§62-15-9. Governance.
(a) The Supreme Court of Appeals will be responsible for court funding, administration, and continuance or discontinuance of drug courts, mental health courts, or other problem-solving courts. The administrative director, or his or her designee, will oversee the planning, implementation, and development of these courts as the administrative arm of the Supreme Court of Appeals.

(b) The administering drug court judge in each drug court's jurisdiction shall appoint a local advisory committee. The advisory committee shall ensure quality, efficiency, and fairness in planning, implementing, and operating drug courts that serve the jurisdiction, and the provision of a full continuum of care for drug offenders.

(c) The local advisory committee shall annually report to the Supreme Court of Appeal's administrative director, or designee, by the thirty-first day of December of each year. The report shall include:

(1) A description of all drug courts operating within the jurisdiction;

(2) Participating judges and magistrates if applicable;

(3) Community involvement;

(4) Education and training;

(5) Use of existing resources;

(6) Collaborative efforts; and

(7) An evaluation of the critical data elements required by subsection (a), section ten of this article.