§62-11B-10. Information to be provided law-enforcement agencies.
A probation department charged by a circuit court or a supervisor or sheriff charged by a magistrate with supervision of offenders ordered to undergo home incarceration shall provide all law-enforcement agencies having jurisdiction in the place where the probation department or the office of the supervisor or sheriff is located with a list of offenders under home incarceration supervised by the probation department, supervisor or sheriff. The list must include the following information about each offender:

(1) The offender's name, any known aliases, and the location of the offender's home incarceration;

(2) The crime for which the offender was convicted;

(3) The date the offender's home incarceration expires; and

(4) The name, address and telephone number of the offender's supervising probation officer or supervisor, as the case may be, for home incarceration.