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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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There are 25 Bills pending in Senate Banking and Insurance




SB 2Requiring continuing education of regulated consumer lenders02/11/09
SB 3Authorizing Commissioner of Banking to enter into contracts for loan review services02/11/09
SB 19Providing allocated Fire Protection Fund revenue to Fire Chiefs' and Fireman's Associations for certain expenses02/11/09
SB 23Requiring certain acupuncture treatment insurance coverage02/11/09
SB 43Requiring certain lenders register with Commissioner of Banking02/11/09
SB 77Requiring insurers provide full autism spectrum disorder coverage 02/11/09
SB 101Prohibiting ATMs in video lottery establishments 02/11/09
SB 105Relating to mortgage loan procedures generally 02/11/09
SB 106Providing Division of Banking notification of state banks' and holding companies' applications for out-of-state bank acquisitions 02/11/09
SB 122Authorizing Board of Risk and Insurance Management to provide certain airports' insurance02/11/09
SB 141Requiring advance notice of negative credit reports 02/11/09
SB 320Relating to Insurance Commissioner's surveillance of insurers' financial condition02/20/09
SB 358Authorizing Insurance Commissioner promulgate legislative rule relating to coordination of health benefits02/25/09
SB 429Creating Credentialing Verification Organization03/03/09
SB 444Authorizing certain Insurance Commissioner's employees access to Board of Pharmacy information03/04/09
SB 450Allowing Public Employees Insurance Agency enter into capitated provider arrangements04/03/09
SB 626Relating to insured's right to recover underinsured benefits03/18/09
SB 644Relating to removing certain continuing education requirement for insurers03/19/09
SB 659Relating to mental health insurance costs03/20/09
SB 676Requiring motor vehicle insurance companies provide daily notice of all active policies 03/23/09
SB 689Relating to life and health insurance guaranty associations03/23/09
SB 709Relating to preventing predatory lending practices03/23/09
SB 735Providing for decedent's nonexoneration of certain secured debt 03/23/09
HB 2072Relating to variable premium adjustable life insurance policies03/30/09
HB 2457Requiring group insurance companies and third party administrators to furnish claims experience to policyholders04/02/09
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