03/13/09
HB 3150Requiring school boards to set and maintain reliable bussing schedules for bussing students and limiting the duration of travel for the students03/16/09
HB 3157Relating to allowing a county board of education to enter into lease-purchase agreements and allowing the School Building Authority to provide one-time grants to a county board of education for that purpose03/16/09
HB 3167Decreasing the student to nurse staffing ratio and eliminating a county's ability to contract out nursing services03/17/09
HB 3173Setting compensation standards for classified employees who work overtime on weekends or holidays03/17/09
HB 3180Providing a salary increase for school service personnel and rectifying certain inequities in the salary schedule and pay grades03/17/09
HB 3186Increasing the stipend paid to mentor teachers and enforcing teacher mentor provisions03/17/09
HB 3188Relating to the Higher Education Merit Screening Advisory Committee03/17/09
HB 3191Requiring public and private institutions of higher learning to present plans to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance that involve making their campuses more "military or veteran friendly"03/18/09
HB 3215Eliminating the start and the end date of the instructional term for public schools and increasing the number of instructional days03/18/09
HB 3217Decreasing a teacher's professional development days from six days per year to three03/18/09
HB 3234Requiring that fetal models be displayed in public schools03/19/09
HB 3235Prohibiting the use of calculators for teaching purposes in grades K through eight03/19/09
HB 3257Providing a loan forgiveness program for nurses, social workers, dentists and hygienists03/20/09
HB 3260Requiring the accumulation of one and one-half years of instruction in the study of the Declaration of Independence and other founding American historical documents, including the Bill of Rights, before high school graduation03/20/09
HB 3272Providing a five percent increase in teacher's salaries and adding pay increment categories for teachers with additional hours of graduate work03/20/09
HB 3277Changing West Virginia University at Parkersburg from a community and technical college and merging it with West Virginia University03/23/09
HB 3280Relating to higher education capital facilities03/23/09
HB 3282Relating to PROMISE Scholarship requirements03/23/09
HB 3286The Eustace Frederick Preengineering and Technology Education Programs03/23/09
HB 3308Prohibiting members of the same family within a certain degree of relationship to occupy more than one seat on a board of education simultaneously03/23/09
HB 3310Increasing the salary adjustment for those educational professions with national certifications03/23/09
HB 3319Permitting the parents of an autistic student to seek a change in the student's aide or mentor03/23/09
HB 3320The Family Education Tax Credit Act03/23/09
HB 3330Charter Schools Act03/23/09
HB 3338Integrating the operations of the Community and Technical College at West Virginia University Institute of Technology into West Virginia University Institute of Technology03/23/09
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