§64-6-4. Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
The legislative rule filed in the State Register on August 4, 2009, authorized under the authority of section three-a, article five-b, chapter fifteen of this code, relating to the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (industrial accident rapid response, 170 CSR 2), is authorized, with the following amendments:

On page 3, section 3, subsection 3.1., line 4 after the word "Director" by inserting the following, "within fifteen minutes of ascertaining the occurrence of an emergency event at an industrial facility";

On page five, after the section caption "§170-2-5. Penalties." by inserting a new subsection 5.1, to read as follows:

5.1. Penalty Amount. The director shall impose a civil penalty on the industrial facility if he or she determines that the industrial facility failed to comply with the reporting or communications and access requirements in this rule. In no case shall the total penalty for all violations exceed $100,000 for an emergency event.;

And renumbering the remaining subsections.